Practising building sense memories
Building sense memories
SITUATION: Your script and the scene demands you are in a jungle near Manali Himachal, confined in a hut. It's snowing outside. The cold is terrible. There is no food or water and you are hungry. You have to act now and show how do you feel in extreme cold without food or water.
 However, the fact is you are shooting in a studio in Mumbai where the temperature is 38 degree Celsius. Very very hot indeed!
How would you bring about feeling extreme cold and hungry?
In the last post, we discussed the method in "Method Acting" referring to a set of exercises (Practices) in which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in the portrayals of a character.
The question is how to create memories? Which instruments to use?
The answer is in using all your 5 senses
Touch, Hear, See, Listen and Taste.
In the above situation, if you have gone to a cold place in your life and experienced cold with all your senses and can recollect, you can do the scene. Because, in spite of studio being hot and humid, you will be able to detach and start feeling cold on your skin, sound of wind and snow, fog and snow outside seen from the window and mouth becoming dry.

This is called re-calling "Sense Memory"
However, to recall the different life situations, you must have them in your memory and this is only possible when you remember them using your senses.
Therefore, keep practicing and remembering your activities using all your senses.
For example, you should remember your blue shirt: It's texture, it's smell, buttons and so on. So, when you get a role of a blind girl or a boy, you pick up just by touching it.
Look at a tea cup. Feel it: color, smoothness, design, base, handle and it's circumference. Now you are sipping a hot tea. Remember the feeling of  when hot tea touches your lips and tongue. Because in an actual shoot, there may not be any tea but just water and your expressions should be as if you are sipping hot tea.

Now, what happens when you don't have any experience of a particular situation?
Then you have use magic "IF"
IF I'm a police officer, IF I'm a beggar,  IF I have consumed 5 large whiskey, IF I'm feeling sexually aroused..... how will I feel and behave? Start visualizing that situation or a person or an item.
Start enriching your "Sense Memory"
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