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How to Fight Audition Tension? Secret 5 Minutes Technique

Tension and breathing exercise

Many of the aspiring actors underplay and do not give due importance to auditions as they would give to acting craft, acting schools, list of casting directors and to people who promise them a break in the films and TV serials
It’s sad because this concept is directly responsible for failing to get a break in films, leading to shattering of their dream to be a Bollywood or TV serial star.
They fail to realize auditions are the gateways to grabbing a role and an entry pass to stardom
But why 95% actors appearing for auditions fail? One of the major reasons is a poor performance in an audition or in a shot is “Tension”.  No wonder the doyen of acting technique, a century ago termed “Tension” in actors as an occupational disease and an actor’s greatest enemy.
Tension breeds from fear and anxiety of unknown. It’s starts from the mind and manifests its symptoms in the body. The moment an actor enters the small audition room with people staring at him/her, every fear and insecurity is played out in subtle and not-so-subtle ways across their bodies. From the folded arms and tapping foot, to the unfocused, darting eyes, perspiration, dry mouth, trembling fingers, the auditioners see a zombie rather than an actor.

  • How an actor can fight tension before an audition or shoot, instantly?
  • The answer is substituting tension with the calmness with relaxation
  • How to achieve this? 

By Breathing!


When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still... Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Breathing is something we do every day, every minute, every second. We have to do it, our lives depend on it. We take breathing often for granted. And the only time we are aware of our breath is when something goes wrong - we lose our breath, we get out of breath, we hyperventilate, we gasp for air.
As a beginning actor, the relationship between you and your breath might be exactly the same as in everyday life - you don’t notice it unless you’ve got a camera or stage fright, or you can’t say a line because you’re out of breath. But if you want to improve as an actor the best thing you could do is start paying attention to how you breathe.
When you control the breath as an actor, you control everything. You control your vocal technique, your body, your nerves. You’re in control - period. It seems like a simple thing to do - breathe - but it’s amazing how many of us forget to do it! If your breathing is tight and shallow you won’t be able to express (physically or vocally) to the best of your ability. It goes further than just the inhale and the exhale.
The breath has a direct effect on how an actor presents their work. Conquer this simple action and you’ll take your acting to the next level.

Simple steps

While sitting on a chair
1. Position:
-One hand on chest
-The other hand on stomach
2. Steps:
A. Exhale fully emptying your lungs
B. Inhale deeply, pressing your stomach slightly. No pressing of your chest with the other hand
C. Hold your breath for 5 to 7 seconds and while you are holding your breath,
Auto suggest silently to you, like-“I‘ll be relaxed”, “I’ll feel good”, I’ll give a great audition”, “I’ll give good performance”…
D. Exhale very slowly in 7 to 10 seconds, releasing the pressure of your hand, the one which is on the stomach
Repeat this exercise 10 times or till you can continue, depending upon time available with you in an audition room or the set before the shoot.
Finally, auto suggest yourself- “I’m feeling relaxed. Really good. Yes, I’m ready to go…”

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