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Grab Bollywood Roles! 8 Golden Rules on Acting for Camera

The golden rules to enter Bollywood
Acting for the camera
Acting for the camera

1. About Fear of Forgetting a Line

Don't get tense. A retake can always be taken. The director wants just one good take.

2. Don't Force a Character on Yourself. Find the Character in You 

Don't forget "yourself". Think of the role  "you" are going to play.  In other words, shelves those parts of you that are not matched with those of a character. Study a character, look for traits matching in you and prepare your role accordingly. Making an effort to match every characteristic that of a character may lead to an unreal performance.

3. Bottom line of Each Scene

Find out something New about it everytime to keep the interest of viewers alive.

4. Don't Worry About Quality of Your Performance

You have taken a lot of pain to prepare yourself professionally. Just start confidently on "Action".

Use Physicalization

Viewers can measure you with two senses only out of five. These are "See" and "Hear". Therefore, physicalization  and voice is important to communicate, even subtle physical movements and a soft whisper. Use your entire acting instrument (whole body). However, avoid excessive physicalization especially with your face (particularly if it's "a close" shot).

5. Take Time to Cross Bridge From...

A. Between stimulus and response
Example: In a scene, your partner abuses you. You are replying  instantly because you know your partner's dialogues beforehand. This will look unreal and will be wrong. Here, "an abuse" by your partner is your "stimulus" to respond, with appropriate feelings. Listen, wait for 10 seconds for your mind to register, and then shoot your dialogue.
B. From one subject to another (shock, sudden happening, joke, another subject, slipping, dropping something)

6. Change Your Rhythm

Based on changes in script's dynamics (Read this post)

7. Don't Be Afraid.

A. Speak with authority, even when you know you are wrong eg  you have forgotten a word or a line. Just continue. Let the director decide what to do.
B. Avoid uncertainty or hesitation at any cost. It's a deadly sin

8. Fear and Tension

The only solution to fear and tension is pass "through it"!
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