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9 Emotions and 42 Attitudes | How an Actor should Play

Emotions played by an actor
Childish | Hurt or deeply regrets| love | Shocked or betrayed

Are you serious being a professional actor?

Can you portray all types of  people with different attitudes you see around?
Can you display different types of emotions, instantly?

Remember, Emotions Affect Attitudes and Behaviors of a character in a script

Dialogues in a script creating thoughts

How to plan and prepare!

  1. Develop a strong habit of "observation" and concentration of watching people keenly say on the road, bust stand, garden, shops. Note emotions and attitudes exhibited.
  2. Note down or record on mobile such observation
  3. Maintain a mental data bank by practicing what you have observed
  4. When the need arises to create a character from a script,  imagine "IF I AM THAT PERSON" how will I behave?

Below are the various emotions and attitudes. You must understand each and practice.


1. Comedy
Which produces laughter, makes people happy and gives pleasure. In emotions which are comical, everything is at a higher level, faster and illogical. A bizarre, unexpected and opposite responses could be funny. You need a presence of mind and great timing to play comedy!
2. Astonishment (Wonderment)
An expressive reaction of wonder, magic, space falling, unusual sighting in the sky and  astonishing thoughts. Exhibited by popping eyes, raised eyebrows and open mouth
3. Disgust
Emotions due to seeing something dirty, hearing dirty or smelling dirty.
For example, irritating man, subject, story or some foul thing
4. Fear
Emotions due to some frightful happening, seeing blood, visiting a burial ground in the night, a sudden frightful sound in a silent night or someone approaching to kill you
5. Peace/ tranquility
The character of a priest, Pujari or a saint, visiting a temple or a church, giving sermons.
A man or a woman with a tranquil voice and smooth and deliberate gestures
6. Love
A person with twinkling eyes, lost and not in the "present', talking to a person, but doesn't know what she/he is talking about-with wife, girlfriend or we can call it "a lover's love". The others are for mother, daughter, brother's son and so on. In each the emotions would be different. The basic difference is - one could be called as "love" and the other could be emotions of "affection" or "attachment"- a love which is brotherly, motherly, fatherly  or even friendly
7. Sad
Death, broken love, failed in an audition or examination.
Remember that in emotions emerging out of this situation the tempo rhythm goes down. Reactions are slow
8. Brave
Shows enthusiasm, a daring and a positive attitude. The tempo, rhythm accelerates e.g. Army officer, leader, police
9. Anger
A heightened emotion and consequent reaction e.g. If you are cheated, somebody abuses you,
People playing dirty with you. Tempo rhythm increases


  1. Aggressive (pushing type)
  2. Anxious
  3. Arrogant
  4. Shy
  5. Confident
  6. Fed up
  7. Curious
  8. Determined
  9. Disapproving
  10. Jealous
  11. Dejected
  12. Happy
  13. Horrified
  14. Hurt (physically or mentally)
  15. Indifferent
  16. Foolish
  17. Innocent
  18. Interested
  19. Lonely
  20. Meditative
  21. Miserable
  22. Obstinate
  23. Optimistic
  24. Puzzled
  25. Regretful
  26. Relieved
  27. Sheepish
  28. Looking suspenseful
  29. Suspicious
  30. Sympathetic
  31. Indecisive
  32. Ambitious
  33. Irritating
  34. Easy going
  35. Imaginative
  36. Humorous
  37. Affectionate
  38. Defeated
  39. Drunk
  40. Sleepy
  41. Stiff neck
  42. Bored
Good Luck!

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