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14 Problems of Dreamers to be a Film Star | Simple 2 Solutions

Problems faced by aspiring actor
Problems faced by aspirants to be a great actor!

Do You Have Any of These Problems to be A Successful actor?

1. Has a dream to be a Star in Bollywood or Serials, but just don't know what to do?

2. Not handsome or beautiful?

3. Poor height and not tall?

4. Thin or fat? No muscular and "HOT" body?

5. No confidence, shy, introvert, can't mix easily with strangers?

6. Poor in spoken Hindi? Has a regional accent? Voice is thin or too bass? Any other defect in pronunciation, diction or rhythm?

Don't Know

7. How to act in front of a camera?

8. What are the special techniques for a great performance in audition and grab a role in Bollywood, TV Serials or Ads?

9. Where to find auditions?

10. How to find casting directors and coordinators?

11. How to get a portfolio shot and show-reel (demo film) economically and from where? And what is the cost?

12. How to market and promote myself. How to make a website FREE?

13. Where to live as an actor in Mumbai and what are monthly expenses?

14. Any other problem not listed here?

Dreams and realities
Dreams, knowing the game and working hard for a win! 


Read each post of this blog as if your life depends on it, allow it to settle down in your body and soul, write down an action plan and implement

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