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This Will Pop Up Your Eyes | Secret to Self Confidence

I often work with professional actors who tell me that they've lost their self confidence. Self confidence is how much we believe that we can do something. So essentially, they've lost the belief that they can act.
Isn't that interesting? It's not the ability to do something. It's our belief that we can do something. We don't even need to be able to do it, we just need to believe it.
Developing self confidence, then, is telling ourselves that we can do it, believing it's possible and acting upon that belief.
You can INSTANTLY have your self confidence back if you choose to have faith in yourself.
It isn't about IF you can do it. You will perform better IF you BELIEVE you can do it. You can CHOOSE to have self confidence.
So believe in your ability to do it, walk in with your head held high, believing you can, and you will.
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