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3 Golden Rules to Protect You From Bollywood Cheaters

Paying to Bollywood cheaters?
Paying to Get a Break in Films or TV Serials? You are being Cheated!

How to Protect Yourself from Fraudsters

Every day I get news, Facebook post, or a complaint or an advertisement where not only aspiring but even experienced actors fall victim to some type of fraud or scam.  While I am able to talk with actors at my coaching sessions, to all others, my suggestions are as follows:

1. Research on internet and in the industry properly

The “name” behind an establishment may be big or of a celebrity or the promotional pitch might sound good, but nothing can replace facts. When it comes to joining a school /a coach or attending a workshop of any kind, do your homework on who is teaching, time spent on each student individually if a student faces a problem in learning and what is a successful record of students passing out and getting a break in the cine world.
The same is true (doing research) for portfolio makers, coordinators, casting directors and others. Especially, be extremely careful with people asking for money on any fraudulent excuse (like security money), offering a break in the films or TV serials.

 2. Find out the opinion of other actors 

What are the experiences of other actors? Who are good, bad and suspicious? Does a school continue to help you in your marketing and promotion after you have completed your course and left? Some of the schools in Mumbai or in other metro towns charge hefty fees of 2 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs and you have a right to know what help they offer after completion of the course! However, you can have an access to this information only if you are a go getter and a good Networker.

3. Money-Where to pay and where not to

After doing thorough research, for training and development like acting schools, acting coaches, acting craft related workshops, gym for body building, learning martial arts, language and voice culture, yoga, learning dance and singing, registration with good coordinator, portfolio, creating good website
Do not Pay
Thumb Rule: Do not pay for anything else
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