2 Reasons Why Learning Method Acting Is Bullshit Today

Method Acting- Sir Anthony Hopkins

Why Even Trained Actors Fail To Get Jobs Today?
In my opinion Learning, "Method Acting" Is Crap Today 

Method Acting is the most dangerous form of Acting because it has the actor use real life trauma's and puts it into the character which has been what a few people have mentioned, but it also can cause the person to have physical and mental breakdowns from the emotional toll it puts having to relive past experiences over and over again. This can also cause the majority of actors to feel this way even after filming because the emotions linger to the person because it's like digging up your ghouls from the basement and putting it in the life to relive it.
The actor using Method also can be "extreme" and need real life weapons to get into character VS. Props. So real knives or loaded guns which can obviously turn sour very quickly by accident.
Bonus Info: From what I know all other acting techniques involve the imagination which can bring out the same quality of acting but keeps the actor safe as their training and tools can remind the actor that what they're going through is not real and the emotions don't hang onto the actor for that exact reason.
The other explanation could be when you try everything to become the character you are portraying.
You put effort into experiencing what the character would actually feel and you may start making changes to your life so you can more intimately connect with the character and understand what the character would think and feel in different situations.
You're not just pretending to be the character and putting on a fake act, you're attempting to assume the actual personality, thoughts, and behavior of the character not only during filming but potentially in the outside world / at home.
If your character is supposed to be sad, you're not pretending to be sad, you're learning to empathize and become the character to the point where the character's sadness is your own sadness and you truly feel sad when you are 'acting' as the sad character. Sometimes you may achieve this by linking your own emotional memories (e.g. of a loved one dying) to the sadness in the character's life, in order to better appreciate what the character would be feeling.
It really comes down to putting yourself in the shoes of the character. You're not just following directions and 'acting' as you're told. Instead, you're actually taking on the life of the character and you're personally identifying with that character so you can understand the character's thought processes, feelings, and then the 'acting' should, theoretically, come naturally without explicit instruction (because you implicitly know, for example, how the character would respond to and feel about certain situations etc.).


There could be 2 reasons why should you be careful in learning Method Acting

In our fast-moving film, television, and theater industry, we actors are continually asked for "quick results." We must be emotionally available, learn our lines rapidly, and fill our characters with the objectives and desires of a multilayered human being—all without much preparation time. Now more than ever, the deciding factor in a successful audition or performance is the actor's ability to call upon focused inspiration at a moment's notice. After all, inspiration leads to real, organic, surprising, fresh performances. How is such focused inspiration readily achieved?

 A lot of press has covered Method acting over the last several decades, and they often get it wrong. A few things it is definitely not: gaining or losing weight for a role, insisting everyone call you by your character name whether you're acting or not, doing dangerous or questionable activities to be more like your character, avoiding modern stuff when you're in a period piece, etc.


How to be a good actor?
 In my opinion, definitely not  learning acting by blindly and desperately following Method Acting (The Stanislavsky Method Acting)

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