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Success Agenda And A Practical Syllabus By Top Acting Coach

A Learning agenda
This is an agenda to make you a great actor. A syllabus- a systematic way to learn the great craft of acting. We shall be taking in detail, each subject. If you have the desire to learn , determination and patience, nobody can stop you to become a success actor!

The Best Option To Learn

If you are a beginner or still a struggling actor, better to join an expert personal acting coach rather than an expensive school. This will help you to learn individually, based on a syllabus designed as per your profile.
You may contact me for a personal private training "Click This Link"


  • -prayer
  • -relaxation
  • -opening up or warm up exercises
  • -self Analysis to know
  • -your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • -developing acting instrument
  • Method acting
  • -vs classical acting
  • -types
  • -magic "IF"
  • -procedure
  • -sense memory
  • -human types and emotions
  • -speech and variations
  • -listening and reacting
  • -emotional exercises
  • -Script analysis
  • -character analysis
  • -concentration
  • -animal exercises
  • -memorizing
  • -crying and laughing
  • -emotional acting 
  • -comedy
  • -dancing and singing
  • -lip-syn
  • -on camera acting
  • -Resume
  • -head shot
  • -show reel
  • -auditions
  • -monologues
  • -cold reading
  • -marketing of an actor-tools and how to preaare them
  • -career map with check points
  • -evaluation

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