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3 top Secrets Only for You | How to Learn Acting Free Online

3 top secrets to learn acting online free

Do you know the cost of being trained as an actor in a good institute in India?
In Mumbai top schools like Barry John Acting Studio and Whistling Woods charge from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs.9Lakhs
This is a hell of a cost!!
I have learnt over a period a secret to learn acting on camera, with directors and on an actual set free of cost!
This is how you can do it:

Secret No 1

Get the entire training material online visiting free acting site (Like this blog of mine) and practice religiously alone in front of a full size mirror or with your friends. Unfortunately, there are no well known online free courses in India except mine. However, I will strongly recommend this International site for online learning:

Secret No 2

When you are a bit more confident, create your resume and a picture portfolio. It is better to create a video, writing few good lines and asking some friend of yours to shoot video with a good camera or on a good mobile. Transfer it to a computer.

Secret No 3

In Mumbai, go  to:

  • ZIMA (ZEE INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND ARTS, Lokhandwala circle, Andheri West)
  • DIGITAL ACADEMY (Near Hotel Tunga Paradise, MIDC,. Andheri East)

And do what?

  • Find out where the classes for students undertaking courses in Direction or Filmmaking are being held. 
  • Wait for students to come out. Meet them (Preferably before the end of their course). 
  • Introduce yourself and give your resume and pictures. 
  • The students of these courses will be making a film to be eligible to get a diploma or certificate. It is mandatory! These future directors usually do not prefer student actors from their institute due to either poor quality or due to some other problem.
  • They look desperately for aspiring actors outside of their own institute, as they can't pay well. 
  • Hang around their classes and meet them. Tell them about yourself 

And You Got a Job, buddy!

When they make films, everybody, i.e. Director, cinematographer,  including yon, are "1st timer" so learning is a fun with an additional advantage of decorating your resume with a creditable work!

If you need further help, contact me.
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  1. Kiran sir,
    Thank you so much for such useful and very important information and guide lines. You are doing the best work for entertainment industry and for new comers who can be easily misguided or mislead by frauds.
    God bless you.


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