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10 Requirements To Be Met If You Want To Be A Bollywood Actor

Bollywood Star Randhir Kapoor With Award
Bollywood Star Randhir Kapoor With Award

10 Qualities you need to become a Bollywood Actor

Note: You can work to develop these qualities in you. There is nothing impossible for an actor!
  1. You have good looks. 
  2. You have good physique and you maintain it
  3. You have a good voice
  4. You have good command over Hindi (must) and English (sometimes optional)
  5. You have good acting capabilities
  6. You are a good net-worker and get along well with people
  7. You are ready for a prolonged struggle
  8. You can handle relationships and emotional disappointments
  9. You are ready to learn till death
  10. You can (sometimes) act selfishly for your interests

Now if you fulfill the above criteria, then we have next steps for you which you can use and try to enter the Bollywood:
 Learn acting: 
Yes, however good you are – formal training will shorten your struggle so learn acting formally. Apply to Film And Television Institute Of India (www.ftiindia.com)
National School of Drama (nsd.gov.in). If you can not get through them – then try some private institutes like Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares – The School for Actors (www.actorprepares.net). But remember learning formally is a must for you to feel confident on sets and it will be fun.

 Learn Dancing: 
Yep, however good actor you may be, you are nobody in Bollywood, if you do not know how to dance. So take the formal training from best of trainers – like Shiamak Davar
(http://www.shiamak.com). You have to be good at dancing to be a good actor in Bollywood. Remember, the more you sweat in peace the less you will bleed in war – so dance baby dance.

Start networking with folks in Bollywood, Hollywood (and other woods in India) – use online networking tools, your contacts in a focused manner and connect with as many people as you can. Have good professional relationships – as you do not know who will be your next help in this industry. Network with guest lecturers in your college, network with directors, photographers, editors, producers etc. There is no need that you have to ask for a role while networking – just connect and make friends. Network, Network, Network…

Learn professionalism: 
Professionalism is misused word in the industry – so you define what is professionalism to you and follow that. To me it is meeting time commitments, delivering what is committed, being at arms length distance, keeping personal life private etc. You define your own boundaries and limts and stick to them. There may be instances where you may be asked to compromise – take out your professionalism yardstick and measure if that is what you want to do.

Make a professional portfolio: 
You should make a professional portfolio including a physical portfolio album, CD portfolio and a website. Make your website dynamic with a blog section in it for your latest achievements. Have photographs taken of yourself by professionals. Make an attractive portfolio send them out with your acting resume to those who matter.

Become known and famous:
Yes, you have to become famous if you are not getting any direct offers. But chose the route to become famous carefully – it should not affect your prospects in Bollywood negatively. You have options to join any of the reality shows, talent hunt shows, model hunt, Miss India or Mr India shows, do some Modelling assignments (for some big brands). Do not join the small screen in soaps and serials – yes, that may harm your interests

Later get registered with good coordinators and find a mentor: 
You will need an agent to survive in the industry. You will find many in the industry circles. Agents are people in Bollywood with contacts and information – they act like your representative and promote you with producers. Hire a secretary to do your correspondence and communicate on your behalf (well it improves your value by having a secretary). And find a senior person in the industry and ask him to become your mentor to advise you on any issue or concern.

In future, after some successes, appoint a PR agent:
You will need a professional to do your PR – which not only means releasing your activities to press, but also advising you on what activities to do. Remember the hype is very important for industry and PR agents know how to use print, radio, TV and web to generate interest about you.

Have faith in yourself and keep trying:
Yes, and many ask how long we keep trying before giving up? Well, if you ask me I will say till you get it. But being practical –for at least three full years before giving up or taking an alternative career.
I hope that these tips will help the budding actors to have a clear thought process and make their plans effectively.
(courtesy http://www.bollywoodbilli.com)
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