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Don't Read If Want Audition Failure As Your Habit | 3 Steps 4 Actions

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Top Bollywood Performers in The History Of Cinema
Top Bollywood Performers in The History Of Cinema

An actor's performance in auditions and in a scene
An actor's performance in auditions and in a scene

How To Knock Down Scary Competition And Give the Best Performance


I have noticed in a lot of sessions lately that, when an actor gets nervous, they get paralyzed. This is, of course, a natural reaction for many. If you forget your lines because you feel out of your self (as you have prepared and developed self as an actor), you often shut down and get panicky. The reactions that follow can include tears, perspiration, and shortness of breath. Some actors are so doubtful and stiff that they stop in the middle of their audition apologizing for a wrongly perceived poor performance wasting everyone’s time.
I know. It is a very scary thing to get up in front of people and perform. You become uncertain and left to the mercy and judgment of the audience of selectors. But if this becomes your habit and has not taken any steps to learn and develop the [power of confidence, you may be in the wrong profession. So better be late than never. Learn audition techniques
Some anxiety, however, is normal. If you find it sometimes this "anxiety" gets the best of you, do not.fear. just hit it!

Handling Audition Pressure

Three Steps to Success

1. Breathing

Take a breath! Breathing helps calm your nerves, so take slow, long breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This has to be done 10 times. You will be shocked at how many people forget to simply breathe.
Remember the casting director is your friend. They are not in that audition room to look down upon you – Though they don't express, internally they are cheering for you to succeed. They want you to do well. You could be the answer to their casting prayers to get the best actor for the character.

2. Memorization

If you forget a line, DO NOT stop in the middle of a scene. Finish the rest of the scene and then the casting director will tell you if they want you to begin again. You never want to stop because you fumbled and missed a line. The casting director may have loved everything you did until then and could edit around it. Lines do not always have to be perfect either. They are more looking for your performance and essence of the character. You can always do the scene again.

3. Never apologize

Do not apologize for your audition. Ever. You may have done a great job, and the casting director may have loved your work. Even if it felt terrible to you, do not apologize. It makes you appear timid, doubtful and insecure, and it just plain looks bad.

The next time you find yourself sweating under pressure, remember there are simple things to get you through. And if you make a complete fool of yourself, just remember: you are acting! It is meant to be fun and silly.

When You Begin

4 Actions To Initiate Nobody will tell You

1. Surprise the Casting Directors

Create a beat change (rhythm, speed, volume, emotion) after the first line of your script or monologue. Industry people disagree on so many areas of actor's performance, but one thing I’ve never disagreed on is that they want to be surprised. So, let’s imagine the first line of your monologue is something, like, “Muzhe aap ka paisa nehin chahiye, sirf meri baat suniye" (I don’t want your money, I want you to listen to me) and the second line of your script or monologue is, “Aisa lagta hai ki iska koi matlab nehin hai" (it seems like nothing I say means anything to you)
Pause after you’ve delivered your first line. if there is a co-actor, imagine a reaction from your imaginary scene partner upon his/her having heard what you just said. it could be something like shock, denial, resistance—anything from co-actor or you that keeps the conflict ongoing and strong.

2. Show the possibilities of the character

Creating, options and playing different options or changing rhythm, tempo, and emotions in quickly in your short script and lines is really complicated. The role will go to the actor who expands the possibilities of the role with stunning performance and surprising CDs.
This is an important selection criterion when there is line of hundreds for the role

3. Just move on 

You have nothing to ever be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Just do your best and forget it. Whether that’s auditioning or in a shoot or getting rejected or being dumped by your artist coordinator or casting director. Screw it and just keep moving forward.

4. Listen carefully  and follow directions given by directors

The biggest mistake I see actors make in the room is simply not following the directions by a casting director in auditions or a film | TV director before or during a scene or a shot. Immediately they label you as dumb or poor in acting and show you exit then and there or never call you in future. Even if it's an improvisation, do not discount your preparation
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