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Am I too Young? Am I old? False! 3 Tips to be Any Age Star

Bollywood actors Jayati Modi and Boman Irani

16-year-old Jayati Modi, former IPL chairman Lalit Modi's niece got a role in 'Gippi'. Boman Irani age 55 years; D.O.B. 2nd December 1959

  • If you’re good at your craft and really focused on what you want, I don’t think your age matters. It may be a bit harder in some areas, sure, but that is nothing new in our business. We all have our challenges, but I truly believe that the key to success is understanding how to look at your career with a lens showing you an optimistic and “what could be possible” view. It’s true with everything in life and acting is no different, whatever age you are. 

  • What is critical though is that you really make sure your whole heart is in it, because it will take money, a lot of dedication, and a lot of sacrifice. This business has many rewards, but it is not for the weak hearts. Opportunities will come up that could move your career forward and you will have to choose them instead wasting your precious time in chatting on the social media, partying with friends and in all other activities which cannot help you to climb the ladder of success. You can have a life, of course, but you are going to need a lot of time in gaining experience grabbing every job which comes in your way to create a good show-reel, in a continues acting training, building up industry contacts, attending auditions, perusing artist coordinators and many similar your career enhancing activities.

  • I believe one of the hardest hurdles to someone entering the acting world at any age, but particularly at either early when you are around 14-17 (adolescent) or at an older age.

  • Success in this business is very, very inconvenient and inconsistent. It will come when you are about to go out of town, are already out of town, when you’re tired, or when you simply don’t have the time because the rest of your life has gotten in the way. You will need to have the discipline and heart say, “This is what I want and I need to sacrifice so that I can do this coaching, feature film project, short film, etc…” 

  • But if you are willing to make the sacrifice other activities not related to acting career growth and move ahead with an iron determination, then you can definitely have a career as an actor and be a Bollywood or TV Serial Star! 

Here are My Practical Tips on How to be a Successful Actor Regardless of Age

1. Be sharp laser-focused on what it is you want! 

Set your career goal and bring it down into monthly and daily action plan. Nobody can succeed without a well thought written goal and its plan for implementation.
If you want to do TV serials then focus on that and don’t run after that is out of that set target. The same goes for theater or film. You don’t want to waste any time dabbling in areas you don’t really have your heart in. Focus, focus, and focus.

2. Ignore all negative people who tell you “you are too young” or “You can’t be a hero, you look old”. Build up your friends' circle of those who are positive and believe always in “Yes, we can” “Of course, you can”

3. Be very, very good! 

There is a terrible competition in general (of age group of 20-30). Thousands of strugglers are roaming the streets of Mumbai. Over and above this, there is a competition has years on you, if you do not fall into this group of 20-30. So when you get in the water for the first time, be ready to swim like an Olympic swimmer. Practice, practice, and practice acting craft as much as you can, because your opportunity will come and you want to make sure you hit the ball into the goal at the first attempt so that luck will be on your side.

Remember, preparation plus opportunity equals luck! 

 “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” —Arnold Schwarzenegger
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