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15 Reasons Why Some Actors Get So Lucky in Life?

Bollywood stars Amitabh and Deepika Padkone
Amitabh Bachchan. The Luck favors the brave and creates a legend

Think of the people you admire. Perhaps, these are great actors, men and women of great success, passion, and inspiration. Each of them have excelled in their own fields. This is why you have always believed in luck and that you feel there is a big factor of 'LUCK' and really the reason why some actors and other people get so successful in life.

So, what should you do? Wait at home for the 'LUCK' to shine on you? Or just wait to be discovered by someone to offer you a lead role?

The answer to these questions is  a big 'NO'

When thinking of some highly successful Bollywood stars and other inspiring people, rather than attributing their success to 'LUCK', let's examine their life a bit more closely and see if we can help ourselves to be really 'LUCKY'

1. They enjoy being in the present moment

Anxiety is anti-luck. People who get so lucky in life are those who enjoy the ‘now’, the 'present'. As what the life says “the current 'fantastic!' is happening now!” Because they are not scared of an uncertain future, they always make the most of what is before them… and good things happen.

2. They have a wild  imagination

Before coming into reality, success starts with a wild imagination. Those who let their imagination roam free get lucky. It is because while imagining things, they allow their energy flow through the best channels and reach the depths of their capabilities. Perhaps, imagination knows where the pot of GOLD is!

3. They take more chances 

Luck comes knocking on the door when you leave doors ajar. This is why those who take, chances are luckier than those who don’t. They go out and knock every possible opportunity. When they take chances, the odds for success becomes favorable. A simple principal of statics! It’s either they achieve something they really aim for or they learn something new.

4. They are a great goal setter

They are masters of goal setting, planning and 'work to the plan'

5. They smile and laugh a lot

Smiling and laughing do not only keep the wrinkles and frown lines away, but they also keep the great attraction of positive outcomes closer. Lucky people smile and laugh a lot, they scare sorrows and frustrations away because they vibrate positivity.

6. They listen attentively

They talk well, so people listen more and they listen attentively so people love to talk to them
More than talking exceedingly well, there is an awesome gift in listening. When you listen to others, it gives them that sense of value, of sincerity. Those people who seem to get so lucky have opened their hearts by opening their ears. They build relationships because of their sincerity

7. They connect well

People who always try to be friendly and connected to others have more chances at opportunities suitable for them. Especially nowadays, networking is a great key to land on chances that may help you find your true calling. Building relationships do open your world of chances, and when there is an abundance of chances, there is luck.

8. They follow their intuition

They do go with their heart.
It is believed that we do have our so-called animal instinct and that we should follow it. Fear makes us hesitate, but inside us, there I that little voice that knows what to do. Those who follow their intuition felt are eventually getting lucky. When they do, amazing things unfold before them for the truth,

9. They are positive-thinkers

Nothing can truly bring down a positive attitude. Luck gets closer to those who are taking a step forward toward it. Optimists attract their own dreams and hopes. When things go wrong, they are courageous enough to walk on and to always look at the brighter side. They get lucky because they feel lucky.

10. They are not afraid to ask questions

Sometimes, a great success starts with a single question. Keeping their curiosity and inquisitiveness, people who get lucky are not in fear to ask this or that. When a question is budding inside them, they just ask. Then, whatever the question is, it takes them to places.

11. They have faith no matter what

People who are faithful to what they aim for, never give up. As they keep on living and dreaming, good chances, good encounters, and good connections are with them along the way.

12. They forgive

Successful actors and other people do not hold grudges. Such a very negative feeling stops you from going farther or deeper. It stunts your growth for with it, you’ll just live life sadly.

13. They inspire others

Inspiring people move others to do better. As you inspire others, you are also unconsciously creating brighter paths for yourself. One inspiration leads to another and you’ll never know what finds your luck.

14. They are kind

Kindness has made the biggest, the most revolutionary path to luck and success. When you stay kind, people will also hold you dear, look up to you, listen and follow. And according to studies, it makes people happier and healthier.

15. They are grateful at all times

Being thankful to the GOD and people for things big and small that are happening in their life makes people luckier. By this they also attract good vibrations and success. This is because hearts that say thank you at all times see the beauty even during the darkest hours.

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