The Expert Opinion On An Actor And A Character

An actor and a character
Excellence in acting: The actor and Character 

This post has a bit higher level, a psychological platform and is for those who want to achieve a true excellence in the acting craft. If you have any questions, please Email me~Author

1. Unlike a common person, you’re always trying to move yourself to some level—otherwise, why would you choose acting? Why would you choose to spend your days transforming into other lives (playing different characters)? 

2. There must be something about yourself that you’re not quite comfortable with. A weird life goal? Some absurd dream? Lack of money in achieving your goal? Love?

3. You must empty yourself. Turn yourself into a blank, a clean slate. Allowing yourself to escape will connect you with that troubled character you have created from the script. Perhaps, entering into another life gives you some hidden pleasure.

4. Acting is being one step away from an addiction of some kind. Like drug addiction, alcohol, sex or work.

5. As actors, we all battle with our own evil self inside and we all use our own way of whatever it is to numb the pain of not being a normal human being in some way. 

6. What happens is the audience expects a character’s set behavioral pattern (based on their life experiences) as the story moves rather than a "change" to show them who this character is. The question is should an actor show what an audience expects or an opposite and weird? In my opinion, "both" studying the script deeply. Starting from expected turning into unexpected may hold the audience with their jaw dropped and terrified. The question of “what unexpected will I do in such a situation?” probably can be a  creative answer. 

7. Imagine someone is asking you one after another question, and you answer them in the voice of the character.  As you speak, you are creating the scene, a story and also,  connecting with the character, developing and playing with character’s mannerisms, his/her voice, physicality. Over time, the character emerges. 

8. To play the character, you have to fall in love with them. You have to sympathize, have a complete understanding and a deep concern for their personal life-story in the script. 

9. Again all this is a game of your imagination, the power of dreaming. After all, it's you as an actor who is creating the character.

10. The options once created could be discussed with the director.

11.  Final Opinion

To be a good actor, you have to be very smart. But to be a great actor, you also have to have a streak of, 'I'm an idiot, a complete lunatic'.
The journey as an actor is always fractured, never smooth. There are interim periods, experiencing a lull in work. There will be times when you could be “totally broke,” sitting at home, and thinking I’m never, ever going to make it as an actor. But regular training, preparedness, strong determination and a readiness of “come what may” attitude will get you to where you wanted to be. To be in demand with Hollywood or Bollywood’s top filmmakers. 
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Author Kiran Pande

Acting Coach

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