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5 Reasons Why An Actor Was the Worst Decision of Your Life

Is this actor made a wrong decision to be an actor?

Tell Me, Why You Want To Be An Actor And Destroy Your Life? 

To decide to be an actor is to choose a license to become extraordinary 

Unaware That An Actor Makes You Different From Most People

And that change could be painful. You certainly don’t want that. You’d rather live out your life in the way you and other millions are living, perhaps in mediocrity, without any trouble, slogging at a job hating it though and always wondering “what if I could become an actor”. 
Result: You don't accept this fact, change your attitude and fail

Becoming An Actor Is Frighteningly Challenging 

You want life to be easy, handed to you on a silver platter so that you can never feel truly struggling to achieve something extraordinary that others only dream about. 

It's Just Your Dream And Thought it 'My Passion” To Be An Actor Without Any Inborn Or Acquired Talent

You never thought that 'Creativity' and 'A Quick Transformation' into 'A New Life' (a different character) is a prime requisite to be an actor.
And you certainly don’t want any of that puzzling and annoying 'Creativity' getting in the way of a perfectly routine life and easy existence. You’d much rather live a day-to-day life and be an actor than to take all the pains to get trained throughout life and develop the power of imagination, focus, and observation (which has to be steeply higher than a common person) and that completely suppresses your whatever creative impulses you have.

Becoming An Actor Will Require In Unusual Situations And Meet Unusual People

Your life before you decided to be an actor has been around situations and people you are used to be and comfortable with.
And you don’t want to constantly be around people who are different from others who have bizarre behavior and have unusual expectations from you.
That’s crazy!
Result: Rejections in auditions, TV circles, performance in a scene, in industry  and actor circles


Becoming An Actor Compels You To "Pretend" What You are Not And "Wear Odd Dresses" 

No way! You would like to be who you are and be comfortable.

You don’t want the opportunity to create fascinating characters and live out pieces of their lives wearing things you’d never wear, saying things you’d never say being in places you’d never be having experiences you’d never have. Like kissing a stranger, playing a murderer or a beggar etc

Well, after reading the list above, would you rather be the one watching others live their dream than living your own?

  • Before someone tries to make you feel that becoming an actor was the worst decision of your life, consider these 5 reasons and see if you can allow the smile to creep across your face knowing that you’ve chosen a path that allows you to live an extraordinary life, meeting extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things.
  • Remember that even when it seems “impossible” to be an actor, never never give up!
  • The God has created a unique human being in you and there is none similar to you in this  world. Love and cherish it.
  • We have been gifted with a great power of molding ourselves to anything. Hundreds of discoveries were just dreams in the past. We created realities out of human dreams. Think of discovery of electricity, electronics, cars, trains, great performing actors, singers, dancers, magicians,  great people who changed the destiny of nations, people and so on.

So, go head with single-minded determination. Get trained. Continue to learn till you die.

You Deserve Red Carpet!

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