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Force Your Selection-Legally | Learn 9 Ways To Play "Character"

Playing Character-Stab Tension before Audition | Be The King Of The Kill
Playing Character-Stab Tension before Audition | Be The King Of The Kill

Are You Trying Desperately To Portray A Character And Failing?
Then You Aren't A Good Actor

Stab And Kill Tension

Nobody Tells You

9 Truthful Observations How Actors Should Really Get Into Character

The Character You Play

Stunning performance! Hrithik Roshan Playing gray haired mentally challenged character

1.The mechanics and science of human nature and its implications to acting are staggering.
Case in point is a "Character" and how to portray without discussing “character” from an acting standpoint.

2. What “character”(in the story) really is from a truthful, practical sociological point of view?

3. It’s you. And “you” as a human with a typical archetype who reacts and changes from different circumstances. Period. That’s what creates different “you’s.”
Hot tea is spilled on you at Coffee Cafe Day. A different you are triggered.
You ask your partner to marry you. She declines. A different you are triggered.
A stranger asks you for directions. A different you are triggered.

4.  “Character” in a screen play, then, isn’t what we think it is or, rather, what we want it to be".

5. It isn’t a stable, easily identifiable set of closely related traits, and it only seems that way because of a flaw in the way our brains are organized. A character is more like a bundle of habits and tendencies and interests, on the circumstance in story and situation. The reason that most of us seem to have a consistent character is that most of us are really good at controlling and changing our environment. If not then we may leave and go to other”
6. So just like in life, circumstances and context in a story trigger the many-sided characters out of us. Sometimes we like them, sometimes we don’t. Then why in 90% of actors, the portrayal of a character looks unreal, artificial as if trying desperately hard to be in a character?

7. In my strong opinion as an experienced actor and an acting coach for the many years, if we can learn while creating a character, how to analyze and judge them less, we can reach them easily and more and become everything of a character we want: fearless, vulnerable, expressed, and instant transformative. Just like we aspire to in life.

8. While creating a character in us everything comes from the inside(feeling and accepting) and so we come out so and so. But keep in mind- for sure it's also true, the outside triggers our insides- for example 'using physical gestures similar to a character in a given circumstance in a story for a convincing.

9. This second consideration may help those actors poor in imagination, dreaming, high emotional sensitivity and self-transformation. An inborn Thick Skinned? Personally, I don't think so.

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