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Top 2 University Degree Acting Schools in India

An acting workshop in progress
An acting workshop in progress at NSD Delhi
Great News! Find Here Top 2 Govt. University Degree Acting Schools


Many a times, I get a query on if there is any Goernment Of India recognized or a university conducted acting schools or institutes. Unfortunately, there are very few.

No 2

NSD Delhi

The National School of Drama is one of the foremost theatre training institutions in the world and the only one of its kind in India. It is fully financed by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Training in the School is highly intensive and is based on a thorough, comprehensive, carefully planned syllabus which covers every aspect of theatre and in which theory is related to practice. As a part of their training, students are required to produce plays which are then performed before the public.
The syllabus takes into account the methods of great theatre personalities who have shaped contemporary theatre in all its varieties. The systematic study and practical performing experience of Sanskrit drama, modern Indian drama, traditional Indian theatre forms, Asian drama and western dramatic protocols give the students a solid grounding and a wide perspective in the art of theatre.
Web site

No 2
The Centre for Performing Arts, Pune

University of Pune
Popularly known as Lalit Kala Kendra
This course is excellent for aspiring actors but due to its objective of promoting regional languages, it is conducted in MARATHI

Brief about

Theatre (Branch 30)

Semester One: 6 credits
Course 111: Practical training on Theatre as per syllabus: 2 Credits
Course 112: Performance Evaluation and Viva: 4 Credits
Semester Two : 6 credits
Course 211: Practical training on Theatre as per syllabus: 2 Credits
Course 212: Performance Evaluation and Viva: 4 Credits

Medium of Instructions
Usually in Marathi Language, occasionally Hindi and English. Students may choose to write the answers in Marathi or English. Theatre courses are designed for the Marathi Theatre exclusively as the theatre in India is region and language specific. Cultural plurality is the strength of Indian culture. e.g. at the National School of Drama, Delhi the language is Hindi. Knowledge of Marathi Language for theatre courses is mandatory.


Centre for Performing Arts
Lalit Kala Kendra (Gurukul),
University of Pune,
Maharashtra, India
Web site
  • To find out about their courses in Hindi, please contact their main center at Delhi
Lalit Kala Akademi
Rabindra Bhavan,
35, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi-110001
Telephone:011 - 23009200
Website: http://lalitkala.gov.in/

  • For institutes other than affiliated with recognized universities all over India and ABROAD, please visit -Here
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