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Take Care Of These 8 Steps And Be In Bollywood For Sure

8 steps to success

"I Want To Be A Star In Bollywood. How Can I?"

Many of us who aspire to become an actor in Bollywood or in your own country only see the glamor, fame, and money involved in show business. What we fail to understand is that to reach that level a lot of hard work and passion is involved.

  • What are the qualities, which make a good actor?
  • What are these traits?
  • What do you need to become a successful actor?

Here is a female actor who learnt good public speaking

1. Be a good public speaker

Many of us have a fear of speaking in public. People prefer to sacrifice an arm and a leg rather than going on the stage and face the microphone in front of strangers. This becomes worse when you face a camera and have to deliver dialogues. While this phobia is quite common in human beings, for someone who aspires to become a successful actor, such a fear could become an enemy. The best way to diminish any fear is to face it. Try taking a public speaking course. Not only it will build your confidence, It will give you an excellent training in voice modulation and control over your speech pattern. Take baby steps and eventually, you will get over your stage fear and be able to present yourself on stage in a more effective manner. Remember, a shot of in a scene is like a stage and everybody else is an audience

 Here is a perfact body of a fitness freak

2. Be a fitness freak

 Well, you want to come on the screen, don't you? The basic prerequisite for anyone who aspires to a lead role is to get his body in prime shape. Join a gym and go there regularly. Chalk out a diet plan and stick to it. A well-toned body can go a long way in deciding your fate in show business.

Learn the basics of acting

3. Learn the basics of acting

 Many people think acting is an easy job. They don't realize how tough it is till they appear on the stage for the first time. You need to learn the basics of acting so that you don't overact. Join a good acting school and work on your foundations. You will be under the guidance of an experienced teacher who will take you step by step in your journey. You will also make friends with many other who aspire to become an actor and will become your support group in future.

Here is today's leading actor accepting small roles in the past

4. Do not let go of small opportunities

While you are waiting for the dream role, make sure that you avail of every opportunity which comes your way. Many ambitious and over-confident think that accepting a small role is below their dignity. They fail to realize that every single drop makes the ocean. It's always better to keep trying and keeping yourself occupied, rather than sitting and letting all the opportunities go. And besides, you never know, someone may take notice of you in a small role and decide to cast you in his next venture.

This is an aspiring actor practicing reading and memorizing

5. Develop a reading and memorizing habit

Try to read a much as you can in your free time. Read fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines or any other thing you can lay your hands on. Try to read loudly, if it permits. Not only you will broaden your knowledge you will also open your mind and develop your sensibilities. Reading makes for a refined man and a refined man makes a refined actor.

An ancient statue depicting greed and sex

6. Stay away from crooks and sex greedy sharks

There are thousands of people out there who want to become an actor/ actresses. These people have no knowledge about the show business and many unscrupulous people try to take advantage of this. Many agents and pseudo-casting directors will promise to get you a big break for a charge of a hefty upfront fee or sex in return. Try to stay away from such pigs.

7. Stop daydreaming

While it's good to make future plans and strategies,  make sure that you don't waste too much time doing that. Stay productive and use your time for appearing in auditions, rehearsing, working out or doing any other thing which will improve your chances of becoming an actor, rather than dreaming about your future. Take it one step at a time and your future will take care of itself.

A banner depicting value of being disciplined

8. Be disciplined

Last but not the least, if you want to adopt any of the above suggestions in your life, you got to be disciplined. Stay focused on your goal and do what is important today. Don't just join a gym; Make it a point to go there and actually work out. Never be late for an audition. Learn your lines and make sure they stay in your memory. Being disciplined can take you a long way and distinguish you from other actors who are not as punctual or hardworking as you.
 Many people say show business is all about luck. While luck could be an important factor, there are many other things which also play a decisive role.
The above list shows just some of the ways how you can improve as a person and an actor.

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