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Romantic Scenes in Bollywood | Can You Do it?

A romantic scene from Bollywood
A romantic scene from Bollywood
  Love stories which are recorded in visual media for broadcasting on films,or television show emotion, passion and the intimate involvement of the main characters. These are some of the basic elements of the scenes shown in a romantic film. This involvement makes a story even more compelling when their love takes a journey through courtship or marriage. These films are usually difficult to act out because the scenes that are shot in these films require guts and boldness, especially for an actress. Intimate scenes with unknown men have always been a troubled affair for actresses since long.

Bold scenes - An infidelity issue?

A woman is always expected to be loyal to her husband or boyfriend. An actress has to face trouble while doing a love-making scene since suspicions and doubts may arise on the spouse’s mind. Sometimes, romantic scenes do cause infidelity issues in the family and all hell breaks loose.
Therefore, a woman has to be extra careful while doing such intimate scenes by having a loving and understanding relationship with her partner and making him realize that whatever she is acting out is strictly professional. This actually becomes a test for her to see whether she can blissfully handle her film career and her personal life.

Does an actress feel afraid of romantic films?

Adult films have one or two bold scenes which are inherent to a romantic film. It explores certain themes like sentimental love, obsessive love, love at first sight, unrequited love, sexual and passionate love, sacrificial love and tragic love. In each segment, there is a need to be intimate with the co-star which might get a bit uncomfortable with the actress. New ones which come into the film industry to make her debut film face a lot of problems to be at ease with the actor. They either have to spend some quality time to get acquainted to each other or have to be coaxed by the director to shoot the love-making scene with less awkwardness. Film critics watch out for the potential of the actress based on these scenes and sometimes judge if she can reach a higher level in her acting skills or not.

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