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How To Be A Top Actor | Terrific Answers By Top Coach On Actors


Interview of an acting coach
Interview by  Brattleboro Reformer - Brattleboro, Vermont USA

Here are excerpts of an interview of An Acting Coach on

What is one line advice to actors?
How to create success?
How actors damage their career?
What are true realities in becoming an actor?

Q1: What's your ultimate one line advice to aspiring actors?
 A:  Be Confident. Be Prepared. Be You

Q2: Can you talk about what you see that works with an actor and the efforts actors make to create their success?
A:  Actors who I have watched enjoy success have been the kinds of people who knew exactly who they are and had the confidence to communicate that in an audition room. They are confident, driven and serious minded people who (along with their talent) have a one-minded focus about what they want from this acting business.  Which is not to say I don’t know people who are just plain lucky – that happens, too –but outside of good fortune, the ones who goes audition room with that level of confidence about themselves, along with preparedness and a command of their craft, are the ones who succeed.

Q3:  Conversely, what ways do you see that actors damage their career and themselves?
A: The main place I see actors sabotage themselves is during the audition process.  I’ve seen very talented actors get nervous and allow insecurities to enter the room with them. This makes them extra conscious to do the utmost in their performance instead of relaxing and having the confidence they need to give it their best.  This is a sort of defense mechanisms which can close naturalness of mind and body to be a convincing character.
That audition slot is your time: embrace it, own it but never think and guess it.  In the end, even if you don’t get that part, you’ve just had another chance to work on your acting craft which has allowed you to take one step closer towards success.  One last thing I would add is to be prepared.  If you know well "script and character analysis" and have the time then read the script, imagine, and create the scene, you must do it!. I’ve seen great actors kill their audition because they didn’t understand the role they were auditioning for and, if they had taken the time to read the script or done some work on the sides (Lines), could have easily grabbed the role. Be confident.  Be prepared. Be you.

Q4:  Actors struggle with either unknowingly or being aware of reality that the acting is performing arts is not really depends on "merit", as most deserving actors don’t necessarily have the most success.  Consequently, over the period of time, they quit.  What’s the way you suggest?
A:  For me, acceptance is the only way.  Accept that rejections and frustrations are the nature of the business and rather than focus on what I may find frustrating or arbitrary about it, I choose to focus on why I want to be an actor and what good can it do to me if I succeed. The "Act" is a story teller and this fulfills an individual as a person and an artist.  This is not to say actors should be immune to disappointments or frustrations in the business. It affects me too. But an actor has chosen this path basically because he enjoys "the doing" therefore the outcome does not determine his happiness.  To put it another way, if my career was at the height of its success today but I wasn’t happy and contended by it, I’d leave the acting tomorrow.  If an "artist’s life" truly makes you happy then that is what will carry you through the trials and challenges.

Q5:  Many actors believe exploiting maximum opportunities and thus indulge in performing on too many platforms available for them. In the process, they fail to achieve their objective. What could be the solution

A: Organization and prioritization.
In my opinion, it depends on the phases of your career:
Beginner -Multiple platforms to learn and exploit opportunity
Regular actor: Start determining which segments and marketing efforts to focus without sacrificing opportunities and financial gains
Star actor: Choosy in picking up projects
Sustenance: Focus on projects, Public relations, Diplomacy and diversification into allied businesses
Remember, you can't do everything. Determine what’s most important on your calendar and then discard and shut everything else out.  Don’t deliberate or vacillate.  Once you make a decision, make it happen.
From: Brattleboro Reformer - Brattleboro, Vermont USA

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