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Silly Actor, You Don't Know Being Good Why Failing? Fix It

Director Mira Nair to an actor...
Award winning director Director Mira Nair to an actor in a shoot...

Struggling for long as an actor with no success?

Often Failing in Bollywood and TV serial auditions?

Only getting small roles, no big success?

How to remove audition nervousness and a fear of forgetting lines?

  • The culprit for all the above
  • Read this small scene below and know the cause
  • Poor memorization?
  • How learning lines can impress your audition and give a great shot in a film scene
  • 2 great steps

A Screenplay
Vishwashghaat- A Betrayal



Ramesh, Ramesh, give my money back my friend......

Cut...it's not "friend". It's "father".  Listen, I know you’re actually very good... but things like brain fog and forgetting important things are your huge barrier. Learn how to memorize. Will call you later.  

Poor Memorization Is One Of The Major Reasons Why Good Actors Fail 

How Learning Lines Helps You To Create A Truthful Great Genuine Performance

After my experience with many actors with an excellence in acting craft who unfortunately failed miserably either in auditions or while on filming a scene, I have come to the conclusion of one of the major reason being a poor portrayal of the character due to a nervousness triggered by forgetting lines.
So, is a poor characterization by poor memorization or forgetfulness? I did considerable research to find out the best solution and though this may not be the only right way, here it's for you to try

Learning Lines ( Script)

Step 1.

  • Read your script focused deeply, without looking up, loudly even if you know it and repeatedly
  • Then three times without a wandering mind on bed before falling asleep
  • And three times as you get up in the morning
  • Go step by step In stage 1,  memorize first 3 lines. Cover these lines with some card and see you know them. Similarly then go to stage 2 and onwards
  • Start again from the beginning if you forget any line
  • Don't worry about creating a character, situation, tempo rhythm or emotions. These will follow once perfect with lines. This may be worked later if needed
  • "Script Rehearser Free" app from google play is a good tool which helps you to record other characters'lines and leave space on your own
  • After recording your dialogues, listen to it in waiting rooms, driving, traveling on subway-metro, bus, while walking, jogging or anywhere
  • Replace the lines of a song you remember to script lines. For example "Happy birthday to..." or "twinkle twinkle little star" and sing loudly
  • Write lines in the air and speak them
  • Type lines while speaking them in different font size and in colors on Desktop or laptop.

Step 2.

Creating Character
Once you have memorized your script to a level becoming your second nature, start working on the script for creating a character

  • Breakdown the line by line as per the psychology of the character
  • Questions to asked ( better, let the character answer-by you imagining to be the character)
  • What is the backstory of  the scene and of the character
  • What is a character's objective and how is he/she achieving it?
  • Why the character is saying things the way they are
  • What the importance is
  • What are the circumstances and situation in the scene
  • How the character is showing emotions while speaking (love, sadness, happiness, anger, hate, distaste, wonderment, like-dislike, distrust, peace etc)
  • Write down motives and action required for each line while speaking them
  • Now imagine and try to transform self into character and speak your dialogs in a given circumstances of the scene. Get natural beats and feel it.
  • Write keywords of each line in the margin of the script and make notes on the blank opposite page. Read them every time as needed

I know this is a task, but needed if you want to give a memorable performance in a journey to your dream destination
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