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How to get audition info sitting at home
Audition notices in India

As A Beginner Or Working Actor Do You These Facts On Auditions?

You have a good portfolio with a headshot, or something close. You have painfully prepared and filmed a monolog, or maybe two and filmed a “video introduction” as well, just to be safe. You know what type of character you play best, but you need a chance to perform in a real production.
One of the staggering facts of the acting business, especially for beginners, is that roles don’t come to actors; actors must go to roles. The only way to land a role is to audition, and to audition, actors have to find the opportunities. Some actors have artist coordinators (So called, casting directors) who do the bulk of the search for them but even represented actors can pursue auditions for themselves.
How does an aspiring actor find the role that makes them a star? Where are new auditions posted? We all have to start somewhere. Many do not know that many of auditions are posted online every day. Some require a fee to gain access, but plenty are free to submit, you just have to know where to look.

One strong suggestion-Search for roles by physical attributes, age, character, location etc before you apply or barge in an open audition

Basic Requirement

Knowledge of computer and web-search

Auditions information sitting at home

Please note a sign up (free), may be required at these websites with a creation of your profile page

(There is a free  'silver' category for getting auditions. Register free)

Search engines for auditions

Zapmeta    Write in search bar "movie parts auditions India"

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