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What is a Shortcut to Bollywood? Be a Model and Then Enter | 10 Top Tips

Ashwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Diana Hayden as model stars
Ashwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Diana Hayden, who started a career as a model and became top Bollywood stars
Arjun Rampal, John Abraham and Sonu Sood as a model actor
Arjun Rampal, John Abraham and Sonu Sood who started career as a model and became successful Bollywood actors


A startling bang in the commercial, ad and fashion industry has created a huge and regular demand for fresh models. Every company needs glamorous models to start and endorse a variety of products or to flash the creations of fashion designers. Moreover modelling is a very alluring field with innumerable opportunities to travel and earn handsome money. Models also get to meet people from different occupations. An established model can get a handsome pay for every assignment they do.  All these aspects have made modelling a great and lucrative career for the youth in India and also abroad.
Secondly, models can enter into Bollywood as actors and actresses. It could be perhaps a short cut


  1. Print modelling
  2. Ramp modelling
  3. Television modelling.


  • Openings in this field will simply overwhelm you. With endless options also come cutthroat competition, unpredictable work schedule and stress. Endurance and patience play a very important role in survival and growth in this field.
  • As a model, you have to learn on the job as there is no specific training available in this field. There are very few training schools opened by former models in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. These schools train you in grooming, developing personality, makeup tips and help you spruce up your self-confidence.
  • Apart from these courses, you need good links in the modelling world to get the right break to get an entry into this glamorous world.
  • There is no definite qualification or age limit or any type of course required to take up modelling as a profession. You can start by making a good portfolio and handing it out to various fashion houses or advertising agencies.
  • Modelling assures glamour and good pay packages at the same time. Earlier fashion industry was one of the few industries where women earned more than men did, but nowadays this career has become promising for men too, remember this.

1. Body and looks

  • The qualities, which are hunted in an upcoming model, are a healthy complexion, good height, and good body structure whether you are a male or a female. In other words, you should be HOT!
  • A planned program can develop some of these qualities

2. Perseverance

  • Modelling is a very competitive career. You must have the stamina alongside patience and perseverance to withstand hectic schedules.

3. Photogenic

  • Last but not the least, you must be photogenic. If you possess these traits, then modelling is an ideal career option for you.

4. What would it Cost Me?

  • There are very few modelling courses available and most of the reputed ones are confined to Mumbai and Delhi. Fees for these courses start from Rs.20,000-Rs.50,000.

5. Job Prospects

  • There is no shortage for modelling jobs in the fashion and the advertising industries.

6. How much can you earn?

  • The pay usually depends upon the organizers and as to how esteemed the fashion show is. A low budget fashion shows pay about Rs 5,000 to Rs.15000 per show. An established model can expect around Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 per fashion show. Reputed magazines pay around Rs.15,000 to Rs. 35,000. Print ads pay according to the number of photographs being printed.

7. Requirements for models to be an actor in Bollywood

  • There is a myth that models cannot act. This myth is broken by many models that entered into Bollywood. However, to enter into Bollywood, models must get a formal training in acting.

8. Opportunities

  • You can be spotted by International agencies and can get lucrative international assignments. It depends on your A physical attributes B Training in a modelling and C Your ability to market and promote yourself as a model by email, Internet and social media to name few ways

9. Positives

  • It is a glamorous and lucrative profession.
  • You get tremendous opportunities to travel and meet people.
  • It could be a shortcut to Bollywood as an actor. There are examples

10. Negatives

  • It is a short-term career as there is immense cutthroat competition amongst models to vie for prestigious assignments. Therefore, you must deliberately work to be an actor
  • Models have to face a very hectic schedule and often withstand tremendous physical and mental stress.

Top Tip

  • Getting an attractive portfolio made by a professional photographer and then showing it to various ad agencies, model co-ordinators, agencies and fashion designers will help.

Models who became stars in Bollywood

John Abrahim, Sonu Sood (Dabang), Arjun Rampal, Dino Moria, Miland Soman, Upen Patel, Sushmita Sen,  Priyanka Chopra, Ashwarya Rai, fDiana Hayden, Diana Penty to name few were models to begin with eventually reaching to fame as Miss World and Miss Universe and top stars in Hollywood. Followed by is model-turned-actress Lisa Haydon, who is two-films-old in Bollywood

Some of the select modelling agencies in India you can look

  1. Nims 
  2. Seasons India 
  3. Benchmark models 
  4. Kaalia models, Bangaluru
  5. The Ramp modelling 
  6. Faces model management Delhi 
  7. Sama Models 
  8. Elite Model Management; Phone: 9833595019;  Santacruz Stn East, Santacruz East, Mumbai - 400029

Here is the list of 100 modelling agencies in India, mostly in Mumbai 

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