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Audition winning formula for actors! Just avoid these 6 deadly sins

A new door opens after every audition
A new door opens after every audition

Learn From Other's Mistakes

6 Things You Should Never Do in an Audition

Auditions, just like any interview, are mysterious things. You’re nervous as hell, self-conscious and dryness in the mouth, but despite this, you have to be this outgoing, charming person who is able to give a memorable performance and basically without flaw.
It’s tough.
You should pat yourself on the back for even managing to get through your auditions without bursting into tears. But to make sure that you audition as well as you possibly can, here are a few no-nos for auditions and how you can avoid doing them.
First and foremost, you need to master your acting craft before you decide to go for auditions. The possession of good physique and handsome/ beautiful personality, excellent communication skills, good memorizing ability and other desirable traits will help you, but there is no equal to having a distinction in acting techniques to perform diverse characters, as IF you are that character, truly!

1. Never forget that you are good and equal

It’s easy to think directors, producers and other creatives are above you and all-powerful, but don’t forget they need you to complete the project. You and your talent has been just as vital and essential as theirs.
How to act? A good trick is to pretend they are friends of friends you are going to meet at a party. So you are an equal but not too familiar. This way you can be yourself with a little extra pinch of confidence.

2. Don’t develop any inferiority complex by watching others

This is a short and straightforward one, but no less important. It is very easy to sit in the waiting room, looking around at the other actors there thinking “he’s better looking than me” or “she has done so and so TV serial”.
The fact is you are auditioning for the same thing. Casting directors obviously think it’s worth seeing you as much as it’s worth seeing them, which puts you on equal footing!

3. Don’t over think and over work on the character or lines

 You may get easily tensed in an anxiety to perform well and this may result in over working on rehearsing on the character and on memorizing lines. However, you must know how a brain works in these conditions. The more you are anxious and tense, the more likely you are going to have a mental block at the required moment that is when you are in front of a camera. So just take a deep breath, relax, read your lines a few times as if you are the “character” and that’s it! Don’t think about memorizing your lines word by word. Just go into the audition room, be yourself and do your best.
Yes, we know that audition is a high stakes situation. Too often we project our own insecurities onto the director or casting director and presume they dislike us, or that they think we are no good.
This is not true. Remember, they actually really want you to be good. They want you to be the one they’re looking for, not for your interest but for their own. They really want you to lift their project to new heights  by your performance!
After the audition, don’t freak out over small mistakes in your audition; the casting directors are honestly looking at the bigger picture. They have so many things to think about, they’re not thinking about the few words you messed up or you are a bit tense

4. Never be disrespectful

This point sounds so obvious it’s ridiculous – but you wouldn’t believe the way some actors behave in auditions. Never forget courtesy and good manners with everyone- in a waiting room or inside audition room

5. Never forget your camera etiquette

Screen auditions do seem to be a bit unusual and weird. Sometimes it’s a big casting director’s assistant and they read their complete lines in monotone and don’t even look at you once. It can be off-putting, but if you ever feel shaken in a film audition, always remember: Learn on camera etiquettes in this post

6. Never ignore what the director says

Follow the director’s suggestions and instructions without any question and showing off yourself by giving suggestions as if you know better than him/her
This is probably the most important tip in this list! The director needs to know that you are directable and can deliver his/her story.
After your performance,  they will probably ask you to change something to see if you can be directed on the spot. And don’t be afraid to take their notes and act on it quite differently. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. There’s no point in doing it again if you don’t understand, as you probably won’t get to do it again. Ask for clarification, but again be respectful and do not argue.
Best of Luck

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