Why World's Star Celebrities Preferred Acting Coach?

World's entertainment celebrities

Based on inspiring observations by world's entertainment celebrities from left to right: 1. Beth Henley, 2. Dawn Olivieri, 3. Ernie Hudson,  4. Hill Harper,  5. Jake Busey, 6. Lance Gross, 7. Wendi McLendon-Covey and others Source

1. 'With an acting coach, you're trained to express yourself as much as you can.'

2. 'When I finally decided that my only hope was to go to an acting school, I decided against it, looking at the poor quality of actors and a lack of marketing experience. I joined an acting coach and once'

3. 'I walked on auditions and set, I just knew I was home.'

4. 'In an acting coaching session, the coach talks about how the 'given circumstances' of a situation help define a character.'

5. 'What I loved about the coaching by an expert acting coach was that you got to think all day long about a 'person' from the script that wasn't you, and figure out why they were sad, what they wanted and what they dreamed.'

6. 'As an actor I don't my mind to be idle, so I spend weekends with my acting coach.'

7. 'If you want to play better roles, spend more time in a coaching session with an acting coach than you do in hangouts, social media chats, what's app and in the gym, and you'll have the career you want.'

8. 'I took theatre and stuff in college, then I took a bunch of different acting classes schools here in Mumbai. Sometimes when I have a hard audition, I'll call my acting coach and he'll come help me. It's actually a really great way to get over your nerves.'

9. 'If you're not in someone's face, the audience is not going to remember you. So get yourself back into an acting class; get a coach. The coach trains those things you did when you were in the teens and wanted it so bad.'

10. What you learn in any acting coaching session is how to make a fool of yourself and enjoy things and get out of your head.

11. 'In an acting school, I was a neglect and I hated that. I quit. Later, I fell in love in love with my coach.'

12. 'I always wanted to be an actor, but with a speech impediment it's kind of tough. I decided to roll the dice and take an acting class, which was very, very nerve-wracking... My stomach would just be in knots. I left and joined a coach though an acting coach is a rare breed in India. 3 years of struggle and now I enjoy camera  lights aaaannnd action!'

13. 'In acting school, I had an opportunity to hide in the corner and pray the teacher wouldn't call on me to play a scene. With a coach it was only me and couldn't escape. Just had to listen and act!'

14. 'I really started dreaming... And broke out of my shyness when I got to acting coaching sessions in Mumbai. My first coaching class was a prayer followed by a funny way working on your body parts. I just laughed when I couldn't move my scalp or eyebrows. It really broke me out of my shell, encouraged me to follow my dreams and make them a reality.'

15. 'What's beautiful about the actual acting coaching environment is that you can use it to push through everything: push your voice, push your inhibitions, push your fears, push your confidence, push your vulnerability, push your silences.'

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