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Character Building Is Tailoring | Learn How To Stitch Suit

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Acting is like stitching a suit | Bollywood actors with top Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in suits

Acting is like tailoring a suit
An actor must consider 'Acting' as stitching character's suit

Here is an example of an imaginary situation to explain a character building

Screen Play (Script)


Fade in:


A character (could be anybody-hero/heroin, villain, doctor, businessman, professor, taxi-driver etc.) walks into a tailor's shop.  

Tailor master, stitch a good suit to look impressive and memorable

Actor Tailor

Okay. Tell about about you. I mean your physical, mental and social profile


My objective is to look good and convincing. You create it. He is my story and what have I to do. Read, analyse carefully and create (gives a script to the tailor)

Actor Tailor

Okay. I will do my best

Fade out


Creating Your Character Is Like Tailoring A Suit

“The first season of a show, the character is written and the actor is kind of putting on a suit. As the show progresses, the actors start to tailor the suits for themselves, and the writers start writing to the actors’ strengths…. If the actor is not helping inform the writers and they’re not able to go, ‘I feel this way about my character,’ the actor is not growing into the part.”

Authenticity In Stitching Suit

Casting directors or film TV directors hate watching people perform and feeling like they’re ‘acting’—acting like they’re frustrated, acting annoyed. Every character expresses their anger or hurt differently. Sometimes actors come in and try to show a universal way that they’re hurt or they’re mad, but it doesn’t necessarily tell a director/viewers what this character does when they get upset.

  • You can give a stunning performance and expect appreciation
  • But it doesn't happen-you don't get selected

You have overlooked

  1. Who decides how a film or a scene will succeed
  2. Who gives a break to you
  3. What they want in a character
  4. How are you meeting those requirements better than hundreds
  5. Who pays you

Caution: Are You The Boss?

You’re running the scene literally. You’re going to say ‘Hey, this is what you’re now going to watch on the screen.’ You have stitched the best suit (character) as per what you think the viewers will love. But it doesn't happen that way. You fail to impress casting directors, The difference is between what you think is good and what is required from a casting director point of view

Actors Must Trust What’s On The Script

As a casting director or as a scene director you want actors to make interesting choices, but you also want them to do what’s in the script- objective, how a script achieves those objectives, beginning-middle, and end, rhythm, and tempo, given situation etc. Have you considered this while stitching the suit?

Explore Deeper And Then Create

You’re obviously finding characters after your vivid power of imagination-a deep psychological analysis and then breaking up of the physical, mental and social profile of the character. Then you try to transform yourself into this newly created life of the character.
Don't go by preaching of an acting school or try to play safe. Feel Insecure. Don't be afraid to go wrong. Be imaginative, wild and vivid. Sure, you will be a wonderful tailor
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