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What Bollywood Director Anurag Basu Looks in Actors

Anurag Basu with 'Best Director' Award
Bollywood: Anurag Basu with 'Best Director' Award

As a Top Bollywood Director (12 credits)

  1.  Jagga Jasoos (filming);  Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Govinda in lead roles
  2.  2015 Murdered to Moksha (Short)
  3.  2015 Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (TV Series) 
  4.  2012 Barfi! 
  5.  2010/I Kites 
  6.  2007 Life in a Metro 
  7.  2006 Gangster 
  8.  2004 Tumsa Nahin Dekha 
  9.  2004 Murder 
  10.  2003 Saaya 
  11.  2003 Kucch To Hai (as Anurag Bose) 
  12.  2002 Miit (TV Series) 

Why Top Director Anurag Basu Doesn't Believe in Auditions

An Interview 

'Making actors audition for roles doesn't serve any purpose'

Filmmaker Anurag Basu talks about his experience of directing movies and television serials in this extract from a new book by Rakesh Anand Bakshi

What is your process of casting an actor, how do you audition actors?

Anurag Basu: 
1. "Everybody has a unique personality. I seek actors who are naturally close to the characters that I need to cast. If my character has a humorous side and the actor has a similar trait, I will cast him or her easily... Once I find someone close to my character, I have never auditioned that actor.

2. What I usually do is, I have a lengthy talk with the person I am interested in casting; I meet that person two or three times to understand that person better. And during our general conversation I pick up on how he or she talks in real life, what he or she has gone through in life, because these things will never be mentioned on their CV, but will reflect in their personality if they open up to you.

3. You can only know these important but discreet things by generally speaking, to the actors you are interested in working with. I even go to the extent of making myself vulnerable; I share personal secrets with some of my actors to create a natural trust. Because the second step in the process of building an actor-director relationship, or even a writer-director relationship, is to make them trust you completely.

4. Only when you have the actor's trust, will they surrender their talent to your creative decisions, and hand them to you completely.

5. Then I can mold them and bring them even closer to the character I created in my mind...
I believe that making actors audition for roles does not serve any purpose. I cast Kangana Ranaut in Gangster in a similar manner, without any audition. I just chatted with her and soon I knew she could play the character in Gangster very well; and she did. It was her debut film and her performance was appreciated."

Author's Interpretation

Understand your essence (profile), believe in whatever you are. Just be yourself and play a character as you and not copying or mimicking anybody else. You will be selected if your substance, soul, spirit, fundamental quality which makes your 'essence', a 'YOU' matches even to 60%.  A good director then will develop you to 100%

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Monday, 27 July 2015

15 Reasons Why Some Actors Get So Lucky in Life?

Bollywood stars Amitabh and Deepika Padkone
Amitabh Bachchan. The Luck favors the brave and creates a legend

Think of the people you admire. Perhaps, these are great actors, men and women of great success, passion, and inspiration. Each of them have excelled in their own fields. This is why you have always believed in luck and that you feel there is a big factor of 'LUCK' and really the reason why some actors and other people get so successful in life.

So, what should you do? Wait at home for the 'LUCK' to shine on you? Or just wait to be discovered by someone to offer you a lead role?

The answer to these questions is  a big 'NO'

When thinking of some highly successful Bollywood stars and other inspiring people, rather than attributing their success to 'LUCK', let's examine their life a bit more closely and see if we can help ourselves to be really 'LUCKY'

1. They enjoy being in the present moment

Anxiety is anti-luck. People who get so lucky in life are those who enjoy the ‘now’, the 'present'. As what the life says “the current 'fantastic!' is happening now!” Because they are not scared of an uncertain future, they always make the most of what is before them… and good things happen.

2. They have a wild  imagination

Before coming into reality, success starts with a wild imagination. Those who let their imagination roam free get lucky. It is because while imagining things, they allow their energy flow through the best channels and reach the depths of their capabilities. Perhaps, imagination knows where the pot of GOLD is!

3. They take more chances 

Luck comes knocking on the door when you leave doors ajar. This is why those who take, chances are luckier than those who don’t. They go out and knock every possible opportunity. When they take chances, the odds for success becomes favorable. A simple principal of statics! It’s either they achieve something they really aim for or they learn something new.

4. They are a great goal setter

They are masters of goal setting, planning and 'work to the plan'

5. They smile and laugh a lot

Smiling and laughing do not only keep the wrinkles and frown lines away, but they also keep the great attraction of positive outcomes closer. Lucky people smile and laugh a lot, they scare sorrows and frustrations away because they vibrate positivity.

6. They listen attentively

They talk well, so people listen more and they listen attentively so people love to talk to them
More than talking exceedingly well, there is an awesome gift in listening. When you listen to others, it gives them that sense of value, of sincerity. Those people who seem to get so lucky have opened their hearts by opening their ears. They build relationships because of their sincerity

7. They connect well

People who always try to be friendly and connected to others have more chances at opportunities suitable for them. Especially nowadays, networking is a great key to land on chances that may help you find your true calling. Building relationships do open your world of chances, and when there is an abundance of chances, there is luck.

8. They follow their intuition

They do go with their heart.
It is believed that we do have our so-called animal instinct and that we should follow it. Fear makes us hesitate, but inside us, there I that little voice that knows what to do. Those who follow their intuition felt are eventually getting lucky. When they do, amazing things unfold before them for the truth,

9. They are positive-thinkers

Nothing can truly bring down a positive attitude. Luck gets closer to those who are taking a step forward toward it. Optimists attract their own dreams and hopes. When things go wrong, they are courageous enough to walk on and to always look at the brighter side. They get lucky because they feel lucky.

10. They are not afraid to ask questions

Sometimes, a great success starts with a single question. Keeping their curiosity and inquisitiveness, people who get lucky are not in fear to ask this or that. When a question is budding inside them, they just ask. Then, whatever the question is, it takes them to places.

11. They have faith no matter what

People who are faithful to what they aim for, never give up. As they keep on living and dreaming, good chances, good encounters, and good connections are with them along the way.

12. They forgive

Successful actors and other people do not hold grudges. Such a very negative feeling stops you from going farther or deeper. It stunts your growth for with it, you’ll just live life sadly.

13. They inspire others

Inspiring people move others to do better. As you inspire others, you are also unconsciously creating brighter paths for yourself. One inspiration leads to another and you’ll never know what finds your luck.

14. They are kind

Kindness has made the biggest, the most revolutionary path to luck and success. When you stay kind, people will also hold you dear, look up to you, listen and follow. And according to studies, it makes people happier and healthier.

15. They are grateful at all times

Being thankful to the GOD and people for things big and small that are happening in their life makes people luckier. By this they also attract good vibrations and success. This is because hearts that say thank you at all times see the beauty even during the darkest hours.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Test If You Will be a Bollywood Actor or Will Quit

Know your fate as an actor
Do a simple test to find out your chances to be a Successful actor

Answer This Simple Test and Know Whether Can You Be An Actor or Not!

Yes or No

Just tick appropriate against every question

  • Copy this questionnaire in Microsoft Word or Note Pad
  • Answering all the questions is mandatory. 
  • Answer only in 'Yes' or 'No'. Each question carries 2 marks.
  • Time: Unlimited
  • Maximum: 100 Marks

1. Am I always going all out to compete against my own last performance in rehearsals, auditions and in a shoot?

2. Am I a strong believer in myself as well as others?

3. Have I always helped others without expecting any return?

4. Have I set my long and short term goal, action plan and strategies?

5. Am I prepared to continue to learn and update the acting craft till I die?

6. Am I always taking an action to meet my goals? 

7. Am I absolutely confident while in auditions or in a shoot or in life in general?

8. Am I emotionally strong and thick skinned to take rejections, criticism and rebuke?

9. Am I afraid of making mistakes?

10. Am I reluctant of saying, I was wrong?

11. I  not egoistic and try to boast about myself.

12. Am I disciplined and orderly in managing my life?

13. Am I persistent in getting what I want and don't give up?

14. Am polite and courteous all the times, even in spite of adverse comments?

15. Do I plan in advance to be punctual?

16. Am I well informed?

17. Have I researched on the internet and with other sources to understand cine industry, rules of the game, money required to fulfill my dream to a successful actor?

18. Do I have the patience to wait for years to be a successful actor?

19. Am I willing to take  chances?

20. Do  I always answer the telephone in a polite and professional manner?

21. I don't get carried away by Industry's big names, rumors and promises in undertaking training, roles offered in big films or serials etc.

22. Do I work 10 hours a day on the requirements of "How to be a successful actor in Bollywood' like top body, good looks, excellent voice, proficiency in Hindi and English, excellent acting skills, knowledge of the industry, developing contacts, networking etc. ?

23. Do I forget the failures of the past,  brood and look at each new day through fresh eyes?

24. Do I look for solutions, not problems?

25. Do I look straight at other people in the eyes during conversations?

26. Do I always make a comment 'I like that' or 'That's good,' a big part of my conversation?

27. Do I look for and meet with other successful actors on a regular basis?

28. I never criticize.

29. I never say, 'never' or 'not possible' or 'cannot be done'.

30. Do I reach beyond my 'comfort zone'?

31. Do I recognize and applaud the performance of others?

32. Do I always return telephone calls?

33. Do I reward myself for even little achievements?

34. Do I always maintain a friendly face with a permanent smile?

35. Do I say 'thank you' and 'please' on a consistent basis?

37. Do I share what I have with others?

38. Do I take care with the way I dress?

39. Do I'm always careful of taking a recommended nutritious diet for my body?

40. Do I use a diary to plan for the day, check in the night, whether I have achieved my previous day's plan?

41. Do I walk perfectly like a model normally, and have good posture?

42. Do I pray to my God every day before I start to move out?

43. Am I careful in selecting my friends and have ones from whom I learn and who are always ready to help me?

44. I believe in 'I would rather win a friend than win an argument'?

45. Do I read lots of books to improve my acting craft?

46. I don't chat foolishly on social media like Facebook or post my photographs for receiving favorable comments, thus giving me false hopes.

47. Do I write lots of notes

48. Am I a  good listener?

49. I never indulge in gossips

49. If I have nothing good to say, I keep my mouth shut

50. Am I ready to do another part time job to support me in my pursuit to be a successful actor, in case of a prolonged financial uncertainty?

YES = +2 Marks
NO = -2 Marks
Add up your points:

More than 70 Marks: 

Good Luck

Good Job! You are Gonna Be A Bollywood Star!

Less than 70 Marks: 

Bad Luck

  Either change yourself immediately or Join us to get trained or Forget it! 

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Learn 9 Lessons from Superstar Hrithik to Be in Bollywood

How to be a Bollywood star

What it requires to be a successful actor and  to be a star in Bollywood?  

We never do any research, identify the winning factors, learn and practice. Sadly, we continue to remain in our comfort zone of “ dreams” and hope that some magic will happen and we will be discovered!
After my long tenure as an acting coach and as an actor, the one man who could be the best learning example for aspiring actors is Hrithil Roshan. Undoubtedly, he is the Best Actor of Bollywood to learn and follow

Why have I arrived at this conclusion?

Here are 9 things that make him the star that he is!

Actors may come and go, even superstars may fade out over a period of time. But, Hrithik Roshan? No way!
He is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy and consistent actors,. Bollywood has seen in the last few decades.
Everybody loves and adores him. It’s a wonder to see how respect Hrithik has earned from not just his fans, but from the whole film fraternity.

1. Awesome Acting Skills

Acting skills
Acting skills

Right from his first film, the man showed promise of an emerging star. There can be no denying that Hrithik’s performance in every film is applause worthy. He has only improved and maintained excellence from where he started, unlike most other stars who have been inconsistent with their performances.
Learnt to dream, imagine to build his “Characters’ and then practice and practice for months!

Apart from his stellar performances in superhit films like ‘Koi..Mil Gaya’, ‘Lakshya’, ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, ‘Dhoom 2’, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and ‘Agneepath’, the man proved his acting prowess with powerful performances. His work speaks volumes about his versatility as an actor, be it comedy, romance or action!

Lesson 1: Learn professional acting craft 

2. Determination and Perseverance 

Determination and Perseverance
Determination and Perseverance

Not many know, Hrithik Roshan stammered as a kid.
“Unfortunately, it’s one of those handicaps that is made fun of. Especially kids, you can’t blame them, but they end up being mean because it looks funny. So the childhood of a person suffering from a problem like this is pure hell…” Hrithik once said in an interview. He never gave up. It was ultimately his perseverance and determination that helped him, betters his speech to perfection.

Lesson 2: Develop determination and perseverance. Don’t give up!

3. Hard work

Hard work

                               Hard work

No doubt to be born to Producer Rakesh Roshan helped him, but he really worked hard to maintain it and to be where he is today. It only takes sincerity and hard work to take luck any further. Be it experimenting with his looks or undergoing rigorous training, the man believes in doing whatever it takes to justify a role.

Lesson 3: Work hard, at least 12 hours a day-breath, eat, live only acting 

4. Style



The moment he stepped into the industry, he literally set hearts on fire with his Greek God looks. It was his personal sense of style responsible for creating a rage among his viewers and fans, something he has acquired over time. To be known as a star, you’ve got to look like one and be it in his films or red carpet appearances, Hrithik always looks a class apart.

Lesson 4: Dress well and decent and take care of your looks.

5. Groundbreaker and Trendsetter


It’s our habit to condemn Bollywood while comparing with Hollywood. In such times, Hrithik Roshan did not shy away from attempting a superhero movie the ‘Krrish’ series. In spite of some box office hiccups, you’ve got to give the man due credit for his effort. If Bollywood has a superhero of its own today, it is Hrithik. We may see a lot better superhero films in the coming times, but Hrithik will always be the trailblazer for Bollywood.

Lesson 5: Go on experimenting with everything related to your objective.

6. Incredible Fighting Spirit 

Fighting Spirit
Fighting Spirit 

While shooting some of the most death-defying stunts ever performed in Bollywood for his film ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik injured himself so badly, he had to undergo surgery to get a blood clot removed from his brain. There were speculations whether he would ever be able to perform stunts again. But the man fought with incredible determination against all odds and emerged even stronger.

Lesson 6: Be adventurous and take risks. Learn Martial Arts.

7. Dignity


The news of his split with his wife Suzanne Roshan broke the media. Hrithik Roshan went through what was probably the hardest time in his life when the media, as usual, blew everything out of proportion, be it the 400-crore alimony amount or Suzanne’s alleged affair with Arjun Rampal. Not only did the man maintain his calm by choosing not to comment publicly, he even came out in support of his wife and cleared all misconceptions with the media about the alimony.

Lesson 7: Be calm and cool even in extreme adverse conditions.

8. Commitment to Fitness

Commitment to Fitness
Commitment to Fitness

Hrithik Roshan has been consistently inspiring millions of Indians to have a good and physique and be a  fitter every day. He is not just a heartthrob amongst the ladies, but also a fitness idol to most men. One workout picture of Hrithik Roshan is all it takes to make him trend all over social media.

Lesson 8: Build a “HOT” body with an excellent physique. Join a  gym 

9. A True Gentleman and Networker


He is a star, has been a part of the most successful film, has women fainting with emotions all over him, is one of the sexiest men alive and is still soooo humble! Be it a candid interview, a red carpet event or a talk show, Hrithik is always a gentleman and earns respect everywhere He is one of the most professional yet warm people in the industry and all his co-stars would swear by that. Superstardom has never gone to his head, and that’s what makes him an even bigger star!

Lesson 9: Be a good human being. Be nice to everybody with a friendly face. 

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