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9 Simple Steps to Building and Playing a Character

Diverse characters for actors to portray
Diverse characters for actors to portray 

Steps to Play a Difficult Character in Front of a Camera!

1. If I'm the person
Think if you are the character (noble man, crook, lover, teacher etc)

2. Put yourself in a given circumstance
What are the situations in which a character is (Good, bad, in desert, in extreame cold etc)
If I'm in a given circumstance, How will I behave?

3. Visualize
Start imagine being that person

4. Once playing the character, be in it, but remain aloof
This means being in the character, be aware of your existence! It is-important since you will be in front of a camera and crew with so many limitations of movements, voice, gestures, retakes, multiple shots, repetitions, crew and many other spectators etc

5. Relieve tension
Deep breathing and other relaxation exercises (check our post on relaxation)

6. The role must be divided into smaller units with objective of each unit
Or the objective of what a character wants to achieve as a whole and in each unit

7. Accept the character you intend playing truthfully
For example, if you are a bad mother in law, accept it truthfully

8. Make alive your emotional memories for the role
If you have those memories in your life from the past, similar to the character's life. For example, a wedding you attended, death of some dear one, accident, happiest moment etc..

  • If you don't have, then go to step 1 of "IF" I'm that person and "IF" I'm in that circumstance, then how will I behave and what would I experience?

9. Connect with your co-star 
By reacting as if you are listening or seeing for the first time, though you may be knowing coactor's lines or rehearsed with him/her earlier

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