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Why Pay A Hefty Sum For A Showreel? Make A Webcam Self

Why a showreel or a video introduction necessary for an actor?

Whether you're filming an "Introduction Video" as part of the casting process for a reality show, talent audition or job interview, it's crucial to communicate your pertinent information while capturing the producers'/ Casting directors' attention immediately. Although it may ultimately be your talent that gets you the job, an interesting "audition video" can tip the scale in your favor over another candidate. Consider these tips to make an audition video that lets your skills and personality shine.

  • The simple solution is to contact professional video maker and make a top video. 
  • Now, Let's look at the Indian scenario- Young aspiring models and actors most of them with limited financial resources  are coming to Mumbai from different towns or villages with their dreams. Even if they have enough to burn, should they throw money, say Rs. 30,00 for a 3-minute film which may or may not is able to show their talent? Just because you do not know who is going to write a story, script and what should be the genre? A comedic, tragic, anger, happiness or what? How should they and how many times should they rehearse? And  how should they face a camera?...

Now here are my tips:

  • You might have already spent Rs. 6000-10,000 for your photo portfolio. If you still have sufficient money, select a professional video maker who would do everything for you. Simple!

You have limited financial resources. Play safe and wisely.

  1. Write your own script or ask a friend who is better than you in story writing
  2. Think of a story which has the following emotions, starting with:
  3. Anger
  4. Frustration
  5. Disgust
  6. Pity and sadness
  7. wonder
  8. Solution
  9. Contentment
  10. Happiness
  11. Laughter(Comedic)
  12. Stillness

Each emotion should have the minimum of dialogues and should not take more than 10 to 20 seconds. The filming of the entire script should be of around 3 minutes.

Now, how to practice and film?

  • Rehearse the script in front of your friends, at least 10 times or till you have memorized lines and mastered expressions, voice modulations, and emotions
  • You are going to film on webcam on a computer(Should have a good webcam)
  • Adjust webcam and yourself
  • Record looking at the camera. Keep your head steady...let only your face show every emotion.
  • Re-record again and again till your satisfied completely.
  • Save it on computer or take it on Dvds  like Moser Baer or sony disc
  • Show it your friends and seek opinion.
  • Finally upload it on youtube, Vimeo, and other media.
  • Promote it on social networking sites
  • You are ready to submit it as your "Talent Video".
  • Cost: Is there any, except blank DVD discs?

I'm showing here my first Talent video in the USA. It was a commercial for an "after shaving gel" and the casting company asked me to submit a video. The cost of making a talent video in the US was exorbitant and I could not afford it. So, I created and filmed it through computer webcam and submitted it.
 And I got the job!
Later when I got films in US and India, I made "Actor's show reel" from the clips of my films
Good Luck!
If still confused, contact me. I will guide you

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