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Don't Join an Acting Coach Unless You Check This!

How to find a pearl of your acting coach
How to find a pearl of your acting coach

  • He or she can be the key that unlocks your acting talent; the missing puzzle piece in achieving your potential and goals. Yes, an acting coach can be all these things, but finding one that’s trustworthy, well-versed in the business, and well-suited to your needs and personality is extremely important. When looking to learn better techniques, master monologues, or understand a character more deeply, hiring an acting coach is always more beneficial than looking for a school which has many students and you impressed to join because the big name behind it.
  • However, this does not mean that acting schools are no good. On the contrary, many of successful actors today are from the schools. The question is whether you want personal and private attention to develop your acting craft or join a group for learning.

An Acting Coach


  • When working on scenes or monologues, actors should work with a coach, an acting teacher, or another actor. I know many actors hate monologues. Working on a script or other material alone can be maddening. Part of you are trying to act on it, but the other part of you is trying to be a self-director directing yourself. And then there is that constant judging voices in your mind that telling you well done, not good, could be better etc. Which can make you crazy. Having someone there besides yourself allows you to ‘just act.
  • One of the biggest problems is that actors look at their lines or a monologue as a speech, which sounds like a narration or “telling” rather than showing.  The best stuff is a performance that has changed in rhythm and voice with a different beginning, middle and a different end. The key factor is creation of conflict that has objective— something that clearly wants to change another person’s point of view or their behavior.”
  • A lot of people come out of school with no knowledge of the script or character analysis tools and how to create and prepare monologues because it’s easier without it. (One of the reason could be a large group with limited time or it could be your own inevitable playful attitude with like minded co-students then focus on leaning)
  • Good coaches help get to an actor’s soul and personality using specific techniques. They try to prepare them to better work on camera and with directors. The camera is like an X-ray machine: It knows what you’re thinking. It sees the truth, and also sees the lie. It is an intimate medium.  An actor has to be in a reality in an environment which is far away from reality and totally false. This is really tricky for an actor because how can he/she forget his/ her existence and what is being observed?
  • A good coach needs to design a technique suited to an individual to “feel the reality” by a student which could be, for example, a combination of yoga, self-hypnotism and auto-suggestion

Checklist for Selecting a Good Acting Coach

  • A Facilitator who believes in “doing” rather than lecturing (You can find out while talking)
  • An excellent orator
  • A pleasant, but motivating voice 
  • Patience (Talk irrelevant for longer and watch his responses)
  • Knowledge of Psychology; Human behavior
  • Marketing and business acumen and experience, if any
  • As an Actor in Films, TV serials, Commercial Ads and Print Media
  • Ready for a long time association and help

Experience in:

  • Direction
  • Filmmaking
  • Casting 
  • Theater
  • Fair Knowledge of Cinematography
  • Reasonable Coaching Fees

It’s forming this relationship with your medium i.e. Acting, Yourself, and your Acting Coach that will propel you to success in your acting craft.
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Monday, 23 March 2015

You Can't be a Bollywood Actor | Quit Now!

An Actor Thrown Out!

My objective of this post 

  • Is not to convince you to give up acting. On the contrary, hopefully it can be a platform to make your decision that will either direct you towards your acting goals with an iron determination...
  • You will realize that if you’re not going to be serious about acting and make intelligent efforts, your life has a better chance of being better somewhere else, may be in some other job or in a business.

Many just dream to be a Bollywood or TV Serial stars. From the outside, it’s easy to think that I have great looks, a 6 packs body and whenever I post my photographs in status updates on  Facebook or other social media, I get hundreds or sometimes thousands of "like" with comments  "hi hero", "great photo", "why don't you become the hero" etc etc, And you start seeing yourself as a hero, a star with lots of fame and money, cars and bungalow like "Mannat" of Shah Rukh Khan.
You start talking to yourself "Wow! People will contact me sitting at home and all I have to do is to memorize the lines and blurt it out in front  of a casting director".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It can take a long time for you to accept rejections in auditions, to accept that there is a cut throat competition, many look better than you, better trained than you in the contemporary acting techniques, are better marketing guys to promote themselves and have better financial resources to manage themselves in Mumbai for a considerable time. Then one fine morning the truth dawns upon you: That things aren’t true to your real life!

Unfortunately, many of us never get to that point.

  • Far too many people who think they want to be actors think of “To be a star” as a lottery—just being in the right place and the right time in order to be “discovered.” They have no real strategy, but are instead just wishing for a happy accident. 
  • They don’t develop their craft because they think it’s all a question of talent— either you have it or you don’t. 
  • And, my friends, I have seen so many of our aspiring actors coming from different parts of our country with a feeble minded, irrational dreams who have given up when they’ve exhausted their money, mental, emotional, and physical health, and their precious youth.
  • Put another way, the romantic idea of being an actor is far different than the reality, which can often be brutal, not just because the industry can be challenging and sometimes ruthless (after all it is a business, not a charity), but also because the work itself is extremely difficult. Film and TV shoots can take weeks or months, with long, lonely hours away from your family and friends. Some roles and the prep and performance necessary to do it well can take a toll on your body, heart, and mind, and leave lasting effects.

The Cost of Actor in Waiting

  • We've lost some amazing artists to alcohol, drugs and depression resulting from the demands—usually placed on them by themselves in searching what they want.
  • As an acting coach, I would always support and like them alive and happy, but NOT regardless of the cost of a life which is either pursuing an ambiguous and unrealistic goal or rather no goal. 
  • There are a few artists who have reached a place of wealth, fame, and success, who we refer to as the “stars” and “celebrities.” Like Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif. But they make up a tiny, tiny fraction of the working actor community, let alone all actors aspiring to be working actors. 
  • Star status is possible, but there is only of you know the game and its requirements
So, if you want to act or if you know you are an actor, if you know you simply can’t be happy doing anything else, then meet

The Requirements

  1. If you’re ready to pay the price in terms of the development of your craft and the demands of high-level performance
  2. If you’re willing to expend years, maybe decades, before you achieve working actor status
  3. If you truly are prepared for the emotional, mental, and physical roller coaster that is acting
  4. And if you’re prepared to meet the challenges of the acting business and industry
  5. Then by all means, continue acting and redouble your efforts.

If the answer is NO, that is OK.

  • You’ll likely make your parents a lot happier working in a field in which security is more predictable, perhaps assured, and one that is more favorable to a stable home environment in which to raise a family. Most importantly, you may find more happiness and fulfillment of your life’s potential doing something else.

It just saddens me that so many people come to Mumbai to be an actor, but never really give it their full effort, never really get in the game, and then retreat after years of disappointment. More than anything, I just want people to be happy, healthy, loved, and wealthy. There are easier ways to be those things than being an actor.

Those of you who truly are actors will understand what I’m saying and will not be discouraged. Those of you who are better off doing something else may be.
All I’m saying is to think about it.

If you’re going to take on this being an actor’s journey, get in shape, chart your course on a map, procure your supplies like training, marketing tools, etc., pack your bag, grab, lace up your boots, and just put one foot in front of the other until you’ve reached your goal or, I’m sorry  you’re dead!

Remember, you can’t fail if you never quit

Rewritten to suit Indian Cine Industry scenario

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BestActor Academy
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Do you know These 12 Untold Top Film Casting Agencies?

12 Best Casting Agencies Mainly for Films
12 Best Casting Agencies Exclusively for Films

How to be Smart, Beat Competition and Grab Entry into Films?

Words of Wisdom from Author!

  1. Remember the rule of 80 20, that our 80% of efforts give 20% of results and vice versa. Therefore, in this cine-world industry of cut-throat competition, have focused on those activities which gives maximum results with minimum efforts.
  2. After a considerable research and time we have found out the prominent Film Production Houses  directly casting actors, and other select Casting Agencies exclusively for films and Bollywood.
  3. It would be the best to focus on them. Contact them and submit your Portfolio, Resume, Monologue and show-reel. And remember,continue pursuing them periodically till you get a break!

Can You Keep This List as a Secret? If Yes Then...

Good Luck

1. Green Chilly Film Production
902, Ganesh Society, Shree Krishna Nagar, Film City Road, Goregaon East, Opposite Ganesh Mandir, Santosh Nagar, Mumbai - 400063

2. Sai Entertainment Films
Unit No 11,Mohid Height, Four Banglow Mahada, Andheri West, Near MTNL,RTO Signal, Mumbai - 400053

3. Flying Entertainment
222/1772,Motilal Nagar No-1, Road No 6 , Goregaon West, Near Vibgyor School, Mumbai - 400104

4. Dancing Pictures
Flat No 603 ,6th Floor, Oceanic One, Andheri West, Near Nana Nani Park, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Mumbai - 400061

5. V Films Production
Shop No 9, Shalibhadra Building No 1, Mira Bhyanadar Road, Mira Road, Near Shivali Statue, Kashimira, Thane - 401107

6. Essel Vision Production Ltd
4th Floor, Fun Republic Building, New Link Road, Andheri West, Opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai - 400053
+(91)-9769833912, 9167656030, 9819032334 \ +(91)-22-26736454, 26736452, 26736451, 26736450, 26736449 / +(91)-22-26740641
Web site:

7. UVI Film Production Pvt Ltd
13, 1st Floor, Varsha Building, Off Link Road, Malad West, Opposite "Movie time" Theatre, Ramchandra Lane Extension, Mumbai - 400064
+(91)-22-61639043; +(91)-22-67614317, 67614318

8. Cine TV Artists & Workers Association
D/12, Grace Plaza Shopping Centre, S V Road, Jogeshwari West, Opp Sabri Masjid, Mumbai - 400102
+(91)-8433238738, 9220541108, 9769326544; +(91)-22-66989738

9. Manas Entertainment
318, Shubham Complex, Sector 11, Matheran Road, New Panvel, Opposite Petrol Pump, Navi Mumbai - 410206

10. Shaboo Kiran Productions Pvt Ltd
2602, Tower C, Rushtomji Elanza, Link Road, Malad West, Near Inorbit Mall, Mumbai - 400064

11. Western Pacific Production
Office No 40, Ground Floor, Citi Mall, Lokhandwala Link Road, Andheri West, Besides Inifity Mall, Mumbai - 400058
+(91)-9699161567, 9867163436, 9819006909; +(91)-22-61272048
Web site:

12. Lemon Tree
6, Mohatta Bhavan, Worli, Off Dr E Moses Road, Mumbai - 400018
+(91)-9820054707; +(91)-22-24982488, 24982499
Source of reviews
... More on request


"The author carries a disclaimer about the current bona fides of the names above. The actors must verify the authenticity of agencies personally before paying any amount"

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BestActor Academy
C12, New Natraj Apartments, Pestom Sagar, Road #6, Ghatkopar East
Mumbai , Maharastra , 400089 India
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Monday, 16 March 2015

How to Make a Director Hate You and Ruin Your Future

Director not happy with a shot
It seems Director Mira Nair looks not happy with the mistake made by an actor 

You’ve finally got a role! What should you be doing? Posting it on Facebook? Celebrating all night? Yes, of course. But you don't want to prepare for this amazing opportunity. You don't feel like being successful in getting a regular 9 to 5 jobs.
You just have a passion for, but don’t forget it is your JOB and you are in a business and therefore have to be professional about it.

1. You Don’t Prepare

  • When you get a role, you will get a script or your lines. But you don’t work on it.
  • No script or character analysis.
  • No perfect memorization


Work day and night, but prepare. Too much is at stake for you as well as for production. Remember, no excuse is accepted except death! Nobody cares what techniques you use to prepare.

2. Not Knowing the Difference between Working for Film, TV Serials and Ads

You go for a commercial ad and give an exaggerated performance as if you are working for a film steeling the focus from a product or a prop. Have you watched TV Serials not as a viewer, but as an actor with the sound off? Watched how characters perform?


Find out from casting directors, Asst. Directors or search internet for the difference

3. You act the same way, whether playing a Lead or Supporting Role

  • There is a completely different approach when performing a LEAD and a SUPPORTING character.
  • You never talk with director extensively if you have a lead role.
  • Later you most probably will have not the chance to talk to the director extensively about your role. The result is you are not ready for a go when the camera is on.
  • Remember, from the moment you’re on a set, you should have NO questions about your character and should be ready to go.


At the beginning of your career you will get small or supporting roles and as the word implies you are there to ‘support the lead actor’. If the lead actor is the ‘funny guy’ you are not there to be funnier than him, you are there to support his jokes. If she is the ‘sexy girl’ you are not there to compete with her in beauty, just to support her conflicts. All the attention and probably the focus is going to be on them.  So be aware and work for the type of the role as a team member, the same way the whole team is working for.

4. You are Inexperienced and Disrespectful

What are you coming to do on set? Remember, simply to ACT. One of the surest ways of proving you’re inexperienced is to direct other actors. Impose your acting technique; trying to teach actors and crew like on shots, camera, ads etc. All those initiatives and decisions AREN’T yours. By interfering and not respecting the director’s choices you are being unaware of all the work he has previously done. You don’t know what his overall objective and intention is with this and he might not share that with you. Nobody cares about your directing experience while filming videos for your YouTube channel. Today you’ve been hired as an actor. So please let Directors work.


Please be especially respectful with fellow actors. You get to know a lot about other actors on set because a big part of our job is to wait for everything to be ready. Normally you wait in the same place as other actors and there’s always memorizing lines, group chatting, some reading, others on their phone, etc. Nobody is judging you when you’re spending that time speaking about your weekend plans or taking selfies. So if you see others working or sitting alone, please don’t go and disturb them. Let them do their work, especially if they are on their character or emotions. You’re unaware of what their needs are and how annoying it is for someone to disturb them.

5. Your Ego

Are you the one who has an exaggerated self-importance and who sometimes thinks that he is more important than anybody else?

  • Do you hate people who do not agree with you and you don’t forget this?
  • Do you always try to be different than others, whether right or wrong?
  • On a set, like to pose alone in pictures?
  • Do you use “I” often than “we” and “you”

If you have one or all the above behavioral traits, you could have a serious problem as an actor and your acting career could be short lived.


Leave your ego at home!  

Never forget you’re all on the same boat, all working for the same project. So instead of letting your ego upset the shoot, leave it at home.
Don’t get too self-centered and obsessive when you’re on camera. If the other departments say ‘OK, let’s move on’, it means it’s working and they’ve got what they needed, despite your opinion. So try to avoid the ’Was it ok?’, ‘I could have done better if-‘’, etc.
There are so many departments working that nobody wants to deal with the actor that wants extra re-takes for the ego or performance insecurity reasons.

Develop a vision

The best possible way could be to see and behave looking at a larger and whole picture. If an actor is repeatedly committing the above mistakes he/she is never considered for the future.
The loss is more of an actor than anybody else.
The reason is simple-More supply less demand for actors! 
There are thousands of actors in Mumbai and in the rest of India as strugglers and relatively few limited opportunities.
Acting is a piece of a BIG puzzle; no piece is more important on a puzzle as the objective is to have the project to be finished successfully.
Based on click here

photo of Kiran Pande
BestActor Academy
C12, New Natraj Apartments, Pestom Sagar, Road #6, Ghatkopar East
Mumbai , Maharastra , 400089 India
Acting coach , Actor , Short Film Maker , Film Story Writer , Blogger

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lessons from 18 Bollywood Star's Struggle Stories

Struggle stories of Bollywood stars
Stars who struggled to get fame
Who fought a  deadly struggle for stardom

Can you wait for 5 to10 years for a break? Can you arrange sufficient money for living in Mumbai for long periods without a job?

There is no arguing the fact that behind every successful man, there is a woman. But a lesser known fact is that behind every success story there is a period of hardships, failure and misery.

Fame never comes easy, especially for stars. Contrary to popular belief, not all Bollywood stars were served fame and money on a silver platter.

Many biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Dharmendra faced failure, disapproval and the wrath of sadists but what makes their story worth giving a read is that they went against all odds and came out winners.

The struggle period was long and frightening! Many of them had no house, not even a morsel of food and survived on a petty amount. They never gave up! Just went on kicking with sheer grit and incredible determination.

1. Amitabh Bachchan 
After being rejected by a radio company many times, Amitabh Bachchan used to sleep on a bench on Marine drive during his struggling days. Struggled for 8 years before he was an established star.

2. Madhuri Dixit
She never got positive reviews as a newcomer in Bollywood. People never thought that she would become this big in the industry. Struggled for 5 years before a true break.

3. Boman Irani 
Munnabhai MBBS fame Boman Irani used to work as a waiter at the Taj hotel! Struggle period to be in Bollywood-5 years.

4. Jackie Shroff 
Before becoming a star, Jackie Shroff used to live in a Chawl in Teen Batti, Mumbai and use to walk longer or travel by local train for a role for 6 years.

5. Shah Rukh Khan
The Badshah slept on roads near the Oberoi hotel for many days before he got a role in Deewana opposite Divya Bharti. Struggled for 20 years before his film was a hit- "DDLJ"

6. Dev Anand
This legendary actor worked as a clerk before he became a star. He earned Rs 85 per month for 5-7 years.

7.  Dilip Kumar
During struggling days, Dilip Kumar had no money to shuffle between home and film studios. Former BCCI president PM Rungta would give him money to travel. A story of 7 year struggle.

8. Neha Dhupia
The former Miss India Neha Dhupia used to help models with their shoes backstage for a long period.

9. Akshay Kumar 
Would shuffle between Bangkok, Singapore and India and sell clothes and other products. The Khiladi also tried his hands at aiding people to buy and sell flats, he would cut his
commission in between. Struggled for 5 years before a true break.

10. Dharmendra 
It has been reported that there were times when Dharmendra didn’t even have a morsel of food. Had to face a terrible struggle for years.

11. Manoj Kumar
He made a living as a ghostwriter. He was paid Rs 11 per scene. Struggled for 5 years before a true break
12. Rajnikanth
The God of the south, Rajinikanth was a bus conductor in Bangalore. Struggled for 9 years before was established as a star.

13. Zeenat Aman
Before Hare Rama Hare Krishna happened for Zeenat Aman, she was all packed to return to Germany with her mother as all her movies had failed miserably. Struggled for 4 years before a true break.
14. Johnny Lever 
13. Before Getting His Big Break, Johnny Lever Was A Part Of Kalyanji-Anandji’s Group, But Was Hardly Getting Any Work. In Those Days, One Of The Comedian’s Friends Gave Him A Musical Instrument. Lever Did Not Know Much About It And Gave It To Kalyanji-Anandji. The Duo Started Using The Instrument In Their Compositions And Paid Lever Rs 1,000-1500 Per Month For The Same. Struggled for 9 years before recognition.

15. Irrfan Khan
Early In His Career, The Versatile Irrfan Khan Wasn’t Paid For Some Of The Movies In Which He Acted. The Producers Bluntly Told Him That His Work Doesn’t Merit Any Pay. Struggled for 6 years for a true break

16. Sonu Sood 
While Shooting At Filmcity, Sonu Sood Recently Tweeted That As A Struggler He Once Had A Pay A Bribe To Get An Entry Into The Studio. Struggled for 8 years before a true break.

17. Govinda
Who Used To Stay In A Chawl In Virar, Would Go To Rajshri Studio Everyday, But Was Rejected On The Basis Of Being Too Young. Not Disheartened, Govinda Even Made A Show Reel In Which He Was Seen Acting And Dancing, And Showed It To The Production House. Struggled for 8 years before a true break.

18. Manoj Bajpai
At A Time When Manoj Bajpai Had No Money At All, He Agreed To Do The Serial Swabhimaan For A Mere Fee Of Rs 2,000. Struggled for 7 years.
Source: click here
Source: click here

Author's comments:

The Success Requirements for An Actor in Today's Competitive Envirnment

  1. Learning contemporary acting techniques
  2. Developing your acting instrument (body and mind)
  3. A first grade knowledge of the entertainment industry
  4. To be an excellent public relations man or a woman
  5. Developing a thick skin to face rejections, sarcasm and insult
  6. Excellent command of Hindi and English
  7. Knowledge of computers and to be an internet research freak
  8. To be a great marketing and promotional guy
  9. An access to sufficient financial resources for a long time
  10. And finally, an ability  to struggle for years would be a key factor for your success or failure as an actor.

Do you fulfill the above requirements or ready to learn and develop till your death?

Do you have the determination, dedication and persistence for long periods? 
If Yes, then don't lose Hope! Because


Good luck

photo of Kiran Pande
BestActor Academy
C12, New Natraj Apartments, Pestom Sagar, Road #6, Ghatkopar East
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