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India's Only 'One on One" Your Professional Acting Course

India's only "One on One" acting coaching program


32 Steps of designing coaching program, especially suited to you

Introduction and Initial Step

Your audition is taken followed by interviews, not for selection in classes, but to know the level of talent in you, your dreams, why you want to be an actor, your determination, ability to struggle for a considerable period, financial resources to support you for a long period, your persistence and perseverance + more
Then we do your SWOT (your 'Strength', 'Weaknesses', 'Opportunities' for you, and finally 'Threats' to you)

Based on the above, we design a learning program, particularly suited to you.

Key points while designing Syllabus for you:

  1. What is an actor?
  2. What is your acting instrument?
  3. How to improve your acting instrument
  4. Body & mind
  5. Improving all your 6 senses
  6. How to really Listen and react normally
  7. Why develop guaranteed and quick  relaxation techniques
  8. How to fight tension on auditions and in a shoot
  9. How to build confidence
  10. How to improve your voice and diction
  11. How to build a killer hot body
  12. Two key factors in learning success- "Observation" and “Imagination”: Techniques
  13. How to create a story after "observation" and importance of building up your sense-memory
  14. How to play different emotions and 20 attitudes you see around you
  15. Acting Technique: You are taught a special acting technique suited to you and are encouraged to develop your own technique after training you in Konstantin Stanislavsky method acting, Meisner technique and Stella Adler Acting Method.
  16. How to win auditions
  17. Why and how to do script analysis
  18. How to do a character analysis of the role
  19. Top tricks for quick memorization for auditions and large number of pages for film / theater
  20. How to prepare a monologue and give a top performance
  21. What is and how to enact 'improvisation"
  22. Which are different acting techniques and which one suits you the best-create your own
  23. What is camera acting and how best to play for the camera
  24. Camera loves ‘eyes’-how to use them (use of your Eyeline)
  25. How to work and get roles for the commercial ads
  26. Why acting is a business and how to be a successful business actor
  27. How to market and promote yourself, website making, monologue and show reel filming
  28. Public relation secrets for actors
  29. Life and career 'Goal Setting'
  30. Casting directors and coordinators in India
  31. Production houses and TV channels in India
  32. Writing a script for your monologue and shooting a 2 minute video-film for promotion

+ More...

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