The World of Bollywood 

Bollywood is known as a nickname for the city of MUMBAI, the center of the Indian film industry. Bollywood movies are extremely popular in India and abroad but are relatively new for foreigners. However, if you want to become famous in Bollywood, you must take a slightly different approach than in Hollywood to achieve stardom.


  • Talk with other Bollywood actors and actresses. Ask them how they made it into Bollywood and what approaches they use to get their parts in Bollywood films.
  • Learn Hindi if you do not know it already. The Hindi language is the main language used in Bollywood films. Foreigners often get a part as a dancer or extra without following Hindi, but the ability to act in Hindi is crucial.
  • Learn how to lip-synch songs, act out different scenes and dance Bollywood moves. You must know how to do all three of these activities, making it into a Bollywood film. Watch some Bollywood movies to understand the nature of the activity.
  • Check out your family and its ties to the Bollywood film industry. You might have an uncle, niece or cousin that has made it into the industry, and they might lead you to the right connection. If you do not have any family members in Bollywood then start out as an extra.
  • Make an audition tape. Start submitting your tape and head shots for Bollywood castings and movies. Get used to rejection and try not to take it personally. Keep submitting and you will most likely become noticed.
  • Find an agent/ coordinator that deals with Bollywood movies and ask them if they will represent you and help you find jobs. It might take some time before you find the right match in an agent.
  • Foreigners, consider acting in independent or art films filmed in the US or the UK. Movies like "Bride and Prejudice" and "Monsoon Wedding" are Bollywood/Indian inspired style films, but the primary language is English.

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  1. Mumbai also known as 'The City of Dreams' that never sleeps.........

  2. manoj sankhlecha

    Sir please suggest some books to be read for aspiring actors.

  3. Manoj,
    Please look at the left side bar of my blog. You will find the list of books which MUST be read and practiced by every aspiring actor. Buy books one by one, if you are short of money. Click on a book's name. You will be taken to Amazon site. Pay online through your credit or debit card. The book will be sent to you by post. The first book I recommend is "Acting for camera" by Tony Barr

    1. sir i have all the qualities like dancing , singing,acting etc. But i have a small height (5'5'') then may i able to try for bollywood??

    2. Sorry for a late reply.
      Height is not a handicap. Anybody can be an actor with determination, hard work and learning professionally.

    3. Sir is this book also available in hindi

  4. Abhijit das
    sir i have all the qualities like dancing,singing,acting but i have a small height 5'5'' may i able for bollywood industry having this height ??

    1. Height has nothing to do with an entry into Bollywood. You can definitely be a Bollywood actor

  5. Kishan Patel

    Respected Sir
    please could you tell me some ways to improve or speak hindi fluently
    its not that i dont know hindi ,i know hindi but i live in gujarat so its rare that we speak hindi .I can act but only acting is not enough i cant act that well bcz i dont have that grasp on hindi ,so this is my biggest problem that lowers my confidence while acting
    Please sir HELP ME

    1. 1. For Hindi, have good Hindi speaking friends and practice. 2. Follow and read loudly Hindi news on TV. 3. join my coaching for acting, which will have extra classes for Hindi for you

  6. i also have the same problem sir

  7. Sir...main ik middle class family se belong Karta Hu and I want to become a plz sir give me your advice....plz plz plz....and my age 18 and I am 12th passed

  8. Sir......main ik middle class family se belong Karta Hu and main ik actor banna cahata plz give me your main start kha se kru

    1. You don't want to work hard, do research. You have not read the home page and other posts from this blog. How can you be an actor? You don't read even what is free here on this blog and talk about being from a middle class family?
      Read this blog, practice in front of a full size mirror or with friends and be an actor

  9. Sir i wanna be an actor. I also have good looks and thoda bhut dance bhi kar leta hu and acting ka to bhut bada kida hai. Pls help me sir.

    1. Your best free help is this blog. Read all the 130 posts seriously. If you want a professional training to be an actor, join my private coaching or a school

    2. So sir how can i contact you?? And where i join your private coaching nd pls tell me about your fee...

    3. Thanks for your query
      Salient Features of My Personal, Professional Coaching

      1. The coaching is NOT based on a typical school system where students are taught in a bunch of 20 or 30 with a common syllabus for all. A school may not be in certain situations, concerned about whether a student who completes a course gets a break in films or serial or in commercial ads.

      An actor is an artist who masters a highly sensitive craft based on an individual's emotional and attitude built up and therefore there cannot be a common syllabus. As per the survey, the failure percentage of actors passing out of schools in India is 82 (CAA survey).

      2. I design a career plan and syllabus based on an individual after weighing the strengths and weaknesses by auditions and by interviews before a candidate joins me.

      3. The learning journey of a candidate starts with understanding the "Game" of acting and how can you become a star in Bollywood and TV serials. It continues with types of actors, mastering techniques, camera acting, etc.. Finally leading to the most needed strategy development of how to market and promote yourself to get sure entry into Films, TV serials, commercial ads and print media.

      4. A hand picked list of casting directors and coordinators is provided

      5. Suitable candidates get a break in our own short film productions (

      6. The sessions are taken 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2 PM to 5 PM for 5 weeks.

      7. The fee for the entire 5 week course is Rs.15,000 (Contact me +919920991661) to be paid at the time of booking, one month in advance.

      8. The coaching venue is in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400089

      9. I coach on a one on one basis or to a batch of maximum 3 to 5 aspirants only
      Wishing you to be a great actor!

  10. Sir i am not a good actor but my dreem is a good bollywood actor please help me please

    1. I can't help you if you don't want to do a hard work of reading all the posts of this blog and especially, everything on this home page. Read and then join my coaching.


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