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Actors and Models beware of some casting persons or groups!  They are not just waste of time, but could be dangerous for you career and Image too.

  • If someone ask you deposit Money for auditions or any role then please avoid them.
  • Don’t give money for Artist card or any other cards. Contact directly CINTAA ASSOCIATION (
  • Girls, avoids late night meetings for work purpose.
  • Girls, ask each and everything for a project before saying yes or meeting anyone. find out about a production house, producer, director or a casting agency on internet
  • If someone saying that you shortlisted then don’t consider that as a "selection".
  • If someone says he works on his terms and conditions then tell him/ her a big "NO", as he is not worth for you.
  • Avoid sending mails to every "Tom Dick and Harry".
  • Get portfolio headshots from a professional photographer
  • Try to make good contacts and use them properly but don’t trouble them with useless call and messages…
  • As an Actor and model we all have Respect and Dignity, so maintain it. It’s very tough to survive in this industry. Don't be impatient and make wrong steps.
  • Mumbai artists should avoid coordinator from other cities. They are just waste of time.
  • Remember, Mumbai is the Mecca of the film industry
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