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Rejected? 10 Tips on How Not to Annoy a Casting Director

Rejected in an audition

Millions of artists from different parts of country aspire to become an actor and enter the entertainment industry and long for one big break. Some of them do get their chance while many end as "Strugglers" only and one of the major reasons behind this is nothing but the lack of proper knowledge of the "auditioning process"
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1. Don’t wear strong perfume or cologne 

Many a times, a casting director along with his/her colleagues sit in a small, cramped room without ventilation for hours. Some of them are highly sensitive and allergic to perfume and get migraines and nausea. Think of the casting office like a doctor’s office. Don’t do it. Females more often make this mistake.

2. Take showers or a bath

Though it's true that you should avoid strong perfumes, it's equally important that you don't smell badly. In a hot and humid climate of Mumbai, a mild underarm powder or a deodorant after a shower is ok.

3. No props

If you know your scene in advance and which shows your “character” with props like a brief case, some stick, bottle, knife or anything else, don’t carry into the audition room. It distracts people. The same applies to over dressing as a “character” trying to impress a casting director. For example, over dressing for a politician's character from head to toe.

4. No beard or stubbles or half -nude

Unless told so by your coordinator or by production people. Give a casting director a clean slate to visualize and draw a “character’ in you by your looks and performance. Girls should be careful. Be decent unless informed otherwise; let a casting director imagine what he/she wants

5. No cutting jokes or touching the casting director

It could be a deadly mistake if a casting director is a female. Men: Charm, wit, and personality are great, but being over friendly or flirting is just bad manners.

6. Wear underpants 

(Need not to be explained)

7. Don’t audition if you’re not available for the job

Find out in advance which are the shoot days. Actors who think it’s better to be seen even if they aren’t available are wrong.

8. No Excuses

 Leave them at home. Words like “sorry”, “I got stuck in traffic”, “I had a fever and cold last night”, Sorry, I didn’t get time to memorize”, “I have a bad throat”….or “I’m sorry I may not give a good performance because I…”
If you have an explanation for your poor performance, don’t go for an audition

9. Don’t do any odd or unnecessary gestures

Like slapping your fingers, scratching your nose, swinging from one leg to another. It distracts auditioners.

10. Be nice and courteous to everyone

My final suggestion

Before you start going for auditions, learn auditioning techniques from experts- school or from your acting coach.

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