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8 Sure Success Factors for Film and TV Serial Actors

4 new top successful actors
4 new successful actors who believe in success factors
Aditya Roy Kapoor, Nargis Fakhiri, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapur

Actor's successful tips from top actors

1. Find Joy and Fun

Once you have a script and your character details (character scenes and lines), enjoy creating the character's life with your imagination. Think yourself to be a 6 year old kid playing, pretending' x ' person, and when are happiest.

2. Learn, learn and learn

Till you die. In today's cut throat competition in Bollywood, TV serials and in commercial ads, you must develop your acting instrument IE body and mind continuously for ever. Better to have a long term acting coach, take classes through good schools, attend theater shows, join acting workshops periodically, attend yoga, gym and join martial arts classes and so on...

3. Don't worry about what a casting director thinks

Auditioning is like dating a girl or a boy. You spend so much time wondering what they’re thinking. They’re not thinking about anything! They’re not thinking about you, for sure. You cannot try to get the job (role). Just go in there, have some fun, and do your version of that part. Think in your mind-"this is what I’m selling. If you want to buy it, that’s cool. Want some adjustments from me? That’s fine, I’ll give you more options of portraying the character, but this is basically what I want to do". That should be your attitude, sort of a ‘to hell with it’ attitude. Not ' to hell with YOU, but 'to hell with IT'
So, just do your best in an audition, go out to a restaurant and celebrate your performance.

4. Risk failure to learn and make new discoveries 

As actors, you become an expert at starting over again and again. Be it be an audition or a shot of your scene on camera. You might have been tense, forgotten your lines, sounding and playing 'flat' or it could be anything. Don't worry. Life doesn't end with few failures, but every time you fail, it gives you an opportunity for an introspective and an opportunity to improve by reworking on your skills.
It's like ‘Fail and then fail better!’ 
Treat auditions like rehearsals

5. Setting and believing in your life goal

Do you really want to be an actor? Is this your life goal or just a hobby or just some other reason
If you have truthfully decided to be an actor to be the sole purpose of your existence, then believe it and follow it with a steely determination and till your last breath. Remember, if you are determined, all other things will fall into shape sooner or later. Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.

6. Have faith in your director and express gratitude

You must work closely with a director’s vision and be thankful. Whenever you are appreciated for your performance say “When I create a character, I’m doing it with the director. I view it as the director’s creation more than as mine,”...  “And I give credit to the directors as well: If I give a good performance, I give at least 70 percent of the credit to the director.”
That’s just the way to work in a 'team' medium

7. Follow the other things you love

Like dancing, singing, sports, observing people, reading books, working for social causes, volunteering work etc to freshen and rejuvenate yourself.

8. Avoid desperation

Don't be a one of 'helpless mentality actors'. The thing to get rid of is that you are the beggar at the gate, that you are the powerless and helpless eager youngster wanting a break, a role even as a toilet sweeper in a film or a serial. At some point, you have to empower yourself and say ‘You know what, I’m good at this and can portray any character, whether a simple or the most complex one'.

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