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6 Undreamed of Practical Acting Tips To Success

Going for an audition
There are some unique challenges a young actor faces in the industry while maintaining excited about the work. Here are 6 practical tips based on my own experience.

  1. Love what you do.

While you are preparing your career to be a great actor in the film industry, the struggle for survival divides your interest and priorities to earn your living. However you cannot neglect the main goal of becoming  a star. You can keep it in focus work for it only if you LOVE it
How to fall in love-" to be an actor"?


  • Think what good it can do for you (You can become a star, rich, famous etc)
  • This should create a "Curiosity" in you
  • Curiosity will lead you to a deep "Interest" in acting and becoming an actor
  • You will get a  "Motivation" to fall in love with it and like a true lover, will do everything to "Get Her or Him"-that is to be a "Star"!

2.Think of auditioning as an opportunity to play and entertain.

It all comes down to mindset.  You may get yourself  in trouble if you think of it as an audition, so look  at it as an opportunity to take a break from your other work and schedules and go play with new material. “If you think of it just as play and something exciting, then I don't think it's such a scary thing".  Even avoid calling them “auditions,” and opt for “meetings” or “appointment” while talking to coordinators, co actors or your friends


It seems obvious, but I have seen the results of really listening to other actors.  You will get lot of useful information

4.Stay on the ground. Don't be arrogant.

I definitely believe a lot about gratitude and staying humble and being kind to those that you're working with, and how much that will pay off for you.

5.Training in Schools builds relationships.

Besides providing training and fun, joining schools and  workshops opens the door for building working relationships with other alumni, as well as making connections with other young actors

6.Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I have repeatedly said this in my various posts. Listen and ask is a simple rule practised while with directors, camera operators, crew, co actors or anybody involved in modelling and filming. By this your are preparing a bridge to cross quickly to great knowledge and success
Good Luck

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