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9 Reasons Why Acting Schools May Create A Bad Actor In You

Pros and Cons of learning acting from a school

I Want To Be An Actor

Which Is The Best And Economical Acting School?
Or An Acting Coach?


Who Are You?

"I'm unique. There is no second then “Me” in the world. I  have my own “type’ an ‘archetype”. I cherish this uniqueness of mine and I'm proud of this self of mine".

Okay Great!

However, remember,

  • This individuality of your's has an emotional intelligence- the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions and an intellectual capacity. This applies to learning also where an individual may learn with a group or where an individual may learn better in a focused individual environment’
  • Acting is a very fine and an emotionally creative art. Therefore, in my opinion, acting is not like learning a subject like physics, history or mathematics with a large group in a class


Disadvantages Of Leaning Acting In A School

  1. To an individual, the activities may be perceived artificial. The situations are sometimes and irrelevant to the individual learner’s need.
  2. Learning exercises and activities in a large group are difficult to monitor and correct them individually.
  3. There is a fear among teachers that a large group may cause sort of uncontrolled fun among learners.
  4. It causes embarrassment and awkwardness, in some shy and introvert students in certain situations.
  5. It indirectly may encourage incorrect forms of learning like language, voice defects, body language etc. as long as the teacher has a limited class timings and is not encouraged to correct mistakes immediately. 
  6. Activities may not be suitable for all the students. The activities that succeeded with some in a group of students may fail with another group or with an individual.
  7. One of the most important aspects of learning-To learn and to practice the power of developing imagination, observation and developing creativity, need to create a character and transforming instantly into a character may not be effectively ingrained individually in a group
  8. Most of the schools don’t teach all the important acting techniques of the world like Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Practical Aesthetics and perhaps no one teaches one of the most relevant “Michael Chekhov Technique”
  9. Unfortunately, may be the lack of individual focus, marketing and promotion of acting as a business are not taught or stressed effectively and the result is disastrous. The actors fail in getting jobs in spite of being a good actor

The Above 9 Drawbacks of  Acting Schools May Create A Bad Actor in you

However, these problems could be solved if careful thought and planning are used in creating syllabus, creativity in group teaching, empathy and acting as a facilitator rather than a teacher and an instructor

Advantages Of Learning Acting From A School

  1. It promotes confidence, trust, cooperation and group cohesion.
  2. Learning scene enacting with co-actors.
  3. Learning watching some good performance from others
  4. Listening co-actors in a scene and reacting real
  5. Developing network. A group can be a great source of industry information, auditions and creating good friends who could help an individual in career


  • For beginners instead of an acting school, an acting coach who trains an actor on “one on one” basis is better
  • For working actors but not professionally trained, an acting school could be preferred 

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