How to Consult Acting and Audition Doctor to be a Star Actor

Acting and audition doctor
Kiran Pande Acting and audition doctor

Do you want to know whether you can be a successful actor?What should you do to be a Bollywood or TV serial star actor?



What we offer:

·    Your audition
·   Based on the results, your total analysis
·   What are your   Strengths, Weaknesses, Your opportunities to be a star, Threats to you
·   Action plan: What should you do?
·  Acting for the camera
·   Setting your career goal
·  5 years marketing plan for you for your success
·  Action plan
·  Answers to any question you want to ask

What do you get?

1.    Top Portfolio  studios and photographers to get auditions
2.    13 Best Acting schools and acting coach
3.    3. Handpicked best artist coordinators
4.    Top 3 casting directors
5.    Leading film production houses

Fees for 1 hour consultation: Rs. 1000


1.     Deposit Rs. 1000 in our bank account (will be sent to you to your email)
2.     On receipt, take appointment time and date
3.     Or pay on arrival
4.     Arrive on date and time
5.     Our Email:


There is NO other meeting system

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Mumbai , Maharastra , 400089 India
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