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Do You Know what is a Bad, Good or a Star Actor?

What's your actor type?

Present Situation

  • Available actors on average (Supply): 5000+
  • Available Requirement 
  • Of Actors in Bollywood (Demand): 100-200
  • Others (Serials, Shorts): 100  
Estimated cine uawa2015

Are you a Bad, Good or a Great Actor?

Cinema as a whole is subjective.  Performance can be subjective as well. This means, it depends on how the audience perceives you as “a character” you are portraying, and this may vary from viewer to viewer. The choices are different as clearly seen by thousands of Bollywood fans and their preferences.
Therefore, in my opinion, it would be logical to make an attempt to categorize actors from an audience point of view as the bad, the good and the great or a “Star”. We will leave the ugly for another time

What Makes an Aspiring Actor a ‘Bad’ Actor?

It’s easy to define a bad acting from an audience’s point of view – if they don’t feel sold on the performance.

Test yourself

  • Horrible acting can be experienced by asking your non-actor friends to read some random dialogue in a scene with any emotion.  They might have some natural ability, but even then, it's probably not going to be natural and good. 
  • Now compare this by observing and listening to people talking naturally... Try eavesdropping on a conversation in a restaurant.  In the first instance, your non-actor friends, when delivering dialogs are going to sound like they're reading, not talking on their own.  There's no emotion.  They might try to raise and lower their voices at certain parts, or maybe even mimic voices. But it won't sound anywhere as believable as observed in a normal restaurant conversation.

As such, some of the main factors behind bad acting include:

  1. Just blurting your lines in front of a camera or on stage. Talking like the words have been pre-planned
  2. Stiff movements
  3. No coordination with surroundings or co-actors in a scene. Acting as if there is nobody else in the room in front of a camera or stage
  4. Not reacting naturally to external stimuli (words, movements, emotional sequences etc.)

Reasons for being a bad actor

1. Poor or no Professional Training
2. The power of observation, imagination and concentration not developed
3. Script and character analysis not done
4. Inability to bring a character into yourself
5. On a set, inability to instantly switch “on” to a character in yourself and switch “off” from a character to be “into” technical environment of camera, lights, sound, movement and camera limitations and  other instructions
5. Trying hard to “act” a role leading to a fake performance
6. Remaining tense
7. Inferiority complex- like “others are better”, “my Hindi and diction is not good”, ‘I’m not good looking”… or in contrast- overconfidence, egoistic and stubborn
8. Poor confidence

To summarize- Bad actors are – simply put – bad liars.

A Good Actor

  • They may be good liars or not. But a good actor believes in his character.
  • A lie is never as effective as when the liar believes it to be true to themselves. As such, good actor is one that, when delivering a performance, does not feel like they are delivering a performance. Instead, they go about reading their lines not because they are commanded to them via a script, but because that’s what the real person “the character” (who they’re effectively portrayed while on set) would be compelled to say in the situation.
  • Any actor who can put themselves in this mindset in order to hit this level of naturalism – both with their movement and speech – can be considered a good actor, and if the audience sees you as character X as opposed to ‘Actor Y who happens to be playing character X’, it’s a job well done.

Reasons for being a good actor

1. They design a their role from the script from moment to moment basis
2. Find out what is common between them and the character
3. Over-learn their lines to the point that they are “automatic”. They come on a set “prepared’ and the fear factor decreases
4. How they can “fake” well?
A/ Identify changes in a script (story) or dynamics of a scene B/ how their character changes his/ her rhythm of speech, voice, movements to meet changes required to meet the objectives of a scene or script. They prepare and practice, then just shoot out the moment a director says “Action!”, not bothering about the outcome. A retake can always be taken

But What Makes a Bollywood Star Actor?

1. A great actor has his audience believing in his character. Being natural is one thing. Being captivating is another thing entirely where the audience moves with you-laughs, cries, angry, pity, lovesa nail-biting audience!  In other words, a star can move an audience

2. Another distinction is that a great actor can become so invested in their role, so utterly entangled with the character they’re playing, that there is no distinction between ‘acting’ and ‘being’ when it comes to “action” in front of a camera or a theater show time. For some, this involves a lot of research work and a heavy devotion to “method acting”.

3. They know how to listen. It's fascinating to watch stars in a scene when they're not speaking.

4. They are charismatic (exhibiting a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others). How? -Being nice, empathetic, smiling, doing good to others, disciplined, role model, patience

5. Never terrified

6. Exhibit authority. How? By their commitment, sincerity, excellence in work, devotion and ability to pull an audience and consequently, box office revenues.

7. They do with authority, even wrong in a shot or outside

8. They are excellent in public relations, marketing and promotions

9. They take care of their acting instrument (body and mind) and their general health as a top-priority

10. They set their life goals and work relentlessly to achieve them

11. Finally, a star is vulnerable. 

Great actors share the parts of themselves that most people keep hidden. They are always naked. (Some are literally naked, but I'm talking about emotional nakedness.)  Bad actors are guarded. They don't want to share the parts of themselves that are ugly, mean, petty, jealous, etc.
There are so many examples of stars being naked on stage and screen. Not bothered about their screen image. Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh to name a few of them.

Let me give you an example of a top female star:

She plays a middle-aged schoolteacher who is in danger of growing old and dying alone. There's a heartbreaking scene in which she begs a man to marry her. She goes down on her knees in front of him. She gives up every scrap of dignity inside her and lets the scared, hurting parts of herself burst out.
These are the same scared, hurt parts that are inside all of us—the parts we work hard to hide. Hiding them (by holding them in) takes a toll on us, and one of the greatest gifts actors can give is to sacrifice their dignity for us. They expose themselves so we don't have to. It’s  like somebody else is dying for our sins.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Silly Questions from Aspiring Actors and My Answers

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams!

On an average, I get 60 to100 queries or a desperate request a month for a help to fulfill their dream to be an actor, with the following points in common
-I'm good looking and know Hindi
-I'm 16 years old and want to be an actor
-I want to be like Salman Khan or Karina Kapoor Khan
-My friends tell me I look like the hero / heroine. I  want to work in Bollywood
-I get more than 300 likes on Facebook whenever I post my photograph, so I want to be a heroine in Bollywood / TV Serials. Please help
-I want to be an actor, but my parents don't agree. What should I do?
-I belong to middle class/ from a poor family and I can't stay in Mumbai, but I want to be an actor. Help me
-I am 16 years old pretty girl and want to be an actress and want to be very rich. Help me
-I want to be a Bollywood actor and marry Sonakshi Sinha. Tell me how can I

Here is a typical example of a trend of questions

harpreet kaur

7:15 PM (23 hours ago)
to me
Hello sir I want to ask that what is the total fee  and after the course you will give me a chance for TV serial  and you saw my pic can I apply or not

Kiran Pande

5:37 PM (1 hour ago)
to harpreet
Anybody who promise to give you a break in films or serials without you getting trained or without proper audition is a cheat and a total fraud. A film has a story and different characters and you have to match the best to a character you are auditioning IN CAMERA. This is not a regular job or a business where you can get in either with recommendations or contacts.
You have sent me a mail also. Don't ask such questions of begging for a role, especially if you are a girl. The vultures of this industry will pounce on you and either fool you with a hefty sum or will ask for sex from you and there will be no film or a serial.
Do a proper research and then, get trained by a reliable acting coach in Mumbai or through a good school. Of course, for all this you require a lot of money, but then you are spending this money for knowledge and developing your craft.
Finally, don't write in Hindi or industry people will consider you illiterate and you may be coned further. 

My  2 Basic Replies for all above Questions 

1. Do Research on Internet and by contacting Industry People Before taking even 1 step forward to realize your dreams. Understand the game before you start playing it. Type questions on search engines like "what are the requirements to be a Bollywood actor?' "Should I join acting schools?" "Should I join an acting school or an acting coach?" What are the fees of acting schools?" "What are the success rate for aspiring actors in Bollywood or for TV serials?" Go on seeking answers to your questions.
Then plan and move!

This blog which you are reading now, for aspiring actors is a "TREASUE HOUSE" of information, knowledge and the finest source of learning the acting craft.


Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita
Qur'an - القرآن الكريم

  • Read every page of this blog very carefully. There are more than 150 posts.
  • Read the home page and everything on the sidebars.


Some of my other answers  

  • Good looking and having command of Hindi alone doesn't make you an actor.
  • There are thousands of such great looking young men and girls who want to be an actor and are roaming on Mumbai roads without any break in films or serials.
  • How it is possible to be an actor when you are minor (Below 18 years) and your parents are not giving you permission? 
  • As per the survey by the actors' association, only 8% of struggling aspiring actors get a break in films, among 5,000 people arriving in Mumbai in a month with their dreams to become an actor. Many go back to their towns totally broken, some take up small jobs, some commit suicide and some become alcoholic or drug-addicts. Some of the girls fall victim to the casting couch or fall into the sex racket

Can You...?

1. Sift to Mumbai, permanently.
2. Create financial resources to support you to live in Mumbai for 5 years (Minimum period). On a conservative estimate, you may require a minimum of 2.5 to 3 Lakhs per year based on if you go for paying guest or sharing accommodation.
3. There may be an additional cost of training, portfolio, monologues, show reel, website, registration with coordinators plus transportation.
4. If you can get professional trained by a good school or a professional acting coach. The fees of a good school could be from 2 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs. A private coach would be cheaper and can give you undivided attention for your development.

For All Dreamers Whether in Mumbai or Living Elsewhere

  • Check requirements and how to meet them to be a Bollywood Actor:

  • Finally read my following posts which will open your eyes:

Also read the website mentioned below if you need your personal trainer to make you an actor.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

2 Reasons for Audition Failure | Bad Promotion of "Self"

Essence of an actor's life
Essence of an actor's life

Faulty Promotion of An Actor's Own Personality (Essence) and How to Correct it

Reason 1

It’s time to talk about your “look,” your “casting,” your “type,” etc. Many of you are marketing yourselves poorly, which creates more opportunity for those actors who are doing it “right.” Many of you have not taken a strategic approach to your look.

  • The most important thing that the auditioners want to see is more than what you look like and that is what your “personality” is. In other words, your look and marketing should be such that casting perceives you clearly.
  • Now here what do we mean by “marketing”? Here in simple terms, it means the moment you enter and start talking, are you projecting those aspects and qualities of your personality which are suited best to the project (Role) you are auditioning?
  • The best way to find out is through friends or through social media like Facebook. Let people describe you. Ask them what they perceive of you?
  • Are you smart, caring, humble, funny, suspicious, indecisive, a good friend, sweet, hot, sick, intelligent, dependable and so on?
  • The great thing is that the more you understand how others perceive you, the more “at choice” you can be about each quality. For example, maybe for a particular scene, being “hilarious” doesn’t fit the story, so you’d want to turn that part of you off. It’s not appropriate for this story, this moment. In this way, you can always add, subtract, or explore new aspects of yourself, suited best for a particular character in audition or just to present the right aspect of your personality to impress upon auditioners. After all, they are keen to know whether you could be a good team member or not.

Reason 2

  • Take your physical appearance, for example. The way we dress and style ourselves can often be random, thoughtless, or even a direct contradiction to our natural essence.  That’s because many of us use or construct our look as a personal statement against or to the world, or to hide, or show off, or as a defensive reaction, or to try to be something we may want to be but just isn’t true to who we are.
  • Like actors styling and marketing themselves like 20-somethings when they’re clearly in their mid-30s or older.
  • Then, there are the unintentional issues. Some of you have colored your hair weird, or it’s a bad cut, or you over-pluck your eyebrows, or never fixed your teeth, or are carrying too much weight for no good reason, or feel great about showing off putting weight on one leg with shaking your head and hands. 
  • Next, when determining what roles you’d play, you’ve got to accept what your age category is.  So, what kinds of roles do men or women in their early 18, 20, 30 or 40s play? Collegian or a typical city boy /girl, Hot and Sexy, Young professionals, Fathers / Mothers, Doctors, Athletes, Workers, Villager, Friends, Neighbors, Boyfriends, Taxi drivers etc.

Definitely, you have a better chance of winning an audition if you consider and develop your Personality Marketing Strategies suited to an audition requirement

Based on 1 and 2

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Monday, 4 May 2015

5 Cheapest Ways to Enter Bollywood Viewing Top Hindi Films

Your Golden Ticket to Bollywood

Who says you can't be a Bollywood actor by watching and learning from All Time Best Bollywood Films?

You Can for Sure!

How to Learn From Great Hindi Movies and Enter Bollywood

It’s not that without watching Hollywood Classics and their great Actors, you can’t learn and enter our Bollywood. The cine world of Bollywood has also produced some great movies from which actors can learn the fine craft of acting.

5 Cheapest Ways

Watch and take the following steps:

  • Analyze:

  1. What is the objective of the film? What the film wants to show to the audience and how the film achieves it?
  2. Who are the characters in the film and what is individual’s objective and how he/she archives it?
  3. Identify a character which suits best to your physical and mental profile.
  4. Try to bring that character into you rather than mimicking him/her. Leave that part of a character which is not congruent (matching) to you.
  5. Practice and practice in front of a full size mirror or with friends. Do not make a mistake of copying an actor from a film, for example, do not mimic Veeru or Thakur from “Sholey”. You remain what you are and try to be Veeru or Thakur.

I categorize most of the Bollywood movies broadly as “Masala” movies and the “Others”. I’m sure you know what “Masala” ones are and you hardly learn any acting craft through them.


  • Boy meets Girl, at some point they fall in love. The society or families are against them, but at the end they either overcome all obstacles to be together forever or they fail and die together.
  • A common man rises against a fierce evil force - be it the corrupt government, a deadly gangster, or plotting friends or family - he fights them and emerges victorious to live happily forever.

All these "Masala" movies almost invariably contain - drama, suspense, action, comedy, romance, tragedy, satire, social message - all combined into a fun filled 3 hours. 

Films For Our Learning  Purpose 

Get Them NOW!

Get a copy of these films and watch these films carefully. And if you want to observe the quality of acting and learn, put off the sound and then watch actors performing. This will help you to observe “acting’ as a critic rather than just a viewer who gets emotionally involved in the happening with the film.
These “Good” films fall under different genre and here are my picks for actors to learn:

However, there is more to Bollywood than just "Masala" movies. Bollywood has also given all time masterpieces in both mainstream cinema and independent movies. If you really want to get a taste of Bollywood, you should pick at least one movie from each genre.
This would be my list:

Genre and Films

  1. Pyaasa
  2. Mother India
  3. Mera Naam Joker

Epic / History:
  1. Mughal-e-Azam
  2. Gandhi (film)
  3. Earth (1998 film)

 1.  Silsila (film)
 2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
  3. Barfi

Thriller / Suspense;
  1. Woh Kaun Thi??
  2. Hundred Days
  3. Johnny Gaddaar

  1. Bandit Queen
  2. Paan Singh Tomar (film)
  3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

  1. Gol Maal
  2. Hera Pheri (2000 film)
  3. Bheja Fry (film)

 There aren't great action movies in Bollywood in real sense. However, these are some recent movies I appreciate which have decent action in them.

  • Agent Vinod (2012 film)
  • Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1 & Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2
  • Madras Café

All time Bollywood Classics “A Must” for actors

1. Mughal-E-Azam 
2. Mother India
3. Sholay
4. Anand
5. Andaaz Apna Apna
6. Border
7. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
8. Nayak 
9. Lagaan
10. Swades 

Some other learning films from relatively recent times

3 idiots (2009)
Black (2005)
Ghajini (2008)

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Happy Ending of Our May 2015 Coaching Batch

Happy Ending of Our May 2015 Coaching Batch

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