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15 Secret Tips on How to Behave in Auditions to Get Role

How to Behave in  Auditions
Audition in process

Casting directors are your well-wishers and need you. However, your disconnected and lackluster performance does nothing for anyone. They are there to share your excellent work.
You are sitting eagerly at the waiting room. Casting directors await you on the other side of that door, the door that you can see as a gateway or an obstacle or a wall. Enter the audition room and just show your work.  Cooperate with the other creative people waiting for you to create a new life in a character, an exciting one. They can’t do it without you.

What Casting Directors Expect? 

Etiquette and Behavior  

15 tips to thrill casting directors

To thrill a casting director in the audition room and get the role

  1. They called you in with a purpose.  Accept the invitation with grace and enthusiasm. You were requested to be here as their guest.
  2. Come to show your work and not to please or get our approval.
  3. Enter with certainty. Don’t lose your true self  as soon as the door opens.
  4. Make no excuses whatsoever. Leave your baggage outside. Better yet, at home.
  5. Make the audition room your own. It will make other people so much more comfortable.
  6. Ask questions only when you truly need answers. “Do you have any questions?” is usually another way of saying: “Are you ready?” You aren’t required to have one.
  7. While seeking a permission politely, make and show choices of portraying a character. Take responsibility for the choices you make.
  8. Don’t apologize, ever for anything.
  9. Don’t mime or busy yourself with props, activity, or blocking. Keep it simple.
  10. Don’t expect to be directed, but if you are, take the direction, no matter what it is. Understand how to translate results-oriented direction into action.
  11. If there is a reader, speaking lines of your co-actor, don’t blame the reader. Make the reader the star of your audition. You should engage fully no matter who’s reading those lines
  12. Make specific, personal, bold choices to play a scene. They want your unique self to bring the script and the character to life.
  13. Stillness (quietness or silence) is powerful. Understand how to move and work in front of the camera. Remember, a camera has limitations especially of width – eliminate odd movements and exaggerated gestures
  14. Understand that you’re there to cooperate. You’re being evaluated in terms of how you serve the role and the material like props. It's not a verdict on ’YOU’. Judgment is something you can control.
  15. Share your artistry in your performance above all else.

Remember that they‘re all human in audition rooms, and you can affect and influence them on an emotional level. It’s what they all really want. That’s your job. They all desperately want you to do great work. They’re looking for that every time you walk into the room. Your fullest, deepest work,.You have the power to make that happen.
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