Casting Director Are Ruining Actors | 9 Tips To Ensure Job

The frustration of Aspiring Bollywood actors
The frustration of Aspiring Bollywood actors 

Yes, Casting Directors Will Wreck Your Future!
You Will Be Rejected In Every Audition
Do You Know Why?
You  Don't Know The Level Of Competition And Pressures
Your Audition Etiquettes And Performance Is Mediocre
Are You Scared?
Don't Worry
Learn 9 Sure And Simple  Steps To Force Casting Directors To Select You

How To Enter | Introduce And Shoot 

1. Smile! A smile from the moment you walk in the door to greet them! It's an important sign of friendliness, and it lets your possible future employers know what kind of professionalism they can expect from you.

2. Stand at the marked place

3. Enter like a star but without any arrogance. Just express confidence. 

4. Hand over your headshots and resume, if not given earlier

5. Since every audition is different, be flexible and pay close attention when given instructions prior to (and during) an audition.

6. Wait for few seconds for instructions. If no instructions are forthcoming, ask a polite question like "May I introduce myself, please?

7. Then speak your name and contact details and may be few words about your background and experience, if you have any.

8. Then, again wait for further instructions on auditions

9. Relax and shoot!

Ways to Improve Your Auditions

Prepare your audition pieces. Rehearse them as you would rehearse a play. Work on them with a coach, director or another knowledgeable colleague. Be as confident with the piece as you would a role you were performing. Work on them outside of the context of an upcoming audition. Work on them in front of people. Don't wait until the night before your audition to search for, memorize and rehearse an audition piece! Practice, practice, practice!

Speaking Your Lines

When auditioning for a role in a TV commercial, you read from cue cards. Cue cards are like large flash cards that have an actor’s script printed on them in big letters. If a TV performer forgets the lines, she ever-so-subtly looks at the cue cards and reads from them. The viewing audience doesn’t see cue cards because the person holding them is standing next to (not in front of) the camera.

 Keep the following script etiquette in mind when auditioning

If you just received your copy of the script moments before your audition, do an analysis of script  or may be just lines, create the character with your imagination and try to memorize the lines
Don’t be afraid if you have forgotten a line or two or words. Just continue without a break. The important part is to see how well you can interpret the part, not how well you can memorize a script on short notice.
If you completely mess up your lines, it’s okay to ask if you can start from the beginning again.
During an open casting call or casting audition, another person may read lines with you. This person could be anyone from the casting director to another actor to the man who just delivered a pizza to the casting director for lunch. Many times, the person reading with you is not a professional actor and, therefore, may not give you much to work with. Don’t let any acting inadequacies bother you; stay focused, and give your best audition.
Luckily for you, there may be a callback. However, you may be asked to audition and read lines with an actor who already has been cast. The casting director wants to see how you look and sound next to an actor who has already been assigned a role.


Enter the room with confidence. If hands are offered, shake them. Look the auditors in the eyes during introductions if there are any. Introduce yourself and let them know what piece you are doing and who the authors are. Then let them know which of the pieces you will be performing first. Remember to smile and show off your confidence.

Minding Auditioning Manners 

A lack of courtesy shows disrespect, no matter where you are in life. If directed toward the folks running the audition like a spoiled brat, it can kill an acting opportunity faster than you think
Never touch the casting director or any of his or her possessions, such as the notepad, laptop computer, food, and such. Doing so is rude and definitely, works against you.
Never smoke or chew gum during your audition. If you must smoke, do it outside where no one can see you and where your smoke won’t interfere with others.
If you bring a small tape recorder to record and then later evaluate your performance in the comfort of your home, hide the device so that it doesn’t distract from your performance. Otherwise, the casting director may be looking at your tape recorder rather than watching you. Don’t ask for permission to tape record because it will take time and distract the casting director. Just hide it in your pocket or purse and let it run

Making Your Exit

After you complete your audition, thank everyone (the casting director, the camera operator eating a sandwich in the back, the receptionist who helped you check in, and anyone else who may be sitting in the room). If you read from a script, be sure to hand that script back to the casting director or his assistant. In general, you want to leave the room exactly the way it appeared when you arrived.

Congratulate Self

Well after exit, there is nothing more you can do. So don't think about audition you have given. Just congratulate yourself for doing a great job and celebrate. Have a coffee and go back home smiling

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Struggling Actors! Which One Deserves To Be A Star Actor?

Feed Shark
How to be a star actor?
Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif: The Star Actors

Is Your Dream Is To Be An Actor?
A Great Actor, To Be A Celebrity?
Do You Want Name, Fame, And Money As An Actor
Acting Secret To Be A Great Actor 

  • Whether you are an aspiring actor or a common person, your life goal is to meet your objective-Be Great and Happy
  • Everybody is acting day in and day out. But are we successful, great and happy?

Here Is The Secret To Be A Great Actor

Requirements to be a great actor

Do your SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

Know What Is Acting Really

The fine art of performing fictional roles in plays, films, TV, commercial ads, public road shows, reality shows, anchoring modeling etcACTOR: A person who plays (portrays) a character in a performance

What is Semiotics?

 An actor transformation into a convincing character. A person has to be unique in playing a character in “All aspects” of a character: situation, behavior, emotions, attitudes, gestures and signs. This uniqueness should be highly “creative”

What is the process and method for an actor to transform into a convincing character, living truthfully under imaginary circumstances

What Is The Tool (The Instrument)?

Body and Mind

  • This instrument of everybody is set, has an “Essence”, an archetype which makes him/her unique.
  • If an actor has to perform a fictional role, a new interesting life, a character has to be created after analyzing the script to be played truthfully and convincingly.
  • However, the biggest hurdle in this sincere endeavor is his “own self”, his essence, his/her “type”. The more an actor tries and forces self to act in the best possible way, more it looks an “acting” and fake. The actor’s  “self” like his/her body language, voice, gestures, attitudes, emotions etc come in the way to transform convincing into a character which an actor has created by his/her imagination.
  • Then, how an actor can transform into an authentic character which looks real?
  • Observe self. Who are you? Note down your
  • Physical profile: height, weight, hair, face, eyes, mouth, skin, shoulder, chest, walk, gestures, voice, language, any physical abnormality, your style etc
  • Mental profile: attitude types, emotions, intelligence etc
  • Social: class (rich, middle class, poor), income, education, occupation, knowledge etc
  • After the above analysis of your own self you will realize why it’s difficult to portray a new life, a new character:

If pour the liquid into an already filled glass, it will spill. You can’t rewrite something new on a page already full. You have to empty the glass and make the page blank by deleting the text

How to an actor neutralize self?

Body and mind exercise to develop abilities to adjust your physical and mental essence (archetype) to suit a character’s profile to an extent which makes an actor living a truthful life of a character.
In my personal opinion, though many who believe and practice Stanislavsky Acting Technique may not agree, is to bring the character in you rather than desperately trying to be a character. An actor transformation should be convincing, even to the incredible heights, that’s all.

Analyze world’s great actors, They are legends, a history!

Charles Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Mohanlal (India), Kamal Haasan (India), Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Amitabh Bachchan (India)

Keep in mind, they are known today and would be remembered for generations first by their manes and then by the characters they have played or awards they have won. However, these celebrities too focused on changing from “ self”- a common person, to transform and present an astonishing and highly creative performance giving a memorable character to the viewers thus lifting a film to incredible heights.

Top Acting Coach

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photo of Top Acting Coach Top Acting Coach Kiran Pande
Best Actor Academy
C12, New Natraj Apartments, Road No. 6, Pestom Sagar, Chembur (West)
Mumbai , Maharastra , 400089 India
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photo of Top Acting Coach Top Acting Coach Kiran Pande
Best Actor Academy
C12, New Natraj Apartments, Road No. 6, Pestom Sagar, Chembur (West)
Mumbai , Maharastra , 400089 India
Be An Actor , Acting , Top acting coach , Free Acting Tips

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