How to Kiss Opposite Sex on Camera if a Scene Demands

Top Stars Hrithik and Katerina living truthfully under imaginary situation
Top Stars Hrithik and Katerina living truthfully under imaginary situation

Many a times a scene may require you to be embarrassingly close to your partner of the opposite sex and kiss that person. Be prepared irrespective of what you feel about him/her!

How to Tackle Kissing Your Scene Partner on Camera


  1. If you have to kiss a person you hate;
  2. If you have to kiss a person you like or love;
  3. If you have to kiss a person when you don’t have any feelings with this person;

How to kiss someone when you hate them

You have gotten yourself into a huge mess on a film set when you have to kiss someone you terribly hate. For example, an opposite sex scene partner with whom you had a fight or the person invariably mocks and irritates you. If that happens, you have the following options:

A. The first thing to do is go to the director to give you another part. (By the way, don’t do this if you have the lead role.)

B. Ask the director to change the kiss to a hug–or even better, a handshake. Or best of all, a look. Okay, if the director threatens to fire you, stop this very second!

C. Tell the director your situation. Maybe they’ll be kind enough to let a substitute person do the kissing.

D. Just fake it. Get through the kiss–and get it over with in the first take. This will also make the director happy. Hey, if you want to be an actor, this is what it needs!

How to kiss someone when you like or love 

(Not uncommon when you like/love a co-actor of opposite sex)

Now we are going to discuss something even worse: What if the person you have to kiss is that rare one you like or love

A. Do the same things I told you to do with the paragraph above.

B. If you can’t get out of it, enjoy it–no one will ever know!

How to Kiss someone for whom you have no feelings. 

This advice is not only for the above category, but for all 3 categories.

  • Read and understand the situation in the script related to that scene, its objective and how that scene achieves its objective. Trigger your imagination and live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances in a scene. Emotions will be generated by imaging-“IF” I’m so and so and my cofactor to which I have to kiss is so, how will I behave? And shoot!


  1. Yes you are right, kissing in-front of the camera is sometimes mots awkward movement but being an actor or actress you have to perform it and that should be look like natural. You have shared a good post about kissing and this is comes from you inner consciousness.
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