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14 Problems of Dreamers to be a Film Star | Simple 2 Solutions

Problems faced by aspiring actor
Problems faced by aspirants to be a great actor!

Do You Have Any of These Problems to be A Successful actor?

1. Has a dream to be a Star in Bollywood or Serials, but just don't know what to do?

2. Not handsome or beautiful?

3. Poor height and not tall?

4. Thin or fat? No muscular and "HOT" body?

5. No confidence, shy, introvert, can't mix easily with strangers?

6. Poor in spoken Hindi? Has a regional accent? Voice is thin or too bass? Any other defect in pronunciation, diction or rhythm?

Don't Know

7. How to act in front of a camera?

8. What are the special techniques for a great performance in audition and grab a role in Bollywood, TV Serials or Ads?

9. Where to find auditions?

10. How to find casting directors and coordinators?

11. How to get a portfolio shot and show-reel (demo film) economically and from where? And what is the cost?

12. How to market and promote myself. How to make a website FREE?

13. Where to live as an actor in Mumbai and what are monthly expenses?

14. Any other problem not listed here?

Dreams and realities
Dreams, knowing the game and working hard for a win! 


Read each post of this blog as if your life depends on it, allow it to settle down in your body and soul, write down an action plan and implement

2. Contact NOW: +919920991661

Acting and audition doctor

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

15 Most Reviewed Coordinators to Get Acting Jobs

Actors coordinators
Actor coordinators


Though the reviews are fair, you are strongly advised to check the credentials before you pay for registration, portfolio or show-reel

The suggested  background check list for coordinators and casting directors:

  • How many actors and models are registered in their data bank?
  • Which are the production houses for films and TV serials where their registered actors and models have gotten assignments (jobs)? And the names of such films, TV serials, commercial ads and print media?
  • What is their registration fee? (Compare with others mentioned below)
  • Will they register you if you have your own portfolio and show (Demo) reel?
  • Ask your co-actors about the reputation of a coordinator (This question to be asked if their registration fee is high and which includes portfolio and show reel making)
  • Whether the fee is for once (lifetime) or for a limited period?


Start your hard work NOW and the best is to visit personally, especially if the contact numbers have changed

1. Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company
Bungalow No 160, J P Road, Andheri West, Aaram Nager, Part 2, Mumbai - 400058
Web site:

2. Glamour Calling Hub
+91-22-652 41 608 / 490
Web site:

3. Mona Irani Model Agency
C 13 Troika Apt 3rd Floor Lokhandwala Cplx, Andheri West, Lokhandwala, Mumbai - 400053

4. H S Casting Agency
Shop No 216, C/O City Mall, New Link Road, Andheri West, Near Pvr Cinema, Mumbai - 400053
+(91)-9769362537, 8898997609, 8898512644, +(91)-22-67082436

5. Israni Entertainment India LTD
Oshiwara Industrial Estate, D-267, Goregaon West, Opposite Goregaon Depot, Mumbai - 400104

6. Janets Casting Hub
Plot No 1837, Vrundavan Society, Marve Road, Jankalyan Nagar-Malad West, Beside Vrundavan Entertainment Pvt Ltd Opposite Green Village Resort, Mumbai - 400095
+(91)-9867210769, +(91)-22-65635511, 65635512

7. A K Music & Film Entertainment
2nd Floor, City Centre, Office No 243, Goregaon West, Near Railway Station, Mumbai - 400062

8. S S Casting
Office No 5 Plot No 71, Viniyog Building, Road No 4 Mg Road, Goregaon West, I T Nagar, Mumbai - 400062

9. Passion Entertainments
Bungalow No 50/50, Andheri West, S V P Nagar, Opposite Janki Devi School, 4 Bungalow Mahada, Mumbai - 400053

10. Himesh Choudhary Creative Unit
A1 101,New Mahada, Malwani Colony-Malad West, Mumbai - 400095
+(91)-9167424143, 9920586268

11. Sai Sagar Entertainment
B 10, Office No 1, Ground Floor, S V Road, Santacruz West, Kheera Nagar, Beside Gold Gym, Near Reliance Mart, Mumbai - 400054

12. Almira Film & Advertising Agency 
219, 2nd Floor, Building 11, Bandra Kurla Complex-Bandra East, Near Trade Centre, Opposite Telephone Exchange, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051

13. Mystic Angels Entertainment
B/1106, Silicon Park, Evershine Nagar-Malad West, Behind JAI Nagar & Jankalayan Nagar, Off Marve Road, Mumbai - 400064
+(91)-9820010450, 9820413947

14. Shaan Sky Production
Office No 05, Ground Floor,Viniyog Building, Goregaon West, Nr.Tiwari Hospital, Mumbai - 400062
+(91)-9833350097, 9820838397

15. Inmatch Modelling Pvt Ltd (For modeling) -Be careful! Check before you pay! 
Kapadia Apartment, Swastik Chs, S V Road, Vile Parle West, Next To Bank Of India, Mumbai - 400056
+(91)-22-61427098; +(91)-22-67366777
Reviews source

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Monday, 19 January 2015

9 Simple Steps That Will Make You a Top Bollywood Comedy Actor

Comedy in Bollywood film
Comedy in Bollywood film today
Legendary comedian of Indian cinema
Mehmood the legendary comedian of Indian cinema

1. Find the comedy factor in you

In what way are you funny?
What's funny about you?
Being aware of what makes up you a "funny" person—finding the comedy in yourself and your everyday life—is the first step to becoming a successful comedy actor.
Your sense of humor is your inborn and natural ability to be funny. It has a number of influences, especially from your childhood and your upbringing. So, who tickled your funny bone growing up? —A relative, a teacher, a best friend? Or did you learn how to be funny by watching great comedic actors? Also remember that comedy comes from drama, and drama comes from pain. Thus, comedy comes from pain. Are you able to draw humor from your pain? Do you laugh out when you are in a physical pain or in difficulties?
Once you've found your funny, you need to identify where your comedic strengths lie.

2. Find your inherent comedy type 

Is your sense of humor dry (is a form of comedic delivery in which something humorous is said or done by a person, while not exhibiting a change in emotion or facial expression)

  • Intelligent? (I. S. Johar or at present-Kapil Sharma) 
  • Sarcastic? 
  • Silly and lighthearted? (Mehmood)
  • Shameless and quirky?  (Bizarre, eccentric, unusual)? (Asrani)
  • Lovable? (Devan Verma)

Knowing your comedic qualities will help you identify the comedy character in you.

3. Stick to the script religiously 

Comedy is all about rhythm, timing, and pace, and it's your job as a comedic actor to identify those things in each and every piece of scripted comedy you perform. Comedy, when done right, is like a good song. Just as a musician plays the melody as composed, a comedic actor must stick to the script. That means following the words exactly as written. Don't add or drop words or attach handles to the beginnings of sentences, like "Dekho (Look), "Mera matlab hai ki” (I mean), "Arey” (Well), and "So"

4. Learn to break down comedy scripts.

Comedy is made up of two things: desperation and the unpredictable. These themes are found in story lines, jokes, and characters. There may be straight meaning dialogues followed instantly by opposite meaning dialogues. Breaking down comedy scripts will help you identify jokes and changes in the dialogs.

5. Master your funny character

As you develop yourself as a character from the script and learn your comedic technique, you'll also start to examine more-normal sounding but important points for your comedy, especially in the script itself. You need to identify the repetitive word (a word used over and over in a scene), or jokes repeated over the course of a script and the funny words (Dimag sarkela hai or aye, dukaan jera hut ke laga) used to enhance the punch line. Some writers will signal (clue) you in to important words by underlining, italicizing, or bolding them, but often you have to search for  such words in the script..

6. Stay committed.

It is said while performing a comedy, to show  "Dying is easy; comedy is hard." So true! What makes comedy, so difficult? Commitment!

  • As a comedy actor, you need to be 100 percent committed to the dialogue, physical actions, jokes, technique, and especially the characters. It takes just as much commitment to do comedy as it does to do conflict drama, perhaps even more! Think of all the comedy greats and how willing they were to "go there" for their comedy. 
  • Remember my words; there is no shame, no embarrassment, and definitely no faking it when it comes to comedy. You and your character need to believe in everything you're doing and commit to it wholeheartedly.

7. Be still.

One of the biggest things that can kill a comedic scene is movements which are NOT there in a script—from an actor. That includes adjusting your clothes, scratching your nose, stretching your neck, waving your arms, tapping your thigh, rolling your eyes, and so on. Unless movement is specified by a director, you should stay still, as any extra movement will distract from the comedic rhythm of the piece. I'm not saying you have to be a statue, but as a comedic actor it's your responsibility to be aware of your space and control your actions so you don't disturb focus of the scene

8. Watch the comedy masters.

There are so many legends old and new in this business, and watching them work is vital to building your comedy career. Watch them first for the sheer entertainment, and then watch them again as a student of comedy learning from everything the actors do. 
Here is a list of Bollywood comedians worth watching and learning:

Bollywood (in alphabetical order)

• Ashok Saraf
• Asrani
• Bhagwan Dada
• Bomman Irani
• Govinda
• Deven Verma
• Dada Kondke
• I. S. Johar
• Johnny Walker
• Jagdeep
• Jaspal Bhatti
• Johnny Lever
• Om Prakash
• Paresh Rawal
Kader Khan
• Keshto Mukherjee
• Kishore Kumar
• Mehmood
• Laxmikant Berde
• Paresh Rawal
• Rajendra Nath
• Rajpal Yadav
• Raju Srivastav
• Rakesh Bedi
• Satish Shah
• Shakti Kapoor
• Tun Tun
• Manorama
• Rajpal Yadav
• Akshay Kumar
• Rakesh Bedi
• Satish Kaushik

9. Have fun.

When performing comedy, you have to enjoy what you're doing. You need to do your homework, find your character, perfect your technique, commit to the text, then go into class, an audition, or a job and have fun. Take some risks. Be confident and bring on the funny! If you're having fun, you'll feel a surge of energy inside you that will bring out your best, most positive, most energized performance. It will get you to the "louder, faster, funnier" that defines comedy. And if you're having fun, the casting director, the writer, the producer, and ultimately the audience will have fun with you, and that will help you become a successful comedy actor.

Rules of Comedy:

1. Chose a specific character in you with specific personality traits
2. Be committed to the character
3. Good comedy comes from pain and conflict
4. Follow the script and punctuation (for delivery, know your lines and make to pause for commas and periods)
5. Be Louder!
6. Be Faster!
7. Be Funnier!
8. Hold for laughs (do not laugh unnecessary on your dialogues, movements, or other actions on the presumption that viewers will laugh)
9. Don’t replace and distract from verbal humor with physical movement
10. Have fun!

Here are some short comedic scenes with dialogues in Hindi

Practice with your friends; search various ways to speak these lines with different rhythms, speed, with or without physical actions. Have a small audience and observe their reactions. 

मोहन सिंह अपनी लड़की के लिए वर ढूंढ रहे थे। उनके घर एक परिवार रिश्ता लेकर आया।
मोहन सिंह : क्या बिजनेस करते हो आप?
लड़का : जी मैं कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स बनाता हूं।.
मोहन सिंह : बड़ा बिजनेस लगता है, काफी कमाई होगी?
.लड़का : हां, एकदम अलग कंसेप्ट है। हम ड्रिंक्स को कोल्ड (ठंडा) करके बेचते हैं!

संता को सिनेमा हॉल के बाहर एक भिखारी मिला। . भिखारी: अल्लाह के नाम पर कुछ दे दे बाबा, 2 दिन से भूखा हूं। पास फूटी कौड़ी भी नहीं है। . संता ने उसे 100 का नोट दिखाते हुए पूछा, क्या तुम्हारे पास 50 रुपए हैं? . भिखारी (खुशी से): हां! . संता: तो साले, पहले उसे खर्च कर जाकर।

लड़की गोलगप्पे खा रही थी। . . . 20 -25 खा लिए होंगे। . . . . फिर उसने  ब्वॉयफ्रेंड से पूछा - "10 और खा लूं ?" . बॉयफ्रेंड झल्ला कर बोला - "नागिन ! खा ले!" . लड़की ने BF को जम कर उलटे हाथ का एक चांटा रसीद दिया ! . "नागिन किसको बोला बे?" . . . "अरे मारती क्यों है? मैंने कहा-ना गिन, खा ले!

The villain has the heroine tied to an electric chair with a long electric
wire leads to a switch.  The villain throws the switch and the electricity
is now shown flowing towards the heroin.   The hero is running towards the
heroine racing with electricity to save her, and yes he is catching up.
The villain at this point shouts to his chamcha:  "Charlie voltage baddhao,
electicity jaldee jayegi".

The villain has just asked his guys to get hold of Mudassar Nazar, who
has refused to come to the villain's den.
Sidie: Boss, Mudassar Nazar nahin aa raha hai.
Villain: Kya? Tumhare ankhe hai ya button? Phir se dhoondo!

लडका अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड से - अमीर से अमीर आदमी भी मेरे पिताजी के आगे कटोरी लेकर खडा रहता है |
गर्लफ्रेंड - फिर तो तुम्हारे पिताजी बहुत अमीर होंगे |
लडका - नहीं वह गोलगप्पे बेचते है |

पिता ( बेटे से ) - देखों बेटे , जुआ नहीं खेलते | यह ऐसी आदत हैं कि यदि इसमें आज जीतोगे तो कल हारोगे , परसों जीतोगे तो उससे अगले दिन हार जाओगे |
बेटा - बस , पिताजी ! मैं समझ गया , आगे से मैं एक दिन छौड़कर खेला करूंगा

किसी आदमी ने अपने एक मित्र को दावत दी , सारा खाना वही खा गया | घर वाले भूखे रह गए | पांच साल का बबलू तो भूख के मारे रो पड़ा |
उसकी मां ने कहा- बेटा मेहमान को जाने दो , सारे मिलकर रोएंगे , तुम अकेले क्यों रोते हो ?

Author's note: This post is dedicated to my students with whom we worked tirelessly together to identify our funny bones, comedic tempo-rhythm, creating opposites from scripts and develop a total commitment. Also inspired by this source

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Private Coaching for Actors | An Acting Coach Answers Questions

Top Acting coach answers questions
Top Acting coach answers questions

What is An Acting Coach?

An acting coach helps actors reach their full potential by teaching them acting craft, marketing and promotion. Also in-depth character development for specific role preparation and/or auditioning. Acting coaches provide personal attention and specialized acting techniques to both individuals and small groups, if need be.

What is your approach to acting?

I focus on developing the acting craft and then how to market and promote this quality product created. To have an acting talent is good, but it’s certainly not all that is required. Beyond talent, there is a craft that must be shaped and sharpened over the life of the actor. This craft combines precise conditioning of the actor’s instrument (body and mind) with the intelligent work of knowing how to approach material (story, script, circumstances, characters etc.)  and what to do with it and in a scene.

How your coaching can help actors?

There isn’t an actor on the planet, from the beginner to the most gifted and practiced professional, that does not benefit from the outside eye of a trained acting tutor.  With good coaching, the actor can confidently depend on making the most powerful and effective choices and then applying those choices fully.

Do you prepare actors for auditions?

Of course! The audition is a high-stakes situation, an actor's just one chance to nail the job. I practice with an actor, on camera, all aspects of the audition right from dress, in waiting room scene, preparation of lines and scenes, confidence and entry, walk, greeting, slating, introduction, profile, where to look, enacting the scene, asking questions and finally, how to exit and celebrate your performance in an audition

Why you take private acting class?

Every actor is unique, endowed with individual strengths and challenges.  Working one-on-one allows us to work specifically with actors— the most effective and efficient way to work on an actor's craft.  Together, we determine an actor's needs and goals, and I tailor exercises and scene work to an individual.

  • I use my knowledge and experience of tested and new approaches to help an actor achieve the results you seek.
  • The Acting coach creates a secure and comfortable environment in which you are willing to take risks and make yourself vulnerable.
  • As an Acting Coach, I help an actor by giving  a student honest and sincere feedback, to enable them to establish goals with them and help students on how to achieve them.
  • The Acting Coach’s experience helps actors to avoid many pitfalls.
  • I practice with actors what I preach!
  • As an acting coach, I will listen carefully to the actor's ideas, accept good ones to applaud and tell them to create more options for better ones, if need be.

Do you mean acting schools are no good?

No, I never say that. Acting schools have their own usefulness. As a matter of fact, if an actor can afford Indian acting school's high fee, he/she must join a school and also undertake private coaching. As a matter of fact, both are complementary to each other.

But how to get jobs after an actor finishes coaching with you?

The final part of coaching comprises of marketing and promotion an actor as a quality product in a highly competitive market of Bollywood, TV Serials, commercial ads and print. This includes creating an appropriate portfolio, show reel (demo reel),website and using social networking sites and actor's resources like selecting  co-ordinators and contacting casting directors.

Where do you take your coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions are in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai in a large room under quite and comfortable environment. The venue is easily accessible within 20 to 40 minutes by local train and just a 20 minutes walk from Ghatkopar or Chembur suburban railway stations. Now, due to metro local train in operation, it's only 20 minutes journey from Andheri and other western suburbs

Last question! What about  aspiring actors with small financial resources and big dream to be a Bollywood star?

I run a free online blog, an acting academy
There are more than 120 posts on acting techniques and all possible actor resources. The techniques can be practiced in front of a full size mirror or with friends. The readers can contact me for any help through the contact form in the blog or through Email such as if they need scripts, I will send them free. Many aspiring actors who could not afford a coach or a school have read and practiced through my blog and now working in films and TV serials

Kiran Pande
Advice to aspiring actors

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BestActor Academy
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Star Tip for Great Performance | 4 Rules to Observe People and Practice

Actor observing characters in people
An actor observes "characters" in people

You are already a great actor!

In your day to day life you perform different roles and that too, successfully! For example, when you talk to a child, your tone, language, gestures and feelings are different. But when you have to talk to your father or grandpa or your beloved or to an outsider with whom you have to get some favor or to your boss, your approach is different. You mold yourself accordingly and give a great performance. However, this is natural and there are no camera or sound or lights.

So you see, you are already an outstanding actor!
Then why can't you portray a character given  by a casting director or a director? The answer is simple.
In life, you go on acting naturally, subconsciously and as YOU! Whereas when a role is given to you, you find it difficult to transform into that character because you don't know how to get into the skin of that character.
The reason?
You have no data bank in your mind of different types of people with different attributes- for example: you might have seen a postman, a teacher, a beautiful girl, a police officer, a shop owner etc etc. But you don't remember them.
Well, though we shall be discussing various acting techniques in the subsequent posts, I'm giving below a simple and the best way to learn how to portray different characters and bring out different attitudes and emotions.

Rule 1

Always Keep a diary/ notebook and label that book as "Observation"

Rule 2

Keep your mobile with you with voice recording and video enabled below mobile screen
A binocular, if possible

Rule 3


  • Observe people in different walks of life, for example on the road, in a train, in a garden, in other public places and in your own house
  • Observe different kind of people keenly around you and record  their types, profile, walk, posture, language, accent, attitudes, emotions. If this is not possible in a public place, just keep in mind and note down the details in your notebook.
  • Easier is at your home, neighborhood or to go to a garden every day, identify one or two people and record them.

Select Different Types and Odd Types

REMEMBER- Films are the stories of life with different types of character: a thief, a police officer, a mother in law, a lover, a beggar  a pundit or a priest, a car driver, a judge and many more...

Rule 4

Practice your noted/ recorded characters every day in front of a mirror till they get imprinted in your memory. This way you can have a rich data of different characters in your memory for an instant recall when a director gives you a role.

Success steps

Start Today

Observing, Recording and Practicing Emotions and Attitudes in People!

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Great Awards Great Coaching!

Great Awards Great Coaching!