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Acting Is A Business And You A Product | How To Promote

 How to Build and Maintain Your Image (Brand) as an actor

Are You Dreaming To Be An Actor? 

You Will Fail If Don't Take It As A "Business" And You As A "Product" Among Thousands

All Top Bollywood or Hollywood stars had eventually realized that 'Acting' is not only just a dream and a passion but a 'Business' like any other and they are not only  an 'Actor' but a 'Product' which requires a professional marketing and promotional skills of the highest level. It's like manufacturing a soft drink or a toothpaste in a highly crowded market of millions of similar products and trying to be a Coca-Cola or Colgate.
They really worked hard on this aspect alone initially and later hired top marketing agencies to promote them. (TOI 239, 12 07 2015)

In simple words, you have to create, market and promote your image as an actor vigorously and repeatedly.

  • In the worlds of publicity, marketing, advertising and elsewhere, one of the common term is “repeat the message.” This is an important concept that has been utilized since the beginning. Any household name, whether we’re talking Samsung, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, has employed this, and in no small way. Their message is repeated over and over again to the public. But how can this be interpreted and used to your advantage in the world of acting? In my experience, it’s through, as I termed it “Image Bombardment” or “continuity of Branding.”
  • But before you can repeat a message to media, you first need to have one. This is where “branding” comes in. What’s branding? It’s essentially creating a unique name, image or identity for a product or person in the customer’s mind in order to establish a particular type of something that is significant and unique.
  • In case of relevance to the acting world, where you want to promote yourself (product) to casting directors, production houses, coordinators, producers and to all others related to the industry-

You must:
  1. Create a unique name for yourself
  2. A clear image, for example- Romantic actor, Hot and Sexy actor, Action actor, Tough guy, Innocent actor, Sly actor or Villain, Finest and the great actor, Comedic actor, Simpleton (villager), Versatile actor etc.   

Let’s take two examples. If you think of Akshay Kumar, you immediately get a clear concept: action hero -type. You even have physical mannerisms come to mind—incredible stunts.  Or Shah Rukh Khan, finest and the great actor. Viewers love him because he’s so versatile, transforming into a character instantly and in totality. They don’t even need to say anything; they can just squint their eyes, start making “the face,” and you immediately get knocked out...just whistling and clapping in a cinema hall, that’s they are identified.
Similar are the examples of female actors like Bipasha Basu as a hot and sexy actor or Vidya Balan as a versatile or Priyanka Chopra as “ All in One” actor (Brains, beauty, action, a truly versatile).
These actors have become legends in this era. Their “image” or brand is unforgettable. Partially due to this uniqueness, and partially due to the persistent continuity employed in marketing and promotion. Their “message” of uniqueness has been repeated over and over. Their “brand” literally has gone unchanged for a considerable period. And once their “brand” was firmly established, you then saw them shift into comedies and other genres. Whether this was planned or not, just realize the result: type firmly established, on-screen personality repeated, and is now the household name.

Of course, they possess another uniqueness- persistence and perseverance in continuously developing their acting craft and taking their career and self as a “Business” model.

However, in actors where I see this violated all too often, is with online presence: websites and social media and portfolio profiles. There should be a clear message and it should be repeated. Yet many times I find myself looking at someone and having difficulty discovering who they are or what they’re about. A Facebook or Twitter with a title that has nothing to do with the person’s name, with irrelevant imagery and a bio that fails to even state what they do. Several social media accounts scattered about, all with varying and often absurd “who I am”.
And to top if off, featured images (avatars) completely different from each other and sometimes unrecognizable. This sort of inconsistency may be fine for a well-established name or for a member of the general public, but if you’re getting started in the film | TV industry and trying to “build a name for yourself,” it’s bad.

Image (Branding) and maintaining a continuity in the image are two of the first things an actor must work for the success of his/her acting career as a business.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why iconic brands like Colgate and Bata needed to advertise. I mean, why spend so much when everybody already knows all about them? But that’s the point. And that’s how they reached and maintained their classic level: a clear message that defines and expresses the brand; message maintained and never wavered from; message repeated again and again. Regardless of whether you like or agree with these giants, you can learn from them. And you can’t deny their success.


In a nutshell: Discover who you are. Find a way to capture and express your message to others. Be consistent with that identity and message. Repeat it.
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Wanna Be Bollywood Actor? Shah Rukh Khan's 15 Years Of Fight

How to be a Bollywood actor?
Struggling actors and the fight of King Khan

Want To Be An Actor? Are You Ready For a Prolonged Struggle Like SRK?

Shah Rukh Khan known as SRK, is an Indian film actor, producer and television personality. Referred to in the media as the "Baadshah of Bollywood", "King of Bollywood" or "King Khan", he has appeared in more than 100 Bollywood films and earned numerous accolades, including 14 Filmfare Awards. Khan has a significant following in whole of Asia and the Indian diaspora worldwide. In terms of audience size and income, he has been described as one of the most successful film stars in the world. Source

A boy from a middle-class family whose parents did not have enough money to take him to the movies has become “King Khan”. Shah Rukh khan, who has seen endless struggles in his life – he has slept on streets, struggled to support himself and his sister at a very young age. He even lost his parents very early which led to his sister seeking mental health support. Between all the chaos and challenges, he kept pushing himself, and today he stands tall as the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’. Certainly, those years weren’t easy for him. Success doesn’t come easy, what made him a star was his acceptance of failure and the urge to improve. (Manohar, 2012)

 From His Early Days

He not only saw failure but poverty too, especially after his parents’ demise. He vocally admits that he took on less creative work to overcome poverty. Some of the films which he accepted were rejected by big stars, but he took them on to avoid unemployment. Shah Rukh strongly believes that failure is a part of life, he believes that the true road to success is not just the desire for success but fear of failure and that if you don’t enjoy and be scared of your failure you will never succeed.
According to him, one needs to pass through some stages of failure in order to succeed. We might whimper about a successful superstar and his genuine tussle with failure. We believe that only a person who has been through adversity has all the rights to voice it out.

He believes it’s not the absence of failure that makes one successful, but it’s one response to it,  (AIMA speech, 2014).

Which is actually so real for e.g. If we keep on thinking that nothing can be done, or ask why did it happen to me? Then surely we are falling into the trap of failure, while on the other hand if we learn from our failure, and accept it as a part of life and move on, we become strong individuals. We chase success and we want to live successful lives.

His Career

Khan began his career with appearances in the several television series in the late 1980s. Then joined Bollywood. His first hit was  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), after a struggle period of 15 years. Source

Here is what Shah Rukh Khan told to Avijit Ghosh of Times Of India long back in an interview

Question by Avijit Ghosh: 
Real stardom takes about 10 years to achieve?

Yeh mujhe Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) ne bataya tha. "Aatth (8) saal tak tum Hindustan mein star nahi ban sakte. Ab to thoda jaldi ho jata hai, kyunki reach zyada ho gayi hai'. He had further told me- "Shah Rukh, desh ko aath saal lagte hain tumko jaanne mein. 
Let me elaborate on a small incident. I had gone to meet a friend in south Delhi. He wasn't there. I wrote a small note saying, I came, and gave it to the watchman.  The watchman looked at me and said, 
'have you written your name on it?' 
I looked at him and said, 'yes'. 
Then he said, 'have you written the address?' . 
I said, ji. 
He said, 'also write what is it that you do'. 
And I stood there and thought there is still one man, a security guard in a posh Delhi locality, who does not know me. So I still have to work. It's been 20 years but there's still one man in this country who doesn't know me. So I need to work harder". Source

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How To Get Auditions Sitting At Home | Free Resources

How to get audition info sitting at home
Audition notices in India

As A Beginner Or Working Actor Do You These Facts On Auditions?

You have a good portfolio with a headshot, or something close. You have painfully prepared and filmed a monolog, or maybe two and filmed a “video introduction” as well, just to be safe. You know what type of character you play best, but you need a chance to perform in a real production.
One of the staggering facts of the acting business, especially for beginners, is that roles don’t come to actors; actors must go to roles. The only way to land a role is to audition, and to audition, actors have to find the opportunities. Some actors have artist coordinators (So called, casting directors) who do the bulk of the search for them but even represented actors can pursue auditions for themselves.
How does an aspiring actor find the role that makes them a star? Where are new auditions posted? We all have to start somewhere. Many do not know that many of auditions are posted online every day. Some require a fee to gain access, but plenty are free to submit, you just have to know where to look.

One strong suggestion-Search for roles by physical attributes, age, character, location etc before you apply or barge in an open audition

Basic Requirement

Knowledge of computer and web-search

Auditions information sitting at home

Please note a sign up (free), may be required at these websites with a creation of your profile page

(There is a free  'silver' category for getting auditions. Register free)

Search engines for auditions

Zapmeta    Write in search bar "movie parts auditions India"

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The Single Factor To Win Auditions And Grab A Role

Showing anger with clenched teeth
Showing anger with clenched teeth

The Casting Director And An Actor's Dilemma In Auditions

  • Everyone on this earth is a deviate and has a distinct  personality. An actor has to play a character, but everything is ultimately filtered through actor's body and mind.
  • From an audition point of view, the process can take as little as few hours or as long as for days. The casting director's objective is to find a right actor to fit into a role, he/she has visualized. You got your lines and analyzed it, then studied the character, set the objectives of each of your lines, recreated the character's  profile from your sense memory, have put yourself into character- his physical attributes, voice, rhythm, mannerism etc... 
  • But you are not alone. There are may be 30 or more who got an audition call for the same role and if all of you think on the same lines and prepared for the audition in a similar fashion, changing your psyche and other attributes as per the character, then why a casting director should call 20 or 40 aspirants and select one out of so many? 
  • He/she call may be one or two and finalize?
  • Therefore what is hidden? When you do not know what is in a casting director's mind, what can you do?

The Secret Of Being Unique

In an audition when everybody is speaking the same lines forcing themselves as a "character', trying to perform in the same way, it becomes a monotonous exploration for a casting director. What a casting director may be looking is a character conceived by him or the story writer "with a difference" or "with sparkle".

So what you do?

  • Firstly, find out what attributes of you match with that of a character and what do not (congruent and non  congruent with the character)
  • Secondly, push  those traits of you not matching with the character into background (remove)
  • Thirdly, develop matching attributes with varied emotions or attitudes
Let me explain the above with an example:

I got 10 lines of an angry man reacting to an abuse. I know the character has to be a bit loud and the rhythm of speech has to be faster with exaggerated facial responses. Now my voice is thin, rhythm slow but I'm good at expressions. I would not be silly to change my voice tone nor rhythm. Will focus on developing my expressions further, will speak with my low voice slowly, may be with hissing through clenched teeth.

Don’t be afraid of your instincts. If you’re trying to please everyone, you can easily lose what is special about you and end up pleasing no one. Always stay within the parameters of what’s organically honest for the role, the scene, and the world you’re portraying, but if a choice strikes you as particularly funny or poignant, don’t be afraid of it!

Obviously, those choices won’t always be on the mark for what “they” want, but you aren't a mind reader and we don’t expect you to be! Casting directors simply want you to come in with a well-defined, intelligent performance. If you’re right for the role, then the director will guide you from there.
In this way, in your career, perhaps you may lose some roles but it should not discourage you. The same guy "YOU" will get you roles that for sure will make your career
This is truer for Bollywood auditions
(However, this does not mean that you should stop imagining about "IF" I'm that person or you should forget about your own life experiences or your "observations" and preparing for an audition.  All I'm saying is to be in a character maintaining your individuality)

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6 Steps On How To Kiss In A Scene And Be A Romantic Actor

How to kiss in a scene and be a romantic actor
A kiss in Bollywood film

I love romance scenes and wanna be a romantic actor
Okay. Then read below and be one

Having your first kiss is awkward enough, but having your first kiss with a whole crew standing around you is even more uncomfortable. While acting for the camera, a romantic scene may have re-takes of a shot. For some actors, this experience is too scary! Some refuse to kiss which probably may affect their opportunities in films with similar scenes.

Newbie Kriti Kharbanda, who is making her Bollywood debut with horror film “Raaz Reboot,” says kissing on-screen was a tough task for her.

However, any actor who wants to perform regularly and is career conscious will probably fall into a kissing role sooner or later

My suggestion does not mark boundaries for the reason that you do not want to limit yourself and mess up your dream of stardom. Just accept and learn how to!


  1. As I mentioned above,becoming a romantic actor requires good looks.
  2. Becoming a romantic actor is not going to be easy. It is, in fact, more difficult than becoming a regular actor. 
  3. A romantic actor must have a charm and appeal that causes women to swoon every time he appears on stage or screen. In short: a romantic actor must be good looking. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare. 
  4. To become a romantic actor it is important to realize that looks are going to be as important as talent.
  5. Romantic characters are usually difficult to act out because the scenes that are shot in these films require guts and boldness, especially for an actress. Intimate scenes with unknown men have always been a troubled affair for actresses since long. Therefore, learn to be very close to your co-stars
  6. What would you say the most common and essential traits are among romance heroes and heroines?
  7. Develop acting technique to portray Faithfulness, Honor, Strength,  Strong Creative Emotions and an ability to exhibit Instant sexual urge and orgasms. 

6 Steps on how to kiss in a scene

  1. Don't have a bad breath.
  2. Kiss on upper or lower lip missing mouth slightly.
  3. Take it as a mechanical task with no romantic implications (If uncomfortable, fake romantic emotions)
  4. Understand the type of kiss. The script offers clues, but in the end, this is up to the director. It should be clear whether you are acting out a romantic kiss, a lustful embrace, a quick welcome home kiss, or some other approach. Depending on the camera setup, you may not even be required to make lip contact with the other actor.
  5. If you're acting out a passionate kiss, you can close your eyes right before it happens. This looks romantic, but may also help you imagine the scene
  6. Imagine someone else. If you're having trouble making the kiss look believable, imagine that you're kissing someone you want to kiss
 Join us to learn

Things You'll Need

  1. A good coordinator, especially the one who deals primarily with Bollywood films/ Feature films by independent producers. Maybe a second coordinator who deals with recommending actors for serials and commercials
  2. Physical coach:. Join a gym and work on your body and face
  3. Acting coach:: Who should be able to coach you not only on how to be a good actor/ actress, teach you on how to be a romantic actor and also will coach you on mannerism, how to deal with people, language, attitude etc. Ask the coach what types of romantic roles he/she  thinks you are suitable. Listen to coach's advice and act.
  4. Work on your image. Ask female friends what they think of your style. How would they describe you? Are you the good-looking geek? The rugged hunk? Romantic actors tend to be typecast. Work out which stereotype you most resemble and work towards achieving this image fully.
  5. Research romantic actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan or Anushka Sharma. Find out how they managed themselves. Try to learn from their life stories. Network with people involved in producing romantic comedies.
  6. Get and go to auditions. You are never going to become a romantic actor if nobody knows who you are. Go for any role going. Don't be too selective. Heartthrobs start out in the most unlikely of places. It is more important that you get on screen if you want to become a romantic actor. 
  7. Then have patience and wait for a plum role to come along.
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