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You're Awesome! What's Next? A Letter To Actors From Top Coach

An Auspicious Day 2016
Dear Aspiring Actor,
Greetings from Acting Coach Kiran Pande!
Thanks for taking the time and giving us an opportunity to introduce our self - one of the best Professional Acting Coach, Character Actor, Short Filmmaker, A Free Acting Blog Writer located in the middle of Mumbai- between Ghatkopar East and Chembur West.
I have been serving for the past 10 years specializing in highly individualized, personal and professional coaching to aspiring actors in India and abroad.

Here are my answers to questions which usually come up in the beginner's mind while in dilemma of whether or which acting school or an acting coach:

What is An Acting Coach?
An acting coach helps actors reach their full potential by teaching them acting craft, marketing, and promotion. Also in-depth character development for specific role preparation and/or auditioning. Acting coaches provide personal attention and specialized acting techniques to both individuals and small groups if need be.

What is my approach to acting as an acting coach?
I focus on developing the acting craft and then how to market and promote this quality product created
To have an acting talent is good, but it’s certainly not all that is required. Beyond talent, there is a craft that must be shaped and sharpened over the life of the actor. This craft combines precise conditioning of the actor’s instrument( body and mind) with the intelligent work of knowing how to approach material (story, script, circumstances, characters etc) and what to do with it and in a scene.

How my coaching can help actors?
There isn’t an actor on the planet, from the beginner to the most gifted and practiced professional, that does not benefit from the outside eye of a trained acting tutor. With good coaching, the actor can confidently depend on making the most powerful and effective choices and then applying those choices fully.

Do I prepare actors for auditions?
Of course! The audition is a high-stakes situation, an actor's just one chance to nail the job. I practice with an actor on camera all aspects of audition right from dress, in waiting room scene, preparation of lines and scene, confidence and entry, walk, greeting, slating (introducing yourself or showing your name and contact on a slate to camera) , introduction, profile, where to look, enacting scene, asking questions and finally, how to exit and celebrate your performance in an audition

Why I take a private acting class?
Every actor is unique, endowed with individual strengths and challenges. Working one-on-one allows us to work specifically on actors— the most effective and efficient way to work on an actor's craft. Together, we determine an actor's needs and goals, and I tailor exercises and scene work to an individual
I use my knowledge and experience of tested and new approaches to help an actor achieve the results you seek.
The Acting coach creates a secure and comfortable environment in which you are willing to take risks and make yourself vulnerable.
as an Acting Coach, I help an actor by giving a student honest and sincere feedback, to enable them to establish goals with them and help students on how to achieve them.

Am I experienced?
My experience of many years as an acting coach and as an actor helps actors to avoid many pitfalls.
I practice with actors what I preach!
As an acting coach, I will listen carefully to actor's ideas, accept good ones with applaud and tell them to create more options for better ones, if need be.

Do I mean acting schools are not good?
No, I never say that. Acting schools have their own usefulness. As a matter of fact, if an actor can afford Indian acting school's high fee, he/she must join a school and also undertake private coaching. As a matter of fact, both are complementary to each other.

But how to get jobs after an actor finishes coaching with me?
The final part of coaching comprises of marketing and promotion an actor as a quality product in a highly competitive market of Bollywood, TV Serials, commercial ads, and print. This includes guiding in creating an appropriate portfolio, showreel (Demo Reel),website and using social networking sites and actor's resources like selecting coordinators and contacting casting directors. A complete list of artist coordinators, casting directors and production houses is provided

Various courses packages have been designed in order to meet an actor's requirement and you can find the details by visiting my website below:
You can take my consultation on a reasonable fee to assess your potential to be a successful actor, how to set your goal, how to promote your acting career and an action plan
I would be glad to help you to make your dreams come true. This consultation fee is adjusted in the course fee if you join us to be a great actor
I would be glad to be contacted at:
Or at:

Acting coach Kiran Pande
Kiran Pande

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  1. Awesome work sir! It's hard to believe and imagine how you are able to manage so many different tasks as a single person with such an extraordinary attention to detail!
    It really takes a lot of self-discipline, organization, and way more than above average skills to be able to work into different areas (like you are), and achieving the awards and titles and success that you have, takes even something more than mentioned above!
    You are a true role model not just for aspiring actors and artists, but each and every person in general, to get inspired from what you have done and already achieved and what you are achieving on a daily basis!
    I have been reading some posts on this blog since I discovered it a few days back, and I'm really grateful that I did.
    *Also, for those who are relatively new and are on the fence to decide whether or not to get coaching from Sir Kiran Pande, I would cordially suggest you all to get coached by an extraordinary achiever like him and feel lucky for yourself to have been able to discover a true guru like Sir Kiran Pande.
    @ Kiran Pande Sir: Extremely glad to have had a consultation with you and looking forward to get coached and trained by you.
    Wish you and all the readers a Happy, Healthy, Successful, Worthwhile and Divine Life ahead! :)


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