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You Ass! Kill Long Queue Of Actors And Get Selected in Audition

Is Hon. Donald Trump An Excellent And An Intelligent Actor As Well?
Is Hon. President Donald Trump An Excellent And An Intelligent Actor As Well?

I'm a trained struggling actor for the last 4 years but not getting good roles. Only as an extra like driver, doorman, a villain's assist etc. I usually rejected in auditions for good TV serial or a film. Help me. What's the solution? I don't want to quit~Kartik Gaikwad

I have lost lots of money in training with a renowned acting institute, registering with coordinators and by false promises by fraud casting directors in Old Mahda, Andheri West, portfolio etc. I don't succeed in auditions. Become nervous. What can I do?~Madhulata Arora 

I'm failing and frustrated. Have no choice but to quit. What face I have to go back to my hometown in Haryana. Please help.~Peter D'souza 



There could be many reasons for a  failure like 1. Poor or no professional training by a good school or an acting coach 2. Wrong selection of auditions ( You don't match with the character) 3. Poor health and figure 4. Bad Hindi 5. Forgetting lines 6. Uncultured and rude approach etc

However, one of the major reason for a failure is anxiety, nervousness and an impending fear of a failure. If I fail?

The only solution to this major reason is "TO RELAX". You must learn how to relax to give a memorable performance whether in an audition or before a shot in a film or for a TV serial
  • Any audition or an actual shoot for a film is always nerve-wracking for actors who truly love the craft and want to make a paying career out of it. Getting nervous is okay to an extent(and even normal), but they should not frighten you! Don't become tense and overwhelmed. Have fun! Easier said than done, I know. But seriously. Before few minutes before the audition, do jumping jacks or even do push-ups before your turn.  Breathe slowly 10 times and say a prayer (or two). I have witnessed many auditions and looked into the waiting room. Seen some good actors doing push-ups before their turn and also some closing their eyes and breathing deeply inside the audition room just a few seconds before starting. And such actors always are relaxed and give usually a good performance
  • I would just say try to prepare yourself before entering the room. When you're in front of the casting directors, its showtime -- not preparation time!. 

Beating The Long Queue Of  Actors 

Kill Your Tension | 6 Ways to Relax Before an Audition

No matter how many years you’ve been acting, going into an audition is always stressful. You’re worried that you’re going to forget your lines or screw up in some way, or that they just won’t like you.
But if you want to have a good audition, you can’t let those fears and anxieties get to you. The more relaxed and focused you can be heading into an audition, the more likely you’ll be able to really shine.
Here are a few simple tricks for relaxing before an audition:

1. Reach Early

Rule number one for having a relaxing audition: Arrive early. Getting stuck in traffic is only going to make all of your frayed nerves even tenser. Give yourself plenty of time to figure out where you’re going and find a parking space so you can walk in cool and collected.

2. Listen to Music

While you’re in the car or on the L, listen to some relaxing music to get you into that Zen place. Classical music or meditative yoga music are both great for bringing your heart rate down, but if you have other songs that are especially meaningful to you and you like to sing along to, that can work as well. You can even create a special pre-audition playlist of your favorite chill songs that you can listen to every time you have an audition. Another tip is to listen to music that you think will help get you into the headspace that your “character” is in, which can also be fun and turn the audition into an adventure into someone else’s headspace instead of something that you’re dreading.

3. Learn and Practice Meditation Short Technique

The best thing about meditation is it’s free, easy and you can do it anywhere. And it’s a surefire way to center yourself and calm your nerves before you walk into the audition room. If possible, find a quiet spot to sit by yourself before the audition (sitting in your car in the parking lot is always a great option). Set the timer on your phone for 3, 5, or even 10 minutes and close your eyes and try to focus on your breath, letting all of your thoughts go. If you can’t find a quiet spot, you can even put your headphones in and listen to a guided meditation while you sit in the waiting room. Another type of meditation that can be particularly helpful for auditions is to close your eyes and visualize the audition going extremely well. Visualize all parts of the audition, from you walking into the room with confidence, the faces of the auditors brightening upon your entrance, visualize you going through your entire monologue (or audition piece) and see the auditors with you every step of the way. Finally, visualize them being completely moved by you and you walk out of the room with confidence. When you take the time to do this before an audition, it can give you the confidence and relaxation to do your best.

4. Go for a Walk-In Waiting Room Or Outside

If can't go outside the audition room and have reached a bit early (which you must!) connecting with nature, even for just a few minutes, is always a great way of clearing your head and relaxing your nerves. Show up to the theater a little early so you can walk around the block and breathe in the air. Put away your phone and try to clear your head as you walk by focusing on the moment. Listen to the birds chirping, look up at the leaves. Do not go over your lines in your head. Just take the time to be.

5. Take Deep Breaths

Taking a few deep, cleansing breaths is a great way to relax your mind and body in a snap. Start by taking a long, slow in-breath through your nose and counting to three. Exhale slowly as you relax the muscles in your head, face, jaw, and shoulders. Repeat this at least 10 times or until your entire body feels relaxed. Another method is to place your hand on your stomach, with the bottom of your hand on your belly button, and breathe in and out through your nose with the inhales and exhales being the same length. If you are familiar with Nadi Shodhan pranayama (aka Alternate Nostril Breathing), this can be a great way to calm the nervous system and to relieve anxiety. If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out on YouTube here. Anyone can do this exercise whether they are yogis or not!

6. Take Quick Stretch

In auditions, you want your body to be as loose as possible, so it’s important to let go of the tension in your muscles so they don’t interfere with your performance. Loosen up by doing a few quick stretches before you head into the room. You can interlace your fingers and stretch your arms overhead, palms facing upward. Hold the stretch for five full breaths and then drop your arms to the side and roll your head and neck around. Or stand with your feet about hip-width apart and ever-so-slowly fold your torso over your legs, letting your head hang down for five full breaths. You can even shake your head back and forth while you’re folded over to let the tension melt away. This is a spinal roll-down, and to get the full benefits, do this several times in a row, feeling the space created between your vertebrae as you go. If you are familiar with a yoga sequence called the “Sun Salutation” (also known as Surya Namaskara A or B), this can be a great warm-up tool for actors because it revitalizes the body and gets the breath flowing. You don’t have to do a lot of Sun Salutations to notice a difference— just a few of them will get you feeling immediately better and ready to rock your audition!
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Nawazuddin Siddiqui in early days-auditions
Great Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in early days-auditions

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