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7 Things to Do to Be a Super-Star Which Most Don’t Do

Super Star Ranbir Kapoor with award
Super Star Ranbir Kapoor with award

The super-star and achievers amaze the normal actors and people in every way possible. They have the same 24 hours per day that an average actor has, but they manage to use those hours much more effectively.
Oftentimes, they not only are successful in one particular genre (like comedy, action, drama, love and conflict) but develop incredibly well in most of the types of a genre. Also, be it mental and physical health, relationships and social life or career, these individuals manage them all in an exceptionally good way.
Now, to avoid creating a picture of a perfect human in your mind, these people tend to fail as well. In reality, they fail a lot. However, what separates them from the actor crowd is embracing the learning process and taking notes from every failure.
I have identified after a thorough research and biography eight things they regularly do, which all have a tremendous impact on their stardom

1. They work out daily (yes, daily).

They have a top body and an excellent fitness level.
Don’t get me wrong, they don’t complete a hardcore physical or mental training session every single day. It can just as well be stretching, low-impact cardio or yoga. The key message to you here is not the way of exercising, but the fact that top stars and performers realize the importance of treating their bodies like a temple.
Whereas typical people tend to take care of their physical health intermittently, Super-Stars set it as one of their highest priorities.

2. They schedule their days wisely and strategically.

I’m sure you already know that “to-do lists” are unbelievably helpful. If this strategy would work well, the majority of actors would achieve their dreams. In reality, however, almost 60% never make it and remain actors with a tag of “Strugglers”.
One of the most crucial lessons to stardom is to find out and to ask you a very important question; namely, what’s the one thing I can do well, focus on that and everything else will be either easier or unnecessary?
Once you determine that very thing, you’ll already be ahead of the majority of wannabe Bollywood Actor freaks.
What you need to do is realize and then apply the difference between being effective and being efficient. Whereas plenty of actors want to be more efficient, which means doing things the right way (for example-proper training, good portfolio, monologues, memorizing technique, visiting production houses, registering with good coordinators, audition techniques, running around 10 hours a day, etc.),  intelligent “would be Super-Stars”  focus on being effective, also known as doing what is the right thing for them which they can do better than many.

3. They plan a daily session for learning.

The process of becoming a Super-Star  is a long journey. Some people claim it to be “luck”, but in reality, it’s earned through constant attempts of getting better after each failure. You can’t just sit down and expect to experience a sudden stroke of genius.
What you can do, however, is learning something new every single day.
Just ask to you every morning, “What's new I’m going to learn today?”
When asked about their habits like reading and inquisitiveness habits, almost 90% of successful actors said they read on a daily basis research on the internet for their answers. Reading and researching on the internet is one of the simplest ways to improve.

4. They separate themselves from the negative energy.

If you surround yourself with negative people who waste their time and complain and criticizing everything a lot, there’s no way you’ll ever become a  Super-Star
When your goal is to become a Bollywood or TV serial Super-Star, the best source of inspiration and motivation to keep a company of like-minded individuals who also believe in the journey of self-improvement.

5. They leave their comfort zone, day after day.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that successful actors aren’t afraid of being uncomfortable in order to achieve long-term success. Instead of choosing shortcuts and an instant success, they believe and are ready to difficult things like different roles, genre, odd timings, action, singing, dancing, rejections and criticism, financial instability etc.
The reason is simple that amazing things happen like more opportunities if step out of your comfort zone
Great things never come from day dreaming or laying on the bed in your room and drinking beer with favorite snack. They happen once you decide to take action and challenge yourself on a daily basis.

6. They use proper technology and systems.

Instead of relying purely on their motivation and determination levels, successful actors depend on the right technology and systems, which help to self-regularizing their daily routines.
The vast majority of aspiring actors  can’t or don’t use the technology in their favor. Wrong activities on social media like chatting, posting photos for getting “likes”, mobile games or pointless news apps distract them day after day. On the opposite side, though, are intelligent actors who use technology to make their lives easier.
Applications and software help them to manage their time, cut off distractions, get more done and have a better overview of their progress.
Here are some of the examples of useful apps:  Evernote, Todoist, Sunrise, BufferApp, Clean Master (Web, Android) to name a few
The above list will help you to get started (remember, the key isn’t to get them all, but to adopt the ones that work for you).

7. They say no consistently.

Being able to say no at the right moment is a skill which can guarantee your success and happiness. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s absolutely possible. Saying no to one thing is actually saying yes to the other.
Say yes to exercise and diet and you will say no to bad body and health. This rule applies to every area of your life. Saying yes to being a successful actor means saying no to a lot of things, such as distractions and needless commitments.

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