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Test If You Will be a Bollywood Actor or Will Quit

Know your fate as an actor
Do a simple test to find out your chances to be a Successful actor

Answer This Simple Test and Know Whether Can You Be An Actor or Not!

Yes or No

Just tick appropriate against every question

  • Copy this questionnaire in Microsoft Word or Note Pad
  • Answering all the questions is mandatory. 
  • Answer only in 'Yes' or 'No'. Each question carries 2 marks.
  • Time: Unlimited
  • Maximum: 100 Marks

1. Am I always going all out to compete against my own last performance in rehearsals, auditions and in a shoot?

2. Am I a strong believer in myself as well as others?

3. Have I always helped others without expecting any return?

4. Have I set my long and short term goal, action plan and strategies?

5. Am I prepared to continue to learn and update the acting craft till I die?

6. Am I always taking an action to meet my goals? 

7. Am I absolutely confident while in auditions or in a shoot or in life in general?

8. Am I emotionally strong and thick skinned to take rejections, criticism and rebuke?

9. Am I afraid of making mistakes?

10. Am I reluctant of saying, I was wrong?

11. I  not egoistic and try to boast about myself.

12. Am I disciplined and orderly in managing my life?

13. Am I persistent in getting what I want and don't give up?

14. Am polite and courteous all the times, even in spite of adverse comments?

15. Do I plan in advance to be punctual?

16. Am I well informed?

17. Have I researched on the internet and with other sources to understand cine industry, rules of the game, money required to fulfill my dream to a successful actor?

18. Do I have the patience to wait for years to be a successful actor?

19. Am I willing to take  chances?

20. Do  I always answer the telephone in a polite and professional manner?

21. I don't get carried away by Industry's big names, rumors and promises in undertaking training, roles offered in big films or serials etc.

22. Do I work 10 hours a day on the requirements of "How to be a successful actor in Bollywood' like top body, good looks, excellent voice, proficiency in Hindi and English, excellent acting skills, knowledge of the industry, developing contacts, networking etc. ?

23. Do I forget the failures of the past,  brood and look at each new day through fresh eyes?

24. Do I look for solutions, not problems?

25. Do I look straight at other people in the eyes during conversations?

26. Do I always make a comment 'I like that' or 'That's good,' a big part of my conversation?

27. Do I look for and meet with other successful actors on a regular basis?

28. I never criticize.

29. I never say, 'never' or 'not possible' or 'cannot be done'.

30. Do I reach beyond my 'comfort zone'?

31. Do I recognize and applaud the performance of others?

32. Do I always return telephone calls?

33. Do I reward myself for even little achievements?

34. Do I always maintain a friendly face with a permanent smile?

35. Do I say 'thank you' and 'please' on a consistent basis?

37. Do I share what I have with others?

38. Do I take care with the way I dress?

39. Do I'm always careful of taking a recommended nutritious diet for my body?

40. Do I use a diary to plan for the day, check in the night, whether I have achieved my previous day's plan?

41. Do I walk perfectly like a model normally, and have good posture?

42. Do I pray to my God every day before I start to move out?

43. Am I careful in selecting my friends and have ones from whom I learn and who are always ready to help me?

44. I believe in 'I would rather win a friend than win an argument'?

45. Do I read lots of books to improve my acting craft?

46. I don't chat foolishly on social media like Facebook or post my photographs for receiving favorable comments, thus giving me false hopes.

47. Do I write lots of notes

48. Am I a  good listener?

49. I never indulge in gossips

49. If I have nothing good to say, I keep my mouth shut

50. Am I ready to do another part time job to support me in my pursuit to be a successful actor, in case of a prolonged financial uncertainty?

YES = +2 Marks
NO = -2 Marks
Add up your points:

More than 70 Marks: 

Good Luck

Good Job! You are Gonna Be A Bollywood Star!

Less than 70 Marks: 

Bad Luck


Either change yourself immediately or Join us to get trained or Forget it! 

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