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How To Cry? Here Are The Best Crying Methods

Shah Rukh Khan crying-watch eye brows and mouth
Shah Rukh Khan crying-watch eyebrows and mouth 
Crying is a necessary evil to be displayed by a character in portraying emotions like sadness,  rage, pain, hurt, loss of life, betrayal and  deceitful situations in a scene.
Indians being the unique creatures with bundle of emotions, especially  in case of women, crying in filming  Indian cinema is important.
The modern technique to bring tears in the eyes is put certain eye drops before the shot.  However, this is more common in filming TV serials where there is a time constraint rather than in feature films or in Bollywood where bringing out tears naturally is appreciated and more important.
Please note that even a serial director may appreciate if you can bring out tears with emotions instantly.

How to bring tears?

 Make sure you're not dehydrated. If you are, it will be more difficult for the tears come out.
 Hold your eyelids open with your fingers, stay like this for 2 minutes.
Do not get your face into a weird position that feels uncomfortable; instead, relax the muscles in your face.
Think of something sad e.g. a close family member dying or something near and dear to you that you no longer have. Think of a memory that you had and you might start crying because you wish you were back in that time.
Try to expose your eyes to the air as much as possible. Keep your eyes open as long as you can. Don't close them until tears form under your eyes. Keeping your  eyes open will dry them out, making them sting. This is good. Don't close your eyes when they start to hurt or no tears will form.
Try crying along to a movie where the actor is crying, for practice.
Make a crying face, which usually involves closing your eyes. Make wrinkles or creases. Turn the corners of your lips down a little. Try to force the inner corners of your eyebrows upwards. Wrinkle up your chin like people do right before they start a shout or call out noisily  . However, note that you are trying to fake tears (normally practiced  by serial actors)
Start sobbing (make crying noises and take deep breaths). Breathe in constantly as if you are hyperventilating.  Physicalization leads to emotions and the opposite is also true
Try yawning repeatedly. This can make your eyes water.
Sometimes you can cry by breathing into the back of your throat rather than down your windpipe, this is how yawning can make you cry as well. Or it might just make you yawn...
Put some Zandu/Vicks balm under your eyes. It may sting, but it is so realistic. Keep it ready with you beforehand.
Try pinching hard in some sensitive parts of your body like the space between your thumb and pointer finger or under your eye and tears will automatically flow down
Bite the inside of your lip. Think about something that really upsets you, and stare. Stare as if you're thinking about it. Do not blink, until tears start to spill over. Make absurd noises, and ramble on about the thing that supposedly has you upset and get emotionally carried away. The trick is to convince yourself that you are actually crying, as well as everyone else. Make sure you practice just for future situations.
The most effective way to instantly get your eyes to water, I find, is if you stick your finger down your throat until you gag. However, do not do it more than 3 or 4 times as it could make you throw up.
Good luck for crying
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  1. Shahrukh gives too good expressions for all feeling & emotions to express very well.


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