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No Break Yet in Bollywood or TV Serials? Salute Yourself

Now a Bollywood actor: Ayushman Khurana
Never gave up! Now a Bollywood actor: Ayushman Khurana 

... when we used to travel from Chandigarh to Mumbai we would travel by second-class sleeper to take 40-odd hours to reach our destination. Inside the bogies we would perform and collect money for our lunch....I have got rejected so many times  that I’d become numb. I would be told I don’t look like a conventional hero or come across as an  actor or have it in me to become a star."- Ayushman Khurana, who donated sperms to be part of  reality show called "Roadies": Source

Salute Yourself!

There may be days when as a struggling actor you feel that you don’t belong to this actor’s world-Bollywood or TV serials. Though you may feel so, don’t worry, you are not alone in this.
No matter where you are in life now, in relation to your dreams to be a Bollywood star, no matter how you feel right now, you deserve to applaud and praise yourself.

Here are reasons why you deserve to applaud yourself no matter what:

1. Failures are as delightful as your successes

Failures should not be taken against ourselves. Your failures have shaped you into who you are today. Though failures sometimes can leave us feeling really down, they do teach us lessons that we can never learn from any other way. You fail because you tried. It is in the trying that we are truly living. When you succeed, there is this sweetness that you feel. Failures must not be taken as the bad part of our decision to aspire to be an actor and our lives. They are as beautiful as our successes. Failures make us modest and realistic; they, too, make us wiser and stronger. Remind yourself that each struggler out there also experiences, their own failures. It is unavoidable. Give yourself the well-deserved applaud for being able to take in each failure, each success with calmness, pride, and open-mindedness.

2. You are unique You. There is no second You

There is no one else like you in the world, in the universe. This is why you better stop comparing yourself with someone else (if you are still busy doing that). Stop self-criticism!  We all may do this sometimes. This is because we constantly move in an environment (cine and TV industry) that seems to create pseudo standards. Your life will tremendously change when you realize that I better stop comparing and pitying myself. There are no reasons why you have to dwell on comparing yourself to others. Each of us deals with different types of life tussles and fights. What works for A does not totally work for B or C. You have a unique vision. Follow your own beat, and do not be scared of where your dance leads you.

3. Yes, you are remarkable

When you feel so alone, remember that you are significant. As you walk outside, you are different than all those who you see.  When you go for auditions and observe others who in your mistaken opinion are seemingly better than you, look yourself in that small mirror you keep with you. Oh, yes, you are really different and remarkable in this difference, and that’s what a casting director is looking for. Isn’t he? Next, you got a small role in a short film after a long period. Well, that’s because you are remarkable. Even other industry people, your friends do not recognize your awesome personality and talents at present the loss is theirs, not yours! Continue your journey to stardom and soon you will reach your destination soon

4. Your way of life is the message to the world

There are actually no rules on how to live the most meaningful life. Your view of what a great life is may be different from someone else’s, but it does not mean that you are a failure. The more you get too pressured about the expectations of others, the more you become so hard on yourself. When you hear your soul calling for dreaming more and just living the way you want, does not mean that you are a notch lower to those who choose to work 9-5 and who stay in one place all their lives. They have their own message to the world. You have yours, too. Applaud yourself for allowing your voice be heard.

5. You are a gift

Can you recall that moment when someone thanked you for something you did or just being who you are? You are a gift. Sometimes, the failures may overshadow how you see yourself through inside who you are, but your inner light will surely illuminate even when the years have gone by. How you make someone feel will never be forgotten. You may reach a point when you feel that you’ve taken a path so different from the rest and you feel guilty about it. On the other hand, you do know that there is someone out there who is inspired by your bold choices.
These are just five of the many why you deserve to praise yourself. You are reading this now because you are artistic, appealing and smashing!
You deserve more than a simple burger and Pepsi at McDonald’s.

You are a celebration!

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