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Sure Formula To Fail | Don't Follow What Bollywood Stars Don't Do

What Top 4 Bollywood Stars Don't Do
What Top 4 Bollywood Stars Don't Do

What Successful Actors Don't Do

Let's figure out how to fight your struggle by focusing on your existing strengths. For much success of your acting career, here is this result-oriented positive plan of attack was an effective way to help actors to fight and win over being a failure and remain a struggler.

Reaching your greatest strengths and potential doesn’t require you to work harder by adding desirable and good habits to your already busy acting life. Instead, you can work smarter by eliminating the routines that reduce and wipe out intelligent and effective ways and make you weak in this highly competitive actor's market where for even for a small role, there are hundreds of actors in the audition line.

Here are the 8 things mentally strong and successful actors don’t do:

1. Winning stars don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves

It’s  a foolishness to worry about your problems, exaggerate your bad fortune and keep thinking of how many hardships you’ve faced and still no success. Whether you’re struggling to pay your living expenses in Mumbai, food, transport, portfolio, registration, video filming bills or experiencing a serious
emotional and health throwing a pity on self only makes things worse. Self-pity keeps you focused on the problem and prevents you from developing a solution.

Hardship and sorrow are inevitable, but feeling sorry for yourself could be your really bad choice. Even when you can’t solve the problem, you can choose to control your attitude. Yoga and auto-suggestion technique can to be thankful to the God for whatever little good you have and your circumstances every day to kick away self-pity.

2.Keep Away From Communicating Their Thoughts In Negatively

"I could not succeed in the audition", I was tense during the shot and forgot lines", " I left acting class as the teacher often ridiculed me in front of other student actors", " I get impatient and feel bad if my audition or performance is not appreciated or they reject me" ...and so on.This shows that you have really become a victim of a human with the negative attitude and are bound to fail.
Changing your daily vocabulary (how you speak) is one way to recognize that the negativity is a choice you make are yours. Rather than saying in the above ways, winning actors say “Though I had not been selected, I was good and will improve further”. Edit your negative vocabulary is a better choice and positive statement
will empower yourself is a smart approach to creating the kind of life you want

3. Shy away from change

If you worry that a change in your approach will make things worse, you’ll stay stuck in your old ways. The world is changing, and your success depends on your ability to adapt. The more you practice tolerating distress from various sources—perhaps taking a new approach like changing to theater from TV  or only Bollywood, improves your success chances.
So, change immediately if your method is not succeeding

4. Waste their energy on things they can’t control

Complaining, worrying and wishful thinking doesn't solve problems; they only waste your energy. But if you invest that same energy in the things you can control, you’ll be much better prepared for whatever life throws your way. Pay attention to the times when you’re tempted to worry about things you can’t control—such as the mimicking Bollywood stars, what x or y actor does, pleading with a folded hands to a casting director will get me a job or I will join an acting class who will give me contacts or chance in a film or TV.

5. Worry about pleasing everyone

This approach never yields results so good actors are careful to avoid this. This approach of pleasing others may drain out your courage to remain struggling and have persistence.
Act according to your values. Write down your top five values and focus your energy on staying true to them, even when your choices aren’t met with favor.

6. Fear to be a risk taker

If something feel scary, you might not take the risk, even a small one. On the contrary, if you’re excited about a new opportunity, you may overlook a risk and forge ahead. Emotions cloud your judgment and interfere with your ability to accurately calculate risk. You can’t become extraordinary without taking chances, but a successful outcome depends on your ability to take the right risks. Acknowledge how you’re feeling about a certain risk and recognize how your emotions influence your thoughts. Create a list of the pros and cons of taking the risk to help you make a decision based on a balance of emotion and logic.

7. Unmindful of their body language

Have you seen stars like SRK or Aamir Khan talking in public appearance the way which may hurt people? NO, never. A good quality and body language-smile, good voice, well-chosen words etc are their hallmarks to impress others irrespective od how they feel or behave in private life.
Lean good body language and practice regularly to make it your natural habit.

8. Repeat their mistakes

Whether you felt embarrassed when you gave the wrong answer in an acting class or in an audition and were scolded or rejected for messing up, you may have learned from a  that mistakes are bad. So you may hide or excuse your mistakes to bury the shame associated with them, and doing so will prevent you from learning and a failure.
from them.
View each misstep as an opportunity for growth. Set aside your pride and humbly evaluate why you messed up. Use that knowledge to move forward better than before.

Let's learn from successful actors what they don't do rather than learning the costly way to learn from our own.\
Good Luck

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