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Is an Acting Coach Bogus? And a school? Review

Aspiring actor under private coaching
Aspiring actor under private coaching

Why You May Need a Private Acting Coach

Here are some of the reasons why actors can choose to hire/ join a private acting coach. The private coaching sessions may be justified  in the following situations and needs of an actor:

1. When you are likely to feel confident in learning privately and not in a group, working men and women and  want to learn according to your convenient fixed days, Or in the comfort of your home eg child actors, aspiring elderly male and female actors, young girls shy of crowds.

2. Or you have apprehensions of being in a group and have a doubt that if others learn faster and better, it may frustrate and demotivate you

3. You need more time individually

4. To get ready before joining to an acting school

5. Want to work specifically on audition techniques to improve your selection chances

6. Trying know and to fix specific mistakes or bad habits you may have as an actor

7. You have some personality deficit like lack of confidence, nervousness, inferiority complex, shyness, inability to imagine and create characters, lack of aggressiveness etc

8. Learning a particular acting skill like playing different emotions, attitudes, voice improvements

9. Want to Learn how to set goals

10. How to market and promote your career- your individual plan and how to monitor
11. How to be an excellent public relation actor

12. Some actors also go to private coaching when they need a long term development and an extra motivation and mentoring to continue on this road

13. Or when you like to get back and reignite the flame of their belief in their ability to act. Experienced acting coaches are good at that.

When Private Coaching doesn't help

This is also true that new aspiring actors must learn in groups, where they get to work off their partners and observe others’ work. Also, the fact is true acting is about listening and reacting. You don’t get this opportunity in a private session.


  1. Hire/ join an acting coach, initially. This could be economical also compared to a renowned acting institute in India
  2. Then, join a good school to continue learning in a group

Once you understand how acting works and you have something specific on your mind, you can give private  coaching a shot.
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  1. Great post about private acting coach. I would absolutely love to learn more about film acting, it’s something I’ve been interested in for years whilst never having/finding time to devote to learning properly about film industry.


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