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Not For Aimless Bums | How To Become A Star Celebrity Actor

Secret weapon of achiever actors

Secret weapon of the achiever actors

How To Become An Actor
How To Become Really A Good Actor
How To Improve Your Acting Skills To Be A Famous And Rich 

1. Requirements to become an actor

  • Get decently educated
  • Do online research on requirements
  • Develop and maintain good body
  • Learn to speak good Hindi or needed language
  • Learn acting in a good school or by an acting coach
  • Read good acting books
  • Create a professional portfolio and resume
  • Create small short films with you on any subject on mobile. Request friends/relatives
  • Create video introduction, monolog 
  • Get registered with good artist coordinators/casting directors
  • Be a good networker
  • Learn to market and promote career vigorously
  • Arrange reasonable money to sustain you for a considerable period
  • Learn to accept and manage rejections and criticism.
  • Have patience
  • Don't give up

2. How to become really a good actor

  • Read the entire script 2-3 times
  • Understand objective and how script fulfills those objectives
  • Divide script scene wise and identify the above same as in (2)
  • Find out changes (rhythm and tempo) in script-beginning, middle and in the end
  • Create the character you intend portraying:
  • Create physical. mental and social profile
  • Ask and answer several key questions about your character
  • Know your character's defining desire
  • Practice your lines until they become second nature
  • Talk to the director everything you want to know about the character 
  • Learn to transform putting yourself in the shoes of your character
  • Learn how to act for the camera
  • Make giving good audition and on camera performance your job 

3. How to improve your existing acting skills to become a famous and rich

  • Always look for new ways to improve on an acting skill you are-
A. Inadequate
B. Hasn't learned and added like swimming, dancing, singing, parkouring, martial arts, new languages, new regional accents of a country
C. Keep studying and reading
D. Learn all top acting techniques of the world by great teachers-
Stanislavski's System. One of the world's most frequently taught acting techniques
Meisner, and Lee Strasberg
Lee Strasberg's Method
Stella Adler
*Meisner Technique
*Michael Chekhov
*Practical Aesthetics
Uta Hagen
Viola Spolin
E. Get inspired by those great actors and actresses.
F. Watch regularly movies with good acting performance and practice
G. Update your acting skills through workshops, theater, attending film festivals and by regular re-training till you die
H. Remain persistent even when you are rejected
I. An acting coach can give you one-on-one guidance that is tailored to a specific need of yours

Wishing you to be a great actor with name, fame, and money
-Your Acting Coach

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